November 14



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    November 14

    ✅ Exercise - walking

    ✅ Calories

    ✅ Tracked

    0 Pass Days Used
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    Exercise -Yes - weights calisthenics
    Under calorie budget (1650)? Yes 1625
    Tracked everything I ate and drank? Yes
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    @LazyBlondeChef Happy anniversary!!

    @WhatMeRunning Glad to hear you're doing well considering and hope you continue to enjoy lots of restful sleep!
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 👍🏻

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? 👍🏻

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? 👍🏻

    Used 2 passes

    Left 1 pass


    November goals

    - Miracle Morning daily.

    - yoga and strength training at least 3x weekly (Strength training WILL happen this month)

    - TRY having ZERO pass days (It’s NOT GOING to happen this month)

    - No LNS daily, ONLY fruits

    - Daily journaling
  • Nov 14
    Exercise: 1 hour of walking while talking on the phone to family, during the nicest part of a cold day.
    Tracking: Planned the day, adjusted as I went
    Calories: Under

    The changes to my life with COVID made me really realize how important exercise is for my mental health. Part of it is that I work in my bedroom now, so some days my daily walk is the only time I leave my house (and other than meals, the only time I leave my bedroom). I am not exercising hard enough to have many of the benefits of the endorphins - one day I would like to have time to exercise like some of you. But the fresh air and time to think or socialize (sometimes I walk with a friend or while talking on the phone, sometimes I just think) is so important to my mental health. I consider the walking non-negotiable - since the beginning of everything closing I have said to myself that even prisoners in solitary confinement get to see the sun once a day. I'm not sure if that's actually true, but for myself I consider it the minimum for humane treatment, and when I don't do it my mental health immediately collapses.
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    Exercise: o:) 35 minutes on the walking exergame (and mini trampoline)
    Logged: o:) absolutely everything
    On Target: o:) without the exercise calories eaten

    Passes used so far: 1/3 (bad planning)

    Even before The World Changed (and the first covid lockdown began) I would use Youtube Treadmill training postings to "quick walk or run" (or stationary "bike") different trails, in different seasons. Some familiar (like the Cornwall coast where we went for vacation in 2019) or some of the streets in London .... some I have never been to and may never get to (The French Mediterranean, The Grand Canyon, parts of New Zealand)

    I am not a fan of the cold. But this way I was less "housebound to the same view" when I didn't want to (or couldn't) stick my nose out the door.