2021 - New Year, New Me



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    Good luck JP...lil by lil we learn about ourselves. We are our own ultimate doctor.
    We had hail like that a few years back in Denver, it did a lot of damage. I think we got a new roof out of it.
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    @katjustkat - Thank you <3 We are thankfully that the golf ball hailstones didn't cause too much damage for us. Yes, quite a number of homes had to replace part of their roof.
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    This week was a week of carbs, carbs and more carbs! Thankfully, I did not gain weight and of course, I didn't lose any weight either. However, my vertigo is much better now. Hopefully, next week I can work towards some weight loss.

    A friend of mine recommended me a Thyroid medicine which she has been taking that works wonders for her. Am going to buy it tomorrow when I go down to the Chemist and hopefully I can see some improvement.

    Am making sure that I don't eat more than 1200 calories a day. And if I continue to peddle on my mini desk cycle 90 mins daily which burns roughly 225 calories, I should see some weight loss, right? Am not even aiming to lose 1kg per week now. Just a little by little will do for now.


    OMG, its going to be November already...time passes so fast. The worse part, still stuck at my HW. Not sure if I can see a high 50-something before Xmas. That's my ain now...high 50s by Dec.

    Have a wonderful weekend <3
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    I am trying to see what I am doing wrong. I know back in 2019, I practically cut down my calories while doing OMAD and I got down to 52kg. But, I couldn't maintain my 52kg and as I went back to eating carbs (especially when my vertigo comes and my comfort food are carbs) and back to my normal eating with my family. So, this time around, I have to go about in another way as I want to lose weight but still eat and enjoy the same food as my family.

    My mini plan - get down to 55kg by 31 Dec 2021. That's about 5kg loss.

    Wish me luck!
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    CW: 59.4kg / 130.6lbs.

    Finally, after being on a plateau for ages, I finally drop a little. OMG, its so hard, I tell ya. Ms Vertigo make her appearance yesterday night but after a good night sleep, she has left. Really hope she will not come back any time soon.

    Cooked lunch for the family today. We had hotpot, grilled teriyaki chicken, rolled omelette and white rice. Made sure that I only ate 150g rice and ate more protein and veggies. As always, going to peddle on my mini desk cycle for 90 mins minimum and it my health permits, will do some aerobics from youtube.

    Have a wonderful weekend, you guys! <3
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    Weigh-in today and no change -
    CW: 59.4kg / 130.6lbs

    Am trying to get down to 58-land but it s really hard. But, am not going to give up.
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    Weigh-in today:
    CW: 59.2kg / 130.2lbs

    Not much but at least the scale moved down. I will take it :smiley: