How long sense your surgery ? How much have you lost? Your sex? Which procedure?



  • eydda
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    I had gastric bypass 15th of october 2020. So almost 10 month out. My starti g weight was 126 kg (277pounds) i am now 89 kg (196pounds) i've been stalled now on the scale for like 5 months :(
  • Vickil57
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    I had lap band done Nov 2012. Highest weight 402
    surgery weight 370
    got down to 212
    am back up to 248
    goal weight 150
    I just had an adjustment last week as was throwing up a lot and had terrible acid reflex. Problem now is they took out about half and I can eat meat and bread again. Have to get this under control. I admit I am scared
  • HazelGrazie
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    This is a great post and thank you! I've read through all of these and it helped tons!

    Program start weight 312 lb. Pre-surgery 8 months later 277lbs. Full goal weight hit at around 10 months post op of 147 lbs. Currently almost 3 years post op and 156 lbs. However, when I go past 157, I panic and get back to it. Female, age 51.

    Been difficult at the two year mark for urges but not being able to eat a lot and trying to find a good balance of getting nutrients, eating healthy and eating what I still can. I am at a point now that I feel good about my balance and my daily menu. I work overnight; doubly hard-especially with many 16 hour day shifts as needed. Got tough for awhile to really balance that with eating, finding sleep and trying to stay awake. I feel pretty normal now though.

    Nightmares of overeating and gaining weight continue but less frequent.

    Happiest I've ever been in life!
  • Jessica12877
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    An update since my last post on this thread in Jan 2020:
    45 yr old woman
    3 yrs 7 months since surgery
    Starting weight 238, Surgery day weight 223
    Current weight 126-129 depending on the day
    What keeps me successful -Weighing myself every morning, logging my food in my fitness pal every day, walking 5-7 days per week