Naughty November: Weigh in and accountability thread



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    That is truly inspiring @CocoLoris! You are in a good spot!
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    @Antiopelle thaaaanks :-)
    This group is truly encouraging, in a way that I find most comfortable and laid back
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    Antiopelle wrote: »
    Thanks for starting the thread @rianneonamission !
    SW 78
    Nov SW 70.3
    Goal: maintain between 69 and 70

    1. Keep on logging every day
    2. Restart push-up challenge
    3. 10.000 steps a day + 2 long walks & 2 dives a week

    I’ve been way over my cals these last days so I’m surprised that I get away with 70.3 this morning. So, time to reign in again to get under the 70. Maintaining is not easy!

    Ok, last week was a bit special: a few days feeling off and that was a good excuse to turn into a couch potato; then a trip for work that took me almost a full 20 hours: a few days of personal time off and then some sugary foods that literary got shoved into our house (2 cookie sales for charities). Needless to say that it wasn't a good week foodwise.
    However, I kept on logging and was actually surprised that I was relatively on goal. Even when I eat whatever I want, I rarely go over 2.000/day.
    That being said, I still need to get back on track and the good news is that hubby seems to have found his mojo; so for him today is day 1 of eating better and moving more. I sincerely hope he'll hang on this time, as this will also help me.

    As for my goals:

    1. I keep on logging every day - yay me!
    2. I did the test, but then I failed miserably again
    3. 2 long walks and 2 dives; 80.700 steps thanks to the beautiful fall hikes

    Current weight: 70.7

    Monday morning update: I did well with food this past week, as hubby is finally joining in ! Pfew ! :smile: However, we could only fit in 2 medium walks and only 1 dive as we were also putting wallpaper in the bedrooms, which is a strenuous exercise in itself!

    Goals update:
    1. I keep on logging, this comes really naturally to me now.
    2. Ahhhh, the pushup challenge. I have put reminders in my agenda to commit myself again !
    3. 2 medium walks and 1 dive: 61.000 steps

    Current weight: 70.3kg - which apparently is my maintenance weight as I keep returning to it. I'll be happy if I can keep this for a year or so. We'll see how it goes.
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    @l4a_p : are you still here ? Don't leave us please :wink:
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    “Heed the Calorie.”

    169 cm / 5’5”, 37 y 
    HW: 76.1 kg / 167.8 lbs (26/Aug/19) 
    SW Nov: 72.8 kg / 160.5 lbs 
    GW Nov: 70.0 kg / 154.3 lbs
    Overall GW: 56.5 kg / 124.5 lbs 

    01-nov: 72.8 kg
    02-nov: 72.0 kg
    03-nov: 72.3 kg
    04-nov: 73.1 kg
    05-nov: 72.8 kg
    06-nov: 73.3 kg
    07-nov: 73.4 kg
    08-nov: 73.8 kg
    09-nov: 73.1 kg
    10-nov: 73.4 kg
    11-nov: 72.6 kg
    12-nov: 72.6 kg
    13-nov: 72.0 kg
    14-nov: 71.5 kg
    15-nov: 72.2 kg
    16-nov: 72.0 kg
    17-nov: 72.8 kg
    18-nov: 71.9 kg

    Hi all,

    after some silence here a little update. With TOM around I just couldn't be bothered to spend too much time online. Still tracked, and managed to keep myself in check. But it was still a meh sort of time. Despite TOM's weighty hickup, I seem to be booking okayish progress. Not as fast as I would want it to, but at least steady and it doesn't necessarily feel like I am giving up on much.

    Also yesterday, I did a 15 km race (running) and managed to bite off 2 minutes from last year's time :dizzy: SOOO good! Not that I trained excessively but I think the 2 kg less on my hips this year, did help a bit. Let's keep this going. The coming weeks it should also easier to keep up progressing. My boyfriend suggested to do a few weeks without alcohol. Not that we drank a lot to begin with, but Christmas will be heavy I expect.

    We'll see. For now, I will enjoy my sore muscles for a bit more.

