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November 6 Sign In



  • pcotter54
    pcotter54 Posts: 740 Member
    pass day for me
  • SusanLR9
    SusanLR9 Posts: 44 Member
    Exercise - yes, 12,600 steps so about 90 minutes walking
    Calories - yes
    Tracking - yes

  • srufus
    srufus Posts: 160 Member
    Exercise - yes, 20 minutes on elliptical and 25 minutes on treadmill, not very fast but a good pace.
    Calories - yes
    Tracking - yes
  • lgkelly72
    lgkelly72 Posts: 9 Member
    Passing on Day 6
  • LouS8725
    LouS8725 Posts: 7 Member
    edited November 2017
    I thought for sure I had logged this day already, but I must've forgotten to post it after I typed it out. Anyways...

    Nov. 6
    Exercise- Yes. Walked the neighborhood with my little one in the stroller again. 35 minutes
    Calories- Yes