how many calories do you eat a day?



  • green_tree
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    I'm 5'6" and weight 134 currently. I have been eating around 1700 cal/day to lose 0.5lbs a week. I used this to estimate what I use in a day then subtracted some to lose weight. I'm hoping to get to 130 in the next 8 weeks.
  • 5'2 here and aim for 1200, but I usually end up eating around 1400-1500 depending on the day. I just end up cramming all the food the week before my period so pretty sure those cancel out some of my deficit.
  • curiousgp
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    1300 (plus part of exercise cals). And I have to be super accurate with it, while still only losing just under 0.5lbs/week.

    Petite + sedentary :s

    I hear ya!
  • chioreo
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    5'7"/130lbs/27 years old. I net between 1500-1800 and have a sedentary desk job but also exercise at least 3x/week.
  • orkla
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    Less then 1500, other then that I don't really care.
  • Jen2133
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    I'm 5' 2" and about 124lbs with a goal of being about 113lbs in six months. I eat between 1200 and 1400 depending on exercise. I have one 'free' meal a week right now.

    Although I have to keep the calories pretty low to drop weight, I find I have a pretty high maintenance level in comparison.
  • Go_Deskercise
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    5' 5" - 124 lbs - sedentary (desk job) - 1360 calories
  • storywings
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    I'm 5'11 currently in loss mode. Doing 1700 5 days a week and 500-600 on a Monday and Thursday. Currently losing 2-3 pounds per week. Not walking much yet as just finished a course and i don't exercise on fast days. Will start walking again tomorrow 10,000 steps per day :)
  • BeccaLoves2lift
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    I'm 5'2" 115lbs and I'm maintaining on around 1900/2000. I would say I'm moderately active.
  • Pinup1982
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    I'm glad I saw's an endless battle of how many calories to eat vs how many SHOULD you eat.

    On workout days it ends up being 1400-1800 (give or take). On days without workout I try so very hard to stick to 1200 and I usually go over which takes me closer to 1350-1400.

    I can somewhat maintain 0.5lb per week in weight loss but how the hell do people do 2lbs per week??!!!

    5days/wk workouts
  • BexTheSquirrel
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    I am just getting back into counting them and it's soooo painful. Glad I have mfp for accountability. I am 5'11/158lbs and currently sticking to the 1450-1500 range. It's hard. I love food.

    I do two cardio solo workouts at the gym a week, plus one with the trainer. Gym days I usually go over.
  • MarisaTortolano
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    I eat about 1700-1800 a day, but I aim for 2000 (work gets in the way). When I was a vegetarian I was eating insane amounts of veggies but only about 1000 a day, changing my diet has given me so much energy and the ability to consume more calories. It really depends on your body type, I'm 5'4", but if you're hungry, EAT!
  • KimberlyMPaul
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    1200 and do my best to get whole foods which gives me more energy and less hungry (with lots of water!). I'm basing my macros on the ZoneDiet. Right now I'm working out (CrossFit) 3 days a week. My goal is to drop 5-7% body fat by mid January. Once I add more days to my workout schedule I'll increase my calories. I'm 5'5.5" and 140 pounds and about 26% body fat. 4 months ago I was 137 and 19% body fat. I got really ill and had to stop everything (basically bed rest). So, in the process, I lost muscle and gained fat. Anyways, I'm thankful to be alive and start back. If anyone has a similar story I'd love to hear it. It'll be motivating to know others were in similar circumstances and how the process has been for you. :smile: :)
  • kubkwrm
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    5'4'' and 43 yrs. old. With a teenager and a grade schooler at home, staying to my 1200 all days but Sunday (my cheat day!), is tough. But we're all eating healthier because of it.
  • Havanaohlala
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    1492 :D total. I do 4-5 a week cardio for 60 minutes. 5 ft 7, 138-139 pounds, wanna go down to 120 or 118 :D The whole 1200-story is making me bad and hungry. I need my calories even on a diet. Prefer to get skinny in 7-10 months rather than binge.
  • LyssaRonnell
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    I'm 23 years old, 5'2, and 128 lbs. I usually eat 1200-1400 calories a day. I drink lots of water which I have found prevents a lot of random hunger I used to get through the day. I've found that eating healthier meals is also keeping me fuller longer.
  • rachelagoodill
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    I'm 22, 5"3, 127 lbs and try and stick to 1400 net calories but will eat my exercise calories as well, so depending on my workout I can have 1800+. Sometimes I'll eat less but this allows me to lose around 1lb a week and I have enough energy to study and go to placement.
  • Niki_Fitz
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    1320 net, I eat back exercise calories. So usually around 15-1700 when I’m in a deficit. I’m 5’6.
  • msliz74
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    1200 but thinking of going back to zig zagging calories as thats where I get the most results and I allow for a couple of high calorie days in there.
  • animatorswearbras
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    About 1300-1400 Mon to Thurs 1800-2000 Fri - Sun. I try to aim for a weekly deficit of 2000-3500 calories dependent on how much exercise I do. I'm lightly active (walk to work so usually get 8000 steps a day) and workout 3 times a week 2xbootcamp 1xpilates. I'm 5'5" and 135.

    Its taken me a while to find the right formula for me that's sustainable long term, I also don't track when I go on holidays/vacation and basically just treat them as natural diet breaks. ;D