How many net carbs is your "low carb"?



  • butterfli7o
    butterfli7o Posts: 1,319 Member
    I'm trying to stay at 20 net. I'm still learning what limits work for me. I know that I definitely feel more full and satisfied eating this way than any other way. I got so sick of being hungry!
  • LRLemon
    LRLemon Posts: 51 Member
    I try to keep my total carbs below 25. I've lost 100+ lbs over the past 16 months but have been at a plateau for the past 3 months almost. Trying to figure out how to bust through this plateau. Took a keto break this past weekend to see if maybe I couold fool my body into losing again. We'll see what tomorrow's weight will be. Hoping to get back to steady loss. Would like to lose another 40 lbs or so to be at a healthy weight.
  • HoneyBadger302
    HoneyBadger302 Posts: 1,980 Member
    I'm not bothering with "net" TBH, just overall, and keeping overall to under 100 (generally ending up in the 60-80ish range). Took a look back over the last couple weeks, and just subtracting fiber from my total carbs, I'm at 40-60 net most days (but that's excluding potentially a few other "carbs" that get taken out of net for someone tracking that closely).
  • AshStout83
    AshStout83 Posts: 190 Member
    I keep my net carbs at 50 or below.
  • dulcitonia
    dulcitonia Posts: 278 Member
    Usually 75-100
  • AmyG1982
    AmyG1982 Posts: 1,040 Member
    I’d like to be around 30 net carbs and under 50 total but I quite often go as high as 65 but always in high fibre veggies so I’m usually still under my 30 net carbs.