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  • RangerRickL
    RangerRickL Posts: 8,469 Member
    A very long day but a very good day.
    Exercise: active stretch and walking
    Tracking; good
    Calories: under by okay margin
  • hil331115
    hil331115 Posts: 189 Member
    Sept. 12: yes x 3
    well under calories today which is not typical for me. I'm usually right at my limit.

    challenge: 14 burpees, 30sec plank x 2, 5 squats, 5 push ups.
    ab challenge: 40 scissors x 4 sets
    jumping jacks and ab workout
  • JTreasures
    JTreasures Posts: 856 Member
    Yes x 3
  • molly3210
    molly3210 Posts: 804 Member
    Yes x 3 for Thursday
    Barely, but checked all three boxes!
  • goldthistime
    goldthistime Posts: 3,214 Member
    @Chinkiri I agree. For now at least, I associate you with Paris (although I know it was just a visit).
    Thanks @fitqueenbess! I’ve got laundry waiting too :smile:
    @BuddysSurrogateGrandpa1 I’m already impressed at your climbs, but surely you don’t jump obstacles like the ones in this video?
    @TerriRichardson112 Happy Bday to your DH! I’m a big fan of fresh flowers, I wish I could join your group.
    @fatbambi2017 Sounds like a satisfying day.
    @Hollis100 I get your frustration. It’s like “Where’s my gold star?” :smiley: At least you got to tell us!
    @hil331115 I’m impressed that you’re usually at your calorie limit. I tend to be all over the map. I’d like to be more consistent. It might save me some pass days. I hope you’re not overly hungry today!
  • znaoiec
    znaoiec Posts: 1,984 Member
    Exercise: yes, walking the dog first and then a more aerobic walk with husband
    Calories: yes
    Tracked: yes
  • KCJen
    KCJen Posts: 1,089 Member
    Date: Thursday, September 12th

    Exercise Tracked In MFP: Yes, 2.18 miles on the Treadmill
    Calories and Water Tracked In MFP: Yes
    Within Daily Calorie Range of 1300 to 1440: Yes, 1425

    Daily Water Goal of 7 Water-Bottles: 3
    Pass Day Count: 2
    Progress of Weekly 2-pound goal: 0

    Keep moving forward and keep making progress….I gotta keep on keeping on : )
  • Ketch_22
    Ketch_22 Posts: 12,708 Member
    Sept 12
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes.
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes.
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes.
  • pribud
    pribud Posts: 453 Member
    hi everyone! :) I am not mediocre, I do not do ANYTHING half way, even my lazy day did an hours housework today just to get my yes for exercise and rested the rest of the day. All caught up on my Coronation Street :p

    August 11th
    exercise yes again only to qualify as we had an appointment in Victoria and spent most of the day driving
    calories yes no problem even though we ate out, stuck to basics chicken breast and salad, also packed healthy snacks
    tracking yes everything

    August 12th
    exercise yes housework
    calories yes well under (to make up for my lazy day)
    tracking yes

  • abowersgirl
    abowersgirl Posts: 3,410 Member
    3x yes

    4 no
    8 yes

    1. May 22 yes 9 no/31
    2. June 22 yes 8 no/30
    3. July 23 yes 8 no/31
    4. August 22 yes 9 no/31
  • jenniferleavitt1
    jenniferleavitt1 Posts: 339 Member
    Yes to all three