November 6



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    ✅✅✅ strenuous yard work ALL day.
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    Nov 6:
    ✅ - Exercise
    ✅ - Calories
    ✅ - Tracked

    Hubby made enchiladas for dinner tonight with venison. He did get me gluten free enchilada wraps (he's such a sweetheart!), but it was hard to determine the calorie count. I did the very best I could...... I walked 12 miles today, so I'm certain that I didn't go over! :lol:

    I too am in the smallest clothes I've been in for several decades. I've had a wonderful time these last couple months clothes shopping for 'cute clothes' in a medium size!!!!! It's also fun to 'go shopping' in my own closet from when I bought smaller clothes 3 years ago when I lost weight.... only to gain most of that weight back and haven't worn those NEW clothes since then!!!! Lol. Even my medium size leggings are getting too big and I've ordered some new ones in a size small!!!!! Wowsers!! My waist is the LAST area to make significant progress (don't get me wrong, I have lost A LOT of inches in the waist - but still have the 'belly fat' which is always the last to go!!) I also have a wonderful NSV to share this month, but want to wait and share it on the 15th! (I usually cannot remember any recent NSV's when the 15th rolls around - but this one is B-I-G for me.... so I've written it down!!! Lol!)

    @stella7x7 I'm glad that you're feeling better.

    @WhatMeRunning I'm thinking of you as we head into this week. You're in my prayers praying that the surgery goes well and that you don't overdo things too quickly afterwards! :wink: It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into your before surgery prep. Great job!

    @snowshoe072 you look amazing!!! Terrific pictures!

    @biketheworld love the pic of your grands! Beautiful fall in the woods!! Fun!!

    @taurie your dinner sounds lovely! Yum!

    @lesdarts180 Awesome job losing 1/3 of your body weight! CONGRATULATIONS! 🎈🥳

    @StayFITTer I just want to acknowledge your C25k efforts! You are doing great! :smile:
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    Tracked - Yes
    Within calorie budget - Yes
    Exercised - Yes, used our treadmill - 30 min walk and a 2 mile jog/run

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    edited November 2021
    I was thinking of a classier more diplomatic way to articulate it and b**bs is def it. Lol! I shall be stealing this 1 the next time I need to refer to the chest region. Ha ha! Xo

    Ok this has me chuckling because I had this exact same dilemma when I was doing up my post lol. In the end I chickened out and just said I needed new bras ;)

    @jamcnewman That Brussels sprouts salad sounds divine! I love Brussels so much - going to have to try it soon.

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    Nov 6

    2nd pass day used.
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    Pass day #2. I need to figure out how to cook big meals for others without the sampling while I cook ruining my day. Something to work on!
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    I was thinking of a classier more diplomatic way to articulate it and b**bs is def it. Lol! I shall be stealing this 1 the next time I need to refer to the chest region. Ha ha! Xo

    Ok this has me chuckling because I had this exact same dilemma when I was doing up my post lol. In the end I chickened out and just said I needed new bras ;)

    @jamcnewman That Brussels sprouts salad sounds divine! I love Brussels so much - going to have to try it soon.

    You won’t regret it @ashleycarole86 — I served it warm and should have mentioned: I used toasted walnuts instead of the bacon. It was very tasty!
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    Well I definitely have definition in my legs and some in my biceps which is nice. