October 20



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    @jamcnewman - Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈! Those numbers are fantastic. You earned them!
  • readyornot1234
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    Wednesday, October 20

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: Over goal but not over maintenance. Airport day. Need to tweak this a bit.
    Exercise: Yes - airport walk

    The next 3 - 4 days are going to be difficult to track. I will most likely get more than enough exercise and I am somewhat confident that I will be close on calories. But this is all a good thing and I am going to enjoy these next few days with the confidence that I will not overdo it.
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    Exercised - Yes, ran 3 miles
    Within calorie budget - I think so
    Tracked - No, didn't track dinner. Since I'm already out of the Winner's Circle I decided to be lazy and not have to deal with logging the stir fry I made for dinner last night. Hard for me when there's multiple components to a dish--meat, a variety of vegetables and a sauce. Most of the time I just estimate something like that but last night I was lazy...🤣
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    Daily Check-In: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

    Exercise Tracked Treadmill Miles (Sat and Sun Off): No, but active
    Total Steps: 5,778
    Calories and Water Tracked in MFP: Calories Yes, Water No
    Within Daily Calorie Range of 1300 to 1500: Yes - 1,500

    Daily Water Goal of Seven-Water Bottles: 0
    Pass Day Count: Disqualified
    Progress of Weekly Two-Pound Goal:
    Total Weight Lost: 6 pounds

    October Goals:
    Track calories immediately after each meal
    Cook at home - eat out twice a month
    Use my cute ramekins for single individual servings to learn and control correct portion sizes
    Learn there are no "good" and "bad" foods and I am not on a diet anymore
    Learn how to have a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for the rest of my life
    Daily Water Goal
    Use fewer pass days in October than I did in September
    Fine-tune meals to get within calorie range
    Get back on my treadmill
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    Exercise yes
    Tracking and calories no
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    brisingr86 wrote: »
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? No
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? No
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    I think I'm going to be bowing out for this month and maybe taking a bit of a break. This group has been incredibly helpful getting back on track with tracking, but I know I'm just not in a place to follow the rules consistently. I'm hoping I'll get back to a better place that I can return and really commit to the group and the rules, but I need to get some other aspects of life back on track first. You all are inspiring.

    Dear @brisingr86,

    It’s tough when we have a lot going on, for sure. We will welcome you at any time with open arms.

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    @readyornot1234 & @Mrs_Hoffer Thank you both for your encouragement 💛💛 This group is such an important part of my journey now and I am so grateful for it and you.

    @Mrs_Hoffer @lesdarts180 and @WhatMeRunning — I am sorry that you are feeling poorly. Take good care of yourselves through what is now being predicted as the worst flu season in decades.

    @Katiecan2021 What a wonderful trip it will be to visit your family in Spain! Enjoy your time away and all that the experience offers. 🇪🇸

    @brisingr86 Wishing you well - glad we are connected and I can still see your successes (I see you are down 2 pounds this weigh in — way to go 🌟). Take good care of yourself.

    @seilidhe Yes, walking in heels burns extra and gets you superstar points 🌟👠👠🌟 I wore a short heel to the symphony last Saturday and don’t know how I thought they were “nothing” previously. I do not miss them. 😳
  • Oct 20
    3 yeses. Felt sick with GI troubles and went to bed early without my bedtime snack so definitely under calories.