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  • Winner_in_Life
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    @biketheworld You have a wonderful smile 😊 May be you have a picture of you AND the dog🤔 I Iiked him. Or her....
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    Maryann - It's so good to see you again! I'm glad that things are beginning to turn around for you. And it's super exciting that your little one loves summer camp so much! And your frog story made me smile! It sounds like Stu believes he's found a pretty darn good thing, no matter what YOU think! Lol.
  • Jana_2020
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    Why hello @harleywolf55, hit Post and then saw your beautiful pic above. Welcome - and I'm sure you'll love being a part of this community!
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    @fourathomej what a terrific idea to have a fruit and veggie bowl available for "grazing" throughout the day! I like that!
  • MaltedTea
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    Oh wow... y'all got deep deep for this day's opening post! @biketheworld, thank you for bringing up this topic. @Winner_in_Life took the words right out of my mouth; you do have a great smile along with deeply soulful looking eyes one could get lost in.

    As for today's topic, my challenge is taking what I've learned during my weight loss journey in the past 18+ months and applying similar discipline (if not better) to other areas of my life. It's a slow process 😑 Yet, for me, it comes down to overdue self-control and more maturity.

    @mshawski Glad to see you back. May Stupid Stu become Smart Stu sooner rather than later 🐸

    @fourathomej Congrats to you and your daughter for sticking it out!

    @snowshoe072 hope your knee gets better soon so that you're back out there doing all the fun stuff you do. I think I saw you mention ATVing the other day?! 😍

    @seilidhe Sending you virtual 🤗

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? YES | Hill sprints (25), 75% of the Theresa Depasquale's 90-Day Workout Program (20) TOTAL: 45
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? YES | Base + 228
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? YES |

    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my protein macro for the day (40%)? NO | 27%
    Pass Days Used:
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    k19uatvaksgz.gif~ ~ ~Waving Hello~ ~ ~ 7/6 /2021~ ~ ~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes ..................................... ✅ ... 150 + min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... ✅ ... Sure am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... ✅ .... Sure did

    STEPS.......... 21,200 ......... 90m Walking .... 60m cleaning .... I have noticed. I get a LOT more Steps in with Walking

    Today Was a Very Productive Day ... I am sooooo excited Sons will be here Thurs.

    Documenting CONSISTANCY For personal ACCOUNTABILITY

  • biketheworld
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    @Higa2021 - “I wrote a longer post and hit the wrong button again...grrr. “ I feel your pain. As a matter of fact, this is the second time I’m typing this response for the very same reason!

    @JennyRebecca1978 - “ I don't want people - even my friends - to know, because if I don't lose weight/meet my goal, I don't want people to know I failed.” OMG this is me exactly. My husband is pretty much the only one who knows and I really don’t tell him a lot for fear he’ll blurt something out with friends.

    @MaltedTea - oh my gosh you crack me up. I did literally LOL. I had to zoom in on your new picture a couple days ago trying to figure out why your lips were so red. You have a great sense of humor and I love it!

  • chanstriste13
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    20 minutes stretch session
    5 minute meditation

    calorie budget: check

    food tracking: check
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    Apparently if you add asterisks to your bad words, it still sees you and replaces them with *kitten*. #todayIlearned