Santa Sprint! Week 2 (12/8-12/14)

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Repost o' the challenge blurb :wink:
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There's a statistic that's always going around that something like 25% of people will gain weight between Halloween and New Year's. It's Holiday season. We're busy with work, school, get-togethers, and shopping. It's easy to just say to heck with it and cave. And wake up on New Year's Day and looking in the mirror, unhappy with what extra weight we've gained. It happens to the best of us.

Last month we focused on the basics in an effort to avoid gaining during a hectic time of year. There's lots of treats around. But many of us managed to hit our goals and not gain. Some of us even lost a few pounds, or gained insight into our own patterns when faced with pressure.

Planning ahead and keeping an eye on the basics are two of the most important focal points if we want to keep on the up and up in the face of all the junk and goodies rampant this time of year.

This month we are again going to focus on the low-carb basics. Again. :lol: They really are so important to success. And keeping tabs on them reinforces good habits that will serve us through our weight loss journeys and beyond into Maintenance Land.

We are going hardcore and going to sprint for 31 days! We'll be Nose-to-the-grindstone, pre-planning, LC bada$$es!

Some people choose to handle this time of year completely on-plan, supplementing low-carb recipes for all our bad-ol' favorites.

This may not be realistic for some. After all, there are many temptations in our faces this month. And a lot of celebrations. What I have done in the past was pick 1 or 2 events that were most important, enjoy them that day, and the next day was immediately back on track. No guilt, but no excuses. Every other time, I planned ahead. Eat before going to a carby event or bring plan-approved goodies. I actually lost weight in December of 2014. It can be done. Every other year I have easily maintained.

You can pick either strategy, but in this challenge monitoring our plan Basics and becoming a Master Planner are what makes the difference.

Consistency + Persistence + Time = Success

I really can't parrot that cliché formula enough. Because it's true.

Any low-carb plan is welcome. Just post your monthly goals and/or beginning weight, or if you are just planning to maintain through the month, or have NSVs to achieve, check-in daily or weekly with how well you did.

The Basics:
Planning ahead!!!
Staying under carbs
Staying under calories
Logging and measuring
Getting in exercise/movement if that's one of your goals
Keeping an eye on electrolyte levels
Getting enough water
Planning ahead!!! Oh, wait. I said that already? Yes, I frickin' did. Because this is the holidays! You must!

This thread will be stickied to the top of the Group, with links inside to the weekly threads. So if the weekly thread gets buried in our busy little group, you'll be able to easily find in in the sticky.

Share recipes, problems, thoughts.
So tie your sneakers tightly folks and prepare to own the Santa Sprint!
We are DETERMINED to maintain, and maybe even lose, this year.
We are DETERMINED to not let December run rough-shod over us, right?
We CAN do this.

To give you and idea of possible check-in entries here's mine:
Monthly Goals:
To work on losing that rotten, stinking, evil, no-good, complete PITA 5lbs I've been trying to get rid of and to keep up with my exercising despite all the holiday interruptions.


Water: Yep. animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
Electrolytes Good: animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
Logged Food: animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
Exercise as Planned: Strength training animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
At or Under Carb Level: animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
At or Under Calorie Limit: Yes! animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif
Planned Day Ahead: Yes! animated-smileys-christmas-042.gif

Weekly Trees of Christmas Awesomeness Collected:

Feel free to go ahead and post your goals today if you're wanting to look ahead.
To get a feel for how this works, check out one of the weekly November challenge threads, but up in the blurb is a sample daily check-in and sample goals.

Challenge starts tomorrow. See you then. :wink:



  • elize7
    elize7 Posts: 1,087 Member
    Still following the plan. Hoping to see good results next weigh in. If not, I'm in it for the long haul.
    Struggling with holiday blues as is usual for me about now; but still managing to put one foot in front of the other. Hoping that if I stick with it, at least I'll be thinner when all is said and done.
    Wishing peace and progress for all my fitness pals.
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 179 Member
    results for 12/8
    Log :)
    Net Carbs under 25 :)
    at least 30 minutes of exercise :) I didn't have much energy so instead of jogging I walked
    plan tomorrows food :) I don't quite have it planned, but I have a lot of options already made and in the fridge.
  • kpk54
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    Week 2, 30 min per day:
    12/8: stationary recumbent
    12/9: YAYOG (you are your own gym)

    #Shalieve <3
    Completed week 1 with:
    12/1: health walk 2+ miles >3.5mph
    12/2: stationary recumbent
    12/3: aerobic/calisthenics
    12/4: stationary recumbent
    12/5: fitnessblender
    12/6: step aerobics
    12/7: kettlebell
  • Flybeetle
    Flybeetle Posts: 387 Member
    I hope I can join in... I was too shy to post straight away because I've only just seriously started on lower carb and high fat a few weeks ago (after slowly working up to it for months) and I thought perhaps it was too good to be true...