    Keep it up ladies, you are all seeming to do really well!
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    5'8" 40y/o
    SW 162
    Nov GW 159
    Overall GW 150
    Nov 1 162.0
    Nov 2 161.4
    Nov 4 163.8 weekends kill me :(
    Nov 5 162.2
    Nov 7 160.2 - off for the next 4 days. Hoping I can keep eating (and drinking!) mindfully. I'd like the downward trend to continue
    Nov 10 161.0- days off are tough to stay under calories. Especially with the drinking!
    Nov 12 159.4 - I made it through the weekend without gaining! Anyone else IF? I've been doing it about 6 months and have noticed that it helps with my eating, even more than counting calories. If I track all my food all the time, I tend to start obsessing and with IF I just eat 2 healthy meals and don't worry about it.
    Nov 13 - 159.8
    Nov 14 - 158.8 - made my goal! But can I keep it at less than 159 through the end of the month??
    Nov 15 - 159.0 - My goal is to keep it at this through the next 15 days including 2 weekends!
    Nov 16 - 158.0
    Nov 17 - 159.8 - the weekend has struck again! I swear I'd be a size 4 by now if I could just keep it in check over the weekend :neutral:
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    33, 5' 4"

    SW: 137.8
    GW: 133.8

    Goal #1: Snack less at night
    Goal #2: Move more at work
    Goal #3: Eat more mindfully

    Nov 1: 137.8
    Nov 4: 138.6
    Nov 6: 139.2 - Been "sneaking" food and shoving my face alone in dark corners because I'm convinced that if no one else sees it then it doesn't matter and I can get away with it........ I need a food babysitter at all times. Also, did you know that Oreo thins have a latte flavored creme kind? Me and the half empty container know now too LOL! Hope you all are doing better than I am!
    Nov 7: 138.4 - Focused yesterday on moving more and not snacking and stuck to it!
    Nov 8: 138.4
    Nov 11: 138.2
    Nov 12: 138.8 - If I would just snack like a "normal" human being that would be great, but I go big and stay home LOL - Did great all day and then ate way too much dinner, ate way too much chips and salsa, also had some ice cream and an ice cream sandwich. Delicious, yes.... but I definitely didn't need all of it. Going to focus solely on limiting snacking today.
    Nov 13: 137.6 - Actually completed the day under my calorie goal yesterday. I logged all of my food and didn't snack at all. I reached my normal snacking time last night and wasn't really hungry so I skipped it and went to bed early with the hubby. Feeling good this morning and even happier seeing the dip in the scales.
    Nov 15: 136 - Finally doing what I need to do and seeing the scale move is sure motivational. Just over the last 3 days I have taken control of my 'all or nothing snacking' problem. I am learning moderation and only eating what my calories will allow. 3 days down and the rest of my life to go!!!
    Nov 18: 137.6 - Fun weekend with family :smile: Back to killing it this week!
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    5'8" 42yo
    SW: 142.6
    Nov GW: 140
    GW: 133

    August SW 145.8 EW 145.6
    Sept SW 145.6 EW 145.6
    Oct SW 145.6 EW 142.6

    I'm going to add in one thing to force myself to measure at the end of the month......
    Bust: 38 - Aug (-1")
    Band: 33 - Aug (-1")
    Waist: 28.5 - Aug (-.5")
    Hips 38.5- No change in Aug

    No change in measurements in Sept - At least I was consistent with weight/measurements! LOL!

    Goal #1: Workout 5 days a week - Yoga Burn/Bike/Walk - stay consistent with Push Up Challenge
    Goal #2: Build Upper Body Strength - 90 Second Planks - Forearm & Extended Do 25 real push ups in a rep
    Goal #3: Drop .5" off waist
    Goal #4: Stay under on intake min of 5 days a week
    Goal #5: Do some decent crockpot meals

