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    @hipari I totally hear you on the work thing. Yesterday 3 of us went back to the office for the first time since 16th March. Being back at work was lovely but coming home from work was literally the best feeling in the world! This is a very occasional thing for us at present. We might be back there next Thursday and I'm already counting down the days! But; I was disorganised as my stuff is all over the place and things were at home I would have liked there etc. So, when we are allowed back in more, probably also from 1sr June, I'll have to think carefully about what lives where.
    Re the pizza and snack day. Draw a line and move on, no biggy. I just hope it was tasty 😀

    @LaurieWrobo I hope you're feeling better by now?

    It's just before 7am and I'm about to start working as I have way too much to achieve today..... but that's okay because I will take a longer lunch to fit in a workout and I should be finished by 18.30/19.00 tonight rather than later and I have a special delivery of meat pie, gravy and sunshine peas arriving and i cannot wait!!!

    Yes, I am better, but now try to get those extra calories off/burned. I will have to resort to getting a workout done inside during lunch today since its raining🙁
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    Thursday weigh-in

    CW: 119.8

    Still at least a week out from being allowed to exercise -- tomorrow is 5 weeks since surgery. But I've got my eating back under control; going back to pre-logging has helped. Looking forward to increasingly warmer weather to get outside and walk more frequently.

    I'm planing my veggie garden after lunch today. I've been "hardening" my plants, putting them into the driveway by day, and back into the garage by night. But last night was supposed to be the last cold night of the season here in Northern NJ, so it's finally time. Haven't been able to find all of the plants I was hoping for - I've definitely seen a difference in what's been available, but I'll make do. I'll be missing the eggplant come harvest time!
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    PW: 349
    CW: 349.4
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    pw 133.2
    cw 132.8

    I'll take this. I have been trying to do better... but dang it's hard. I have found my niche with jazzercise and actually feel like it makes a difference in my appearance... at least to me. The scale is just wobbling around this weight, so I need a nudge or PUSH off the ledge to get back to losing. sigh... next week is gonna be better! 😊
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    I'm not sure I miss the office as much as the routine. I definitely miss the walking as part of my commute. At home I am fortunate the we have a room made into a study and when this first started I was working 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Now I am working 8 hours a day 4 days a week. As soon as I sit down in the lounge that is pretty much the end of my working day.
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    Aunt Flo snuck up and surprised me damn it!! Got me binging yesterday. So frustrated. Been a rough month. Not excited to get on the scale tomorrow
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    PW 194.5
    CW 195.5

    I’m really ok with this. Last week I felt dehydrated, rings really loose, etc. Seems to happen after a high protein meal like the steak I had. Today I woke up feeling the opposite, swollen fingers, etc so I’m guessing I’m retaining water. I’m going to make an effort to drink a lot of water today to flush it out.

    I did yoga via zoom on Monday and tried something I probably shouldn’t have done. It messed with my knee so I’ve been off it again, but it is getting better. I just really don’t want to go back to PT if I can help it. My training studio starts back up next week, and I’m required to wear football gloves, so I’m awaiting my Amazon order for that. I know I’ve lost a lot of progress since being off so hopefully it won’t be too painful!

    Food has really become a mental game with me. I need to somehow do a mental reset.

    Here’s hoping everyone has a great week ahead!
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    PW: 230.2
    CW: 228.5
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    PW 181.7
    CW 181.7 (-0 pnd)

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    @Be_theBest_Me hope you feel better soon! I also got a visit from the Aunt, and I’m freaking out because there’s something wrong with her visits lately and I can’t figure it out :(

    I’m super annoyed at the weather right now. My husband and I recently started playing Pokemon Go again to beat the boredom, and we had plans to go have a picnic in a park that would be really good to play the game in as well. The thing is, it’s cold and rainy, so not a picnic weather. I also bought a virtual reality headset for my playstation yesterday (yeah, I’m super bored), so maybe I’ll just try to get active by playing some games that require movement.
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    I played around with my Happy Scale predictions. To reach my first major goal weight 89,9kg (198,2lbs) by the end of the summer = my first wedding anniversary = Aug 31st, I would have to lose at a rate of 0,57kg (1,25lbs) per week. It’s not impossible, but my current rate is 0,23kg per week, so less than half. Still, this week I finally started seeing a proper loss instead of maintaining, so I’m headed in the right direction.

    Due to the whole Aunt Flo issue I mentioned and the plan to start trying for a baby at the end of the summer, I’ve been thinking about these things a lot, and it kinda feels weird to have a weight loss goal that’s partly motivated by being at a more healthy weight to start gaining what comes with pregnancy.
  • Smart_Beautiful_and_Strong
    PW 353.8
    CW 353.4
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    Saturday weigh in
    Pw: 168.2
    CW: 170.0
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    PW = 168.9 Saturday
    CW = 166.8

    2.1 pounds, I will take that (down 6.3 in 2 weeks)
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    PW 212.4
    CW 210.6

    I am so okay with this considering I ate probably a pound of cookie dough last Saturday and Sunday 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    Friday weigh in
    Previous weight 172 lbs
    Current weight 171.8 lbs
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    Final weigh ins needed:


    @jugar will tally results at the butt crack of dawn EST. Please post before she tallies!
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