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  • jvcinvjvcinv Posts: 504Member Member Posts: 504Member Member
    What a change! You've done so well.
    Stay the course and just try to find a consistent eating/fasting/working out rhythm that fits your lifestyle.
  • Nutbutt24Nutbutt24 Posts: 35Member, Premium Member Posts: 35Member, Premium Member
    I'm almost back down to my pre weekend weight. But I was so tired (my cat woke me up at 4am) today turned out to be a cheat day. I had a little something to eat around 3 so I would have enough energy to run tonight. Well the run didn't happen and I ending up bingeing at home. It can be so hard to have the willpower to stay on track when you're tired. Hopefully I can get back on track and makeup for it tomorrow.

    This weekend we are spending 3 days with my husbands family and all they do is eat and drink. I'm hoping the 5lb weekend weight gain that I've been consistently having doesn't happen this week.
  • leveejohnleveejohn Posts: 346Member Member Posts: 346Member Member
    it's funny what being tired can do to us . . . when I'm tuned into my body, I notice that I want sweet stuff just to combat the tired feeling.

    . . . . and when I'm not tuned in . . . . well, it's ugly. I don't want to talk about it. ;)
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  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    I do think that getting enough sleep is one of the most important things for losing weight. When we get enough sleep, we feel better. When we don't we feel bad and look for sugar etc to make up for it. Then when we eat the junk, we feel even worse and a vicious cycle starts! I have to be careful about that cause I like to stay up late.
  • LittleForestOwlLittleForestOwl Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    Your progress and pictures! Wow! You look so different, beautiful and vibrant in both, but the difference is amazing. Thank you for sharing, it's so inspiring.
  • Nutbutt24Nutbutt24 Posts: 35Member, Premium Member Posts: 35Member, Premium Member
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