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ArizonaToast- Did you fast until 11:00am today?



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    Best of luck :)
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    Great time of year to do omad. All we got to do is stick to the one meal and we are golden. Wishing you much success.
  • ArizonaToastArizonaToast Posts: 231Member Member Posts: 231Member Member
    Weekly Weigh-in Post

    6/23/17: 200lbs
    Began OMAD/Intermittent fasting on Monday 6/26/17
    6/30/17: 197lbs
    7/07/17: 195lbs
    7/14/17: 198.8 lbs (after spending a week at Disney Parks in Florida and IF went out the window)
    7/21/17: 199 lbs
    7/28/17: From 7/28 until 9/1 I did sporadic intermittent fasting, but wasn't very focused. My weight stayed around 198-197.
    8/4/17: 198
    9/1/17: 195
    9/8/17: 195
    9/15/17: 195

    Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec- very casual and sporadic fasting during the school day. Usually I would sip coffee with vanilla creamer between the hours of 6:30am-11:00am and have lunch at 11 with dinner around 5. Weight slowly crept from 195 to 202 lbs.

    New year and fresh motivation to lose weight.
    Weigh-ins for 2018:

    1/14/18: 200.2 lbs and pretty much living in workout pants as my jeans feel tight and my stomach bloated. New resolve to practice fasting.

    Weekly Weigh-in day is first thing in the morning on Fridays:
    1/14/18 200.2 lbs
    1/19/18 197.8 lbs :smile: (-2.4)
    1/25/18 198.0 lbs (+0.2)
    2/2/18 196.4 lbs yay! (-1.6)

    2/9/18 196.4 lbs (+0)
    2/16/18 196.4 lbs (+0) Had a busy week with unusual events. Used this as an excuse to snack throughout the day. Some stress snacking on junk food too.

    2/23/18 Didn't weigh in.
    3/2/18 199.9 lbs
    3/9/18 200.0 lbs
    3/16/18 198.0 lbs
    3/23/18 198.8 lbs
    3/30/18 198.8 lbs
    4/6/18 198.8 lbs
    4/13/18 198.6 lbs
    4/20/18 205.0 lbs and then 202.0 lbs (I think I need to replace the battery on my scale) I didn't fast at all this week. I used my mouth injury as an excuse to eat 3 meals per day that were all craptastic quality. Moving on...

    4/27/18 202 lbs (did 2 16:8 fasts this week)
    5/4/18 Purchased a new scale: 207 lbs
    5/11/18 205 lbs
    5/18/18 205 lbs
    5/25/18 207 lbs
    No fasting during this time. Regular meals plus snacking.

    **On summer break as of June 1st**
    6/1/18 206 lbs

    Months of June and July was FULL of weight gain. I ended the summer at an all time high of 212 pounds!

    August, September, October 2018: The new school year started out stressful and resulted in some stress induced weight loss. Now that it is November, I am starting to get into a state of flow and feel ready to tackle intermittent fasting and weight loss again.

    My weekly weigh-in will still be documented on Fridays, however, it will now be a 7 day average calculation of my daily weight.

    11/2/18 205.4 lbs

    7 Day Average
    Week of 11/9/18 204.4 lbs
    Week of 11/18/18 202.0 lbs (-2.4 lbs)
  • ArizonaToastArizonaToast Posts: 231Member Member Posts: 231Member Member
    I did pretty good sticking to my plan the last 2 weeks. I entered my daily weight, hours fasted (on some of the days), and other notes into a spreadsheet. I also calculated a 7 day average of my daily weight to use a reference for weight lost. 2.4 lbs is a good loss! My current plan is pretty close to 16:8. I do allow myself coffee with cream during my fasting window. Fasting Police--I don't want to hear anything about cream in my coffee. I'm fine with being a C+ student at fasting.

    The rows highlighted in green mean that I stuck to my plan without any big issues. The rows highlighted in orange mean that something happened that day to either make me eat emotionally or go off my plan. It means there is data that I want to note to help myself notice trends that take me off plan.


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    Doing great!!!
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,223Member Member Posts: 1,223Member Member
    Glad you are back on track!
  • ArizonaToastArizonaToast Posts: 231Member Member Posts: 231Member Member
    Hello from San Diego! I visited both Legoland and the San Diego Zoo the past 2 days (I saw panda bears!). I can say that I got tons of steps in! My family is tired and happy from our vacation. Looking forward to driving back home to Phoenix tomorrow morning. (It's about a 6 hour drive) Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Good luck! You can do this!
  • katjustkatkatjustkat Posts: 569Member Member Posts: 569Member Member
    great accountability :) We'll get there!
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