    10/31 - 142.6 - IF, bit over on calories...insanely busy day - no workout but decent amount of walking
    11/1 - 143.8 - LOL - I'm still ok with this. The 142 was a new low for me so hopefully it's a good start to the month. IF - I did put together a chicken/chili crockpot dish this morning - we'll see how it goes
    11/4 - 146.8 - bit surprised at this. I worked outdoors all day Sat and busted my butt... One of those days you just fall into bed exhausted. Sunday I did take it a bit easier. Back to logging everything today. Got in a good walk at lunch - my should is still not 100%... trying to do decent on food and just maintain. Went over about 300 cals today - when your 96 yo Gram wants you to take her to dinner, you take her to dinner and have nachos & irish beer with her.
    11/5 - 146.2 - Snuck in a great walk at lunch today and managed not to go over too badly. Kid's basketball game right after work made much more impossible. Still stuck to IF.
    11/6 - 145.8 - rainy day made my lunch walk impossible....but insanely busy evening doctoring a colt & all the horse stuff alone so 2 hours of just stuff outdoors. IF - and stayed under on cals, but terrible nutritionally. Nachos & beer for dinner.
    11/7 - 144.4 - IF, got in a good walk at lunch... Rode my colt for an hour & cleaned 6 stalls- love days like this! Made fajitas for dinner & managed not to go too crazy. I think once my body adjusts, IF will help me store up calories for the evenings.
    11/8 - 145.6 - Good walk at lunch and worked at the barn for a couple of hours in the evening. I have no idea how many calories it burns - but cleaning stalls is WORK.
    11/11 - 144.4 - HOW do ya'll get ANYTHING done with kid's sports? BF's 10 yo son had a basketball tournament on Sat- played 4 games, BF competed in a small local team roping (at least I got to ride my colt for a couple of hours) and back to sit on my butt for another basketball game. Cleaned 11 stalls so that's something. Sunday I worked outdoors all afternoon - felt like I scurried all over the place and still way behind. Got in a good walk at lunch and back to working on the pushup challenge - my shoulder is finally recovered enough. So discouraging how much ground I've lost in the last 3 weeks - DAMMIT! 10,12,10,10,8
    11/12 - 144.6 Stayed under on cals yesterday. No workout - errands at lunch & dinner right after work with my Gram. So sore from starting back on push up challenge...OUCH! Did manage to stay on track with cals today.
    11/13 - 145.2 - 30 min walk at lunch, Push Up Challenge 12,14,10,10,10 - still pretty sore & my form wasn't great. Going to work on getting my form back before increasing the # for a bit. Did IF & kept cals at 1250.
    11/14 - 145.2 - Positives for the day, squeaked under on cals. & managed 3 chin-ups on our 'ghetto' bar at work on a dare. Errands at lunch and kids basketball all evening = no real exercise. AND someone brought amazing homemade pumpkin bread to work - so I inhaled 2 slices. ARGH!
    11/15 - 145.2 - dang, it's been consistent lately. LOL Push Up Challenge - 12,13,14,10 & 30 min walk at lunch. Pushups were HARD today.
    11/18 - 145.4 - Kinda ate 'whatever' this wknd, but stuck to 2 meals a day and I WORKED my butt off Saturday. Hauled multiple loads of wet sand out of 5 stalls - I'm still a bit body sore today. Yesterday was easier, just lots of walking & my normal stuff.
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    I'm starting this today! Wish me luck :)
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    Antiopelle wrote: »
    @l4a_p : are you still here ? Don't leave us please :wink:

    I bet she pops back up! I miss her!
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    You guys are the best, really :) It's not going well and then I dread logging and checking in but it is TRULY wholesome to see some messages popping up asking where I am. Thank you all so much xxxx and especially @Antiopelle & @cayenne_007

    Height: 176cm (5'9")
    SW this month: 66kg (145,51lbs) (Stable since 2months)
    BMI: 21,3

    1) Start losing very slowly again: down 0.5-1kg by the end of the month would already be good
    2) Track better: been having a couple of days without any tracking and feel myself slipping
    3) I'm going to start using the "last-7 days" average my app gives me to track weight; so I see less of misleading fluctuations

    4 November: 66kg (145,51lbs) (7day average)
    11 November: 66,4kg (146,39lbs) - 7day average

    19 November: 66,8kg (147,27lbs) - 7day average

    I screamed this morning on the scale (sorry neighbours!). Hit me with a 67,3kg... I guess all the chomping I've been doing has caught up on me. I can't seem to get into my regular vibe anymore. And to top it off: despite my most rigorous efforts to prevent it this time: my shin splints are making a comeback :'( So no more running either! 🙁Eugh, just kill me already
    I did have a great weekend and with the last planned birthday activities over and done and started a 4 week no-alcohol detox; maybe that will help a bit too. I do have a "once a week you can sin"- thing. I don't need the alcohol itself but I have a very busy social life and everything revolves around "drinks"! I'm going to great lengths to try and weasel my way out of alcohol-consuming activities; this weekend I have a new date and I've suggested going for Afternoon Tea, English style, scones and jam included. God I just hope he thinks it's charming and quirky and not utterly boring.

    Anyway, onwards and downwards, right ladies?

    Shin splints are MISERABLE!!! Glad you're back! It's been a struggle lately, but I think the important thing is not to quit. I think an afternoon tea date sounds like fun - far more original than meeting for drinks.