how many calories do you eat a day?



  • kaileek527
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    @brianneangell08 Yes I know, I am trying to up my intake to be healthy again. I just can’t tolerate a lot of food. I’ll give it a read, thank you!
  • Kullerva
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    Heh. I'm super active (20000+ steps/day) and average 2000-2100. Body type is athletic.
  • bizgirl26
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    I try for 1600 but it usually ends up at 1700 . I would like to be 1450 but I just cant do it
  • ainy_shah
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    I m 5'2 and trying to get 1200 calories per day.
    My weight is 58 kg , really really want to lose at least 5 kgs
  • kaileek527
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    @sardelsa I have a lot of digestive issues and for the most part, cutting out grains and starches has significantly helped me. I originally became ketogenic for weight loss but now stick to it for the health benefits. It may be time for a change though, I didn’t realize how seriously I was under eating until others pointed it out to me.
  • generallyme2
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    MPF has me at 1200 (last few lbs) and I usually eat back 1/2 of exercise cals... all of them if it's a hungry day. Unfortunately, I haven't been very well lately so little to no exercise. When I am training/running, I usually get 1500-1800 in.
  • blackcatsdancing
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    @kullerva that is inspiring. Love that you can eat so much by being active.
    I am almost 50 and have a very sedentary job, i start with a new stand up desk next week which will help . I walk to work and home but don't do much else exercise . I must make more effort this year, been difficult with Masters study on top of work. I can lose on 1,200 calories .
  • Kullerva
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    I've got a sedentary job as well, but the FitDesk (stationary bike + desk) took care of that for me. :) I am losing verry slowly, but I'm also very close to my goal weight. Right now, I'd rather preserve muscle mass and get stronger than lose a lot of weight.
  • knittingbee928
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    I'm 5'0 and 115 pounds right now.

    1550 but I'm pregnant so I have to eat more in order to gain the recommended 1/2 a pound per week.

    Pre-pregnancy I think I was eating around 1300, and that was hard. I'd often edge up to around 1400. I also try to work out three times a week.
  • silverstah
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    5'7", 144 lbs. Working to get down to 135. MFP has me at 1390/day - I find I'm averaging around 1300 on non-workout days and 1500 on workout days.
  • Mountainmelody
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    1200 per day plus exercise. Making sure I have healthy snacks between meals seems to help somewhat, but I sure miss gummi bears and dark chocolate, lol. Honestly though, as hungry as I am carrots and broccoli with ranch help a lot!
  • anewell28
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    Right now to lose a pound per week, my goal is 1320 plus whatever my exercise calories are. It's usually around 1600-1700 by the end of the day. My goal is 150, and a week ago I was 156 and this morning I'm 151.8. I didn't want to lose my weight that fast because I need the extra insulation through January/February :D I guess I am definitely eating pizza on Monday to watch the big football game!
  • natnaomi4
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    1350 a day in order to loose a lb a week - however I eat about 200 more on really active days
  • Govgirl410
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    I am 5'6", 131 - 133 lbs, 59 years old and have an office job--so, you know, many hours of basically sitting still are required. I am trying to stay at 1200 calories on regular days (not vacation, not a holiday, etc.) It is sooo hard. Last night I woke up at 3:30 just feeling my empty stomach. I staying bed until 4:30 but couldn't go back to sleep. Finally, at 4:30 I had a third of a cup of Greek yogurt with a 1/4 of a cup of crunchy cereal and some coffee. To hit 1200 calories a day I find you can't eat a whole sandwich and its very hard to fit in any cheese or nuts or a glass of wine. Its very restrictive.
  • mrpretzelman
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    I just started at the new year. I began around 1200-1400 for the first few days but was absolutely starving, so now I'm at 1600 and doing much better. I've lost 2 lbs so far, so I'll keep it up for as long as it's working. I've definitely needed time for the hunger to level out, so I might go down further once my appetite adjusts.

    For reference, I'm 5'9, my starting weight was 175 lbs, and I'm trying to get down to 135 this year.
  • leahraskie
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    MFP has me at 1200 5'0, 128lbs, which is only a problem if I go out to eat. I feel like recently I've just been eating filler calories to get up to around 1200 though. Does 1000 seem like enough or will that make it harder to lose?
  • Nessiechickie
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    Would this be to little? I range from 1200-1300 5'6 and 150lbs.. want to lose about 20lbs.
    I do not workout at this point in time and have a desk job.