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100 calorie snacks you don't have to prepare!



  • chekhov_lisztchekhov_liszt Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I like bell pepper sticks, cucumber slices, and radish slices with a tablespoon of ranch dressing.
  • jbajanajbajana Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    BumbyDog wrote: »
    ibajana, wha'ts Pam?

    It's a spray coating (typically used to spray pans before baking or pan frying something).

    Yes, exactly that. There's an Olive Oil one that's pretty good.
  • GreenValliGreenValli Posts: 715Member Member Posts: 715Member Member
    jbajana wrote: »
    Whenever you bake, you can stick some chickpeas coated w/Pam and crushed red pepper (or seasoning of your choice) in the oven for 30-40 minutes. They make a great snack!

    Never thought of roasting chickpeas. How many calories?
  • margjackmargjack Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I love the individual 100 cal bags of skinny pop popcorn!
  • HappyhabeneroHappyhabenero Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    A boiled egg ! Keeps hunger pangs away for a few hours, it's my go to snack
  • simyeahigsimyeahig Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    Yoplait Forme No added sugar yoghurt 175 g tub (66 - 74 calories depending on flavour)
  • gingerbee33gingerbee33 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    I enjoy half a serving of salted roasted almonds most days. It’s 85 calories. My soda stream has also been a good investment. I drink much much more water now. I flavor it with fresh lemons, sometimes fresh lemons and blueberries or fresh grapefruit. It has cut my craving for soda.
  • SchrodingersOtherCatSchrodingersOtherCat Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    I like crackerbread with a scrape of butter & salad. It makes up for not eating bread.
  • Kimmotion5783Kimmotion5783 Posts: 409Member Member Posts: 409Member Member
    kale chips!
  • foreverhealthy3foreverhealthy3 Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    celery with smear of peanut butter in center, frozen red grapes, fresh strawberries and white cheese
  • 12Sarah201512Sarah2015 Posts: 1,095Member Member Posts: 1,095Member Member
    I had pistachios as a snack today
  • Emmapatterson1729Emmapatterson1729 Posts: 1,302Member Member Posts: 1,302Member Member
    Do you have a Trader Joe's where you live? It is full of 100 calorie snacks, even some of their cookies, like the vanilla wafers and mini chocolate chip cookies, they have slim 100 calorie chocolate bars, not to mention plantain chips, wraps, pre-made salads. I used to get all my snack foods from there.
  • denjan333denjan333 Posts: 156Member, Premium Member Posts: 156Member, Premium Member
    Personally, I just prep most of my snacks on the weekend so every day I can just grab and go. I pre-measure and put into single serving containers. That way I never have to buy pre-made snacks, other than my Greek yogurt, which I usually buy in the single serve sizes.
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