Naughty November: Weigh in and accountability thread

It is the month of Thanksgiving, Saint Martin, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Sunday, All Saints, and many others. No idea why I went with Naughty - it just flows nicely with November B)

Sensible goal setting for November as my body seems to prefer slow and steady.

Height: 5'10"
HW: 183lbs (Fri 24th March 2017)
SW Nov: 165.4lbs (30th Oct weigh in)
Ultimate goal: Around 150-154lbs
Nov goal: 163lbs
Nov body fat goal: 26.3%



  • weatherking2019
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    Thanks @rianneonamission for the NOV thread!

    So here we go:

    46, 5'2"
    SW: 108.2
    Nov GW: 107, BF: 19%
    GW: 105 BF: 19%

    Goal #1: Keep up with 4X a week of OTF
    Goal #2: Meal prep more. Utilize Crockpot! Soup season!!
    Goal #3: Keep photo records of self...
    Goal #4: Simplify life. Not stress over things out of my control😉

    10/1 / 109 lbs, 21.4%, measurements 33.5-27.5-33.5
    10/30 108.2, 19.1%, measurements 33.5-27-33.5
  • HoneyBadger302
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    Looking forward to keeping my prep for next year on a strong trend, need to stay focused, but the holidays don't mean much for me, BUT, I am dog-sitting for a friend for a week in November and that is going to really affect my workouts that week so I'm really going to have to watch myself as it will be very easy to want to eat out and not workout - double bad combo (dog sitting for him adds an extra 1 1/2 hours of driving to my days which are already pretty full...and the only real "give" is gym time :( ).

    41, 5'7"
    GW: 128-132
    HW: 163
    CW: 143
    Goal #1 - Steady loss, averaging 1/2 lb/week
    Goal #2 - Daily workout routine min 4x/week
    Goal #3 - Track my food min 6/days/week.

    Nov 1:
  • Antiopelle
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    Thanks for starting the thread @rianneonamission !
    SW 78
    Nov SW 70.3
    Goal: maintain between 69 and 70

    1. Keep on logging every day
    2. Restart push-up challenge
    3. 10.000 steps a day + 2 long walks & 2 dives a week

    I’ve been way over my cals these last days so I’m surprised that I get away with 70.3 this morning. So, time to reign in again to get under the 70. Maintaining is not easy!
  • CrystalEssex
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    [SW 119+] (BMI 28)
    CW 112.8 (BMI 26)
    GW 90 (BMI 21)

    I lost 20 lbs from Oct-Dec 2017 using MFP, with an additional 7 lbs in 2018 just trying to maintain on my own with what I had learned from tracking. Life happened in Jan 2019 and I fell off hard in Feb. My eating habits had not quite reverted back to what they were, but I have quickly put back on the weight in the past six months. I need to get back on track and stay on track.

    I know my starting weight is low, but I am just under 4'8", so my weight is "overweight" for my stature. My lowest weight in the past 10 years was Jan 2019 at 93lbs and I felt great.

    Goal 1: Get back in the habit of tracking daily
    Goal 2: Plan meals, prep ahead of time
    Goal 3: Increase water intake

    Overall goal: Get to 99.9# by Dec 31 this year.
  • Go_Deskercise
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    33, 5' 4"

    SW: 137.8
    GW: 133.8

    Goal #1: Snack less at night
    Goal #2: Move more at work
    Goal #3: Eat more mindfully

    Nov 1: 137.8
  • cayenne_007
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    5'8" 42yo
    SW: 142.6
    Nov GW: 140
    GW: 133

    August SW 145.8 EW 145.6
    Sept SW 145.6 EW 145.6
    Oct SW 145.6 EW 142.6

    I'm going to add in one thing to force myself to measure at the end of the month......
    Bust: 38 - Aug (-1")
    Band: 33 - Aug (-1")
    Waist: 28.5 - Aug (-.5")
    Hips 38.5- No change in Aug

    No change in measurements in Sept - At least I was consistent with weight/measurements! LOL!

    Goal #1: Workout 5 days a week - Yoga Burn/Bike/Walk - stay consistent with Push Up Challenge
    Goal #2: Build Upper Body Strength - 90 Second Planks - Forearm & Extended Do 25 real push ups in a rep
    Goal #3: Drop .5" off waist
    Goal #4: Stay under on intake min of 5 days a week
    Goal #5: Do some decent crockpot meals

    10/31 - 142.6 - IF, bit over on calories...insanely busy day - no workout but decent amount of walking
    11/1 - 143.8 - LOL - I'm still ok with this. The 142 was a new low for me so hopefully it's a good start to the month. IF - I did put together a chicken/chili crockpot dish this morning - we'll see how it goes.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    41, 5'7"
    GW: 128-132
    HW: 163
    CW: 143ish
    Goal #1 - Steady loss, averaging 1/2 lb/week
    Goal #2 - Daily workout routine min 4x/week
    Goal #3 - Track my food min 6/days/week.

    Nov 1: 143.6
  • mfield4
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    SW 162
    Nov GW 159
    Overall GW 150
    Nov 1 162.0
    Nov 2 161.4
  • HoneyBadger302
    HoneyBadger302 Posts: 1,982 Member
    41, 5'7"
    GW: 128-132
    HW: 163
    CW: 143ish
    Goal #1 - Steady loss, averaging 1/2 lb/week
    Goal #2 - Daily workout routine min 4x/week
    Goal #3 - Track my food min 6/days/week.

    Nov 1: 143.6
    Nov 2: 144.2
    Nov 3: 143.2
  • CocoLoris
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    30, 169cm
    GW: 65kg (not this month’s target)
    CW: 66,8kg

    Goals :
    1-to be focused on how I feel vs the number on the scale
    2-keep calories between 1600-1800 a day
    3-wear more of the clothes I feel truly good in
    4-go and discover 2 new sites close to home (walking/hiking)

    01 Nov: 66,8
    08 Nov:
    15 Nov:
    22 Nov:
    29 Nov:
  • l4a_p
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    Height: 176cm (5'9")
    Weight: 66kg (145,51lbs) (Stable since 2months)
    BMI: 21,3

    1) Start losing very slowly again: down 0.5-1kg by the end of the month would already be good
    2) Track better: been having a couple of days without any tracking and feel myself slipping
    3) I'm going to start using the "last-7 days" average my app gives me to track weight; so I see less of misleading fluctuations

    4 November: 66kg (145,51lbs) (7day average)

    It's my birthday next week and I usually have a bunch of activities in the surrounding week. This weekend I didn't track or log anything; had a Halloween party Thursday, movie night on Friday, early b-day dinner Saturday, and B-day familylunch Sunday,... Thankfully it didn't seem to impact my weight so far!

    Running seems to finally be improving (albeit marginally)!
  • l4a_p
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    @Antiopelle Maintaining really is hard!

    @cayenne_007 How many pushups can you do? I feel really weak: I often get comments from guys that I look strong but I can barely do a few push-ups (half assed) and zero pull-ups!