    My targets:
    ✔️3 litres water a day
    ✔️Fasting 16 hours a day
    ✔️30min FitnessBlender HIIT or lifting
    〰70-80% fat (had a hangover yesterday)
    〰50 carbs (see above)
    ✔️3 eggs a day
    ✔️2-3 tbs coconut oil a day (just because this seems crucial in eliminating cravings and reaching my fat goals)
    ✔️6 alcohol free days a week

    I have lost 700g so far, aiming for another 1.5kg but happy with whatever because I simply feel good so even if I don't lose a single gram ever, I'm happy to stick to this.
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 179 Member
    results for 12/9
    Log :)
    Net Carbs under 25 :)
    at least 30 minutes of exercise :( I did get a 20 minute walk, but not more
    plan tomorrows food :)
  • macchiatto
    macchiatto Posts: 2,892 Member
    I really need to join this; I've been overindulging lately!
  • rparkerslim
    rparkerslim Posts: 393 Member
    Plans for December:
    1. cut down on carbs **
    2. increase good fats
    3. eat more protein
    4. drink more water **
    5. drink 1powerade daily **
    6. exercise 3x weekly
    7. plan meals **
    8. Dec. 14 - 17 convention watch carbs still
    9. Dec. 25 free day
    10. no eating after 6 pm!!!!!

    My mama always said, "Don't nothing fail but a try!" So here I go; if I can just remember to check in every day!
  • Chillycatmum
    Chillycatmum Posts: 188 Member
    Finding myself struggling to keep on track, but each day I persevere and actually think I am reaching the breakthrough point, my water intake has improved, I missed logging for a couple of days but back on track with that too but I haven’t managed to get out walking as much as I wanted, although have managed a little every day
  • Flybeetle
    Flybeetle Posts: 387 Member
    @elize7 how flattering, the old flame!
    I bet you'll feel better without alcohol. I am amazed at how much my sleep has improved even though I used to only have 1 drink a night.

    @Chillycatmum that's inspiring, that you're persevering even though it's hard! Love your blue hair, by the way :)

    @rparkerslim "don't nothing fail but a try" that's awesome!
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 179 Member
    results for 12/10
    Log :)
    Net Carbs under 25 :)
    at least 30 minutes of exercise :)
    plan tomorrows food :)

    That is my first week with low carb and I think I nailed it! I promised myself no cheats until Dec 22, and I'll weigh in then. I'm afraid if I'm putting in all this work and weigh more often I'll get discouraged and want to quit, so I'm trying 2 1/2 weeks "all in".

    I don't mind the low carb foods. I've had the time and motivation to cook some really delicious things up in the kitchen. The only really hard part is no beer. It seems pretty integral with watching sunday football. But some cucumber water had to be enough.

    I've been watching Dr Jason Fung on intermittent fasting, and I would really like to incorporate that for maintenance long term. So this week I'll be adding to my goal: keto coffee in the morning and then eating between 4 and 8 each evening only. Wish me luck!
  • Flybeetle
    Flybeetle Posts: 387 Member
    @bozmo Good luck with trying IF! I did IF for 6 months without low carb and it was hard! Now I'm doing it with low carb it's ridiculously easy... I only do 16/8, it sounds like you'll do 20/4 but does you keto coffee have fats? If so, that will officially break your fast. Whatever works for you to stay under your calorie goals is excellent though!
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 179 Member
    Yes I'm trying 20/4 and the keto coffee does have fat. Quite a bit. I realize its not a 'true' fast, but the reading I've been doing suggests is pretty close and helps curb hunger. I had no problem today making the 20 hours. Not having sugar n the coffee was harder. But the coconut oil sweetens it a bit.

    Today I read Dr Jason Fung "Complete guide to fasting". Very interesting. I think I'll follow his protocol for weight loss. He advocates low carb with IF. During fasting you can have keto coffee and bone broth. It looks quite do-able for me. For now I'm doing the 20/4 and waiting until after the holidays to do more. I'm willing to go back to eating "normal" meals but keep the low carb if I have to, but the low carb makes skipping meals easier.
  • macchiatto
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    Ugh, weight was up to 137 this morning. :/ Need to re-lose 5+ lbs to get back comfortably within maintenance range. We've had a LOT of carby goodies around the house and I haven't done well at moderating/avoiding them.

    My goals:
    Staying under carbs: yes
    Staying under calories: yes, definitely!
    Logging and measuring: Yes! 100% today.
    Getting in exercise: Yes, ran this morning! Just shy of 13k steps overall.
    Keeping an eye on electrolyte levels: Yes, had my ketoade after the run today.
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 179 Member
    results for 12/11
    Log :)
    Net Carbs under 25 :)
    at least 30 minutes of exercise ;( This one I'm struggling with more than the low carbs.
    plan tomorrows food :)
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    12/10 stationary recumbent
    12/11 yoga
  • MimiOfTheLusciousLawn
    MimiOfTheLusciousLawn Posts: 2,212 Member
    Hanging in there, even managed to get 100oz if water the last 2 days.
  • rparkerslim
    rparkerslim Posts: 393 Member
    Plans for December:
    1. cut down on carbs **
    2. increase good fats *
    3. eat more protein
    4. drink more water ***
    5. drink 1powerade daily * Husband drank powerade :o
    6. exercise 3x weekly
    7. plan meals ***
    8. Dec. 14 - 17 convention watch carbs still
    9. Dec. 25 free day
    10. no eating after 6 pm!!!!!***

    My mama always said, "Don't nothing fail but a try!" So here I go; if I can just remember to check in every day