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Britt's Vegan OMAD Journey



  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    I prefer plain whey protein that can be flavored any way you want. Flavored stuff can get old and the flavor overides stuff like fruit or other things you may want to add with it.
  • brittdee88brittdee88 Posts: 1,935Member Member Posts: 1,935Member Member
    Kat, I use this one in the chocolate flavor, and I also have a box of the Raw Protein & Greens packets in the vanilla flavor. I haven't tried the latter yet. I used to only get vanilla for the same reason you listed, but I found that I still preferred chocolate because I don't usually add anything to my shakes besides non-dairy milk and iced coffee. This is actually only my second tub of GoL, so I don't know about a formula change over time. I used to be a hardcore PlantFusion girl, which is delicious, but I wanted to try something raw to increase my raw intake and have stuck with this for a little while. I like it a lot. Doesn't taste bad at all. As with all protein, it does get thick upon sitting, but it seems to thicken much quicker than any others that I have used. You have to keep shaking it up after the first 10 or so minutes.
  • brittdee88brittdee88 Posts: 1,935Member Member Posts: 1,935Member Member
    Bob, I tend to not use fruit with my protein shakes since I usually am using them as a way to get in some protein without a lot of carbs since my whole diet is pretty carb-heavy, but what you're saying makes sense if you do change up your ingredients. I don't really add much to mine that wouldn't always go with chocolate.
  • katjustkatkatjustkat Posts: 569Member Member Posts: 569Member Member
    Thank you Britt and Bob. Thanks for the image Britt. I'm gonna try some. I think they carry it at GNC so I'll look there since it's right around the corner if it works out I'll order from Amazon if it's a better price. <3
  • katjustkatkatjustkat Posts: 569Member Member Posts: 569Member Member
    I bought your protein powder Britt. I bought the vanilla because I eat my OMAD at 5 so I didn't want the caffeine from the chocolate at night. I only had it once so far but I'm going to try to have it while I'm in the last minutes of preparing dinner....I want that extra 22 grams of protein. Hope to see you when your schedule lets up. Much success to ya o:)
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