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    lacatgirl wrote: »
    I thought I was on gutbusters this month but I guess not. Please advise...

    Hi @lacatgirl -- The December spreadsheet shows you're with us, with a Saturday weigh-in, and a starting weight of 170. Is that right?
  • LesIckaBod
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    dommylifts wrote: »
    I’m feeling slightly discouraged with myself. I’ve been over calorie count nearly everyday. Today I’m using as my cheat day instead of Sunday. I ate out twice. I was fairly disciplined in the foods I chose and kept it as simple as possible but I still ate out. I am hoping this doesn’t affect my weight too badly for weigh in. Very disappointing.

    I am still loving the journey and enjoying all that TBL challenge has to offer and I hope everyone else’s week has been head and tails above mine (eating wise).

    @dommylifts You're making great progress, and your lift pictures are an inspiration to me and others, I'm sure. Keep your head up, keep focused, keep going. Worst case scenario is that your weigh-in this week shows your restaurant meals. The world will keep turning, you can keep losing, and this week will be in the past. You got this!
  • LesIckaBod
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    NSV Round-up!

    For newcomers, "NSVs" are "non-scale victories." We'll close out December Week 1 tomorrow (Saturday), and I'd like to know, what do you count as a non-scale victory for yourself this week?

    Let us know!!
  • Rocknut53
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    Username: Rocknut53
    December Week 1
    Previous Weight: 146.1
    Current weight: 147.8

    Still bouncing around like a basketball. Not going up overall. I guess I really don't play well with others. :/
  • craigo3154
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    December 6
    Exercised?: Yes (5km in 38 mins - hills).
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Early walk before too hot.

    Date night with my wife of 28 years (first time this year - need to do this more often). Celebrate her continuing success in working to beat Type 2 diabetes and being the lightest weight in her adult life. She looked amazing.

    Finding dinner out with her Keto diet was difficult (my high-protien, low-carb, low gluten is less strict and easier to eat around). Most styles of cuisine are out. Almost everything fancy has too many carbs for her. Eventually settled on a good steak place and had steak and calamari (very nice). Movie was "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" (we both like the Harry Potter universe, was not disappointed).

    For those not as familiar with dieting styles, Keto is high-fat/moderate-protein/very low-carb. The purpose of Keto is primarily to burn fat by putting the body into a state of ketosis (fat for fuel). It works extremely well for reversing type-2 diabetes as it tries to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for insulin (reducing the load on the pancreas to produce insulin and thereby helping to restore insulin sensitivity to the cells of the body). If you have type-2 diabetes (or are on metformin to lower blood sugars), you should seriously consider some type of low-carb diet, even if not losing weight.

    December 7
    Exercised?: Yes (3km in 25 mins - hills).
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Early walk before too hot. Very slow start as back was a little sore. Loosened up as I walked. Like how getting out and moving cures a lot of minor ills.

    Very hot day here. 38C (100F).

    Weight has been all over the place the last few days. In kg, since Tuesday, 63.6, 64.2, 63.2, 62.8. 1.4kg is about 2.2% of 63.5 (mid-point of the extremes).
  • ShareASmile
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    December 5
    Exercised?: Yes
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes
  • ShareASmile
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    December 6
    Exercised?: No
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No

    I'm only posting this to keep myself accountable. I had a client meeting with lunch yesterday and then a company Holiday party in the evening. It was an enjoyable day, but exhausting and not healthy. This time of year is rough in many ways, but I'm trying to do as well as I can.
  • ShareASmile
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    @craigo3154 I love Harry Potter and loved all the great ties to the original stories in the second Fantastic Beasts movie! Also, date nights are wonderful and necessary!! 😊
  • grebber1
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    Wow I have lost a lot of weight! That makes me so happy 😁

    You look really good
  • daloverlyme
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    December Week 1
    Previous Weight: 200
    Current weight: 200

    Ugg!!! I can't believe I gained 36 lbs in three months :neutral:
  • BonnieHosk85
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    edited December 2018
    Hi, I missed the memo about checking in each day with the following, so this is mine for the week. I weigh in tomorrow morning and will post that as well.
    December 1-7
    Exercised? Yes, every day even if it was just for 10 minutes at a time (slowing working up to 30 minutes a day).
    Calories. Stayed under every day.
    Tracked. Yes, every day, every meal, every bite.
  • BonnieHosk85
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    LesIckaBod wrote: »

    3. My stubborn self and my drive to prove people wrong at work. I've had many people say "good luck" in a sarcastic way like I'll never get to goal... and other nasty comments... placing cookies in front of my face even after I turned them down politely... gave away said cookie and the guy that bought the cookie gets up.. takes it from the co worker i handed it to and places it BACK on my desk. He is "trying" to lose weight... i want to just rub his face in the fact that I did it and he couldn't even with all his attempts to sabotage me (there's been more then a handful of incidents) ... 44 lbs down and 95 lbs to go!

    People can be so cruel. I'm watching The Office again and just watched the episode last night where Angela accepts a cookie from Oscar and then crumbles it like she's strangling it. So funny! Good for you for your 44 pounds lost. That's amazing!
  • Rocknut53
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    My NSV was braving the cold, -2 this morning, to go downhill skiing with my son. This is the son who, at 46, had a heart attack last March. If nothing else in life is going good right now, I had the joy of spending an awesome day doing something we both love.
  • fe452436
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    December Week 1
    Previous weight:193 lbs
    Current weight:195.5 lbs
  • etusk16
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    PW and CW 190
  • auntdeb37
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    Username: auntdeb37
    December Week: 1
    Weigh in date: Saturday
    Previous Weight: 278
    Current Weight: 276.2
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