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    @jessicakrall8 I left the DC area for the San Francisco Bay Area. The cat and I got here safe and sound, and I’m hoping my stuff will arrive safely, too!

    @mynacha73 And just in time to miss the storm...awesome! Glad you're safe with the fur's been many years, but I visited San Francisco and it was beautifully...was this a work opportunity? What do you do? I'm sure you'll have a lovely time! New house or apartment? Please share some photos!! Would love to see...what was the best part of the trip? My cat is not a good traveler, as she gets car I usually only take her if I have to go inland due to a storm or such...and now that she's older (12) I just don't want to put her through it. With the pandemic, I'm not doing any travel that added to some drama of your journey too...please stay safe.
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    The JULY chat thread is now officially closed!

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