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    Keep in mind that, depending on the vitamin or mineral, that deficiencies can take a while to show up and can be difficult to correct so watch trends over time. That being said, I think that there are a lot of ways to skin a cat and that there are many different products to meet nutritional needs. Take what will meet your particular nutritional needs and will ensure compliance.

    I primarily use Bariatric Advantage multi-vitamins + iron and supplement with some additional vitamins and minerals (B6, B12, Selenium, Zinc Picolinate, Calcium, D3, Floradix Iron).

    If anyone has trouble keeping their B12 levels up, look for methylcobalmin form as it is believed to be more readily absorbed; anecdotally, I can support this.

    When I'm not on a business trip, I'm quite structured about how I take my vitamins to maximize their absorption. Zinc is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with menopause and adrenal support supplements. First calcium and D3 is taken with breakfast. I actually dissolve my multivitamins and other supplements in my bottles of (vitamin C added) flavored water and drink them between meals. Second and third calcium are taken with lunch and dinner; once I'm out of this bottle of high dose D3, I will break it up into 3 smaller doses too.

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    I've tried all the bariatric vitamins and simply can't tolerate them. Gagging and nausea. I take two, one-a-day gummy vites per day, plus calcium citrate, B-12, and vitamin D. My blood profile is spot on; docs are happy - but it's taken a small solid year to get it right. I'm two years out from VSG, and eat a very healthy, varied diet, high in vegetables, protein and some fruit.
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    I've found this post helpful. Thanks for posting :smile:

    I received some chewable bariatric supplement samples yesterday at my pre-op class. A few were calcium chews and one was a bariatric multivitamin chew that has the needed iron and B12 in it. I'm thinking those are going to be pricey, but I'm going to shop around and see where they will be the cheapest. If I only have to have chewable supplements for a short time, the expense with be worth it. I'll likely switch to a cheaper pill form later down the road.
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    I hope to have my duodenal switch about the middle of June. My first day for my physical and education class is May 30. They said I had to use their brand of OptiSource vitamins at least for the first month and if I can find some cheaper elsewhere with the same dosages, I can do that. I will also have to add B12 1,000 mcg under my tongue. They sent me the specifications and I can't find any as powerful. If you're taking Centrum, Wal-Mart's Equate brand is the same except cheaper. Mine cost just over $35 a month from the hospital. I checked them out on Amazon and they are called the same but specifics on dosages less.
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    I just ordered vitamin patches from PatchMD. They are good for 24 hours and you put a new one on. Hopefully this will be sufficient. I'm struggling with the multivitamins.
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    @TheresaOrtiz3 Some people seem to do fine with the patches, others develop serious deficiencies with them. Just stay on top of your bloodwork!
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    I use Nutrametrix because it's isontonic and I can take all my other vitamins and medicines with it at the same time. It's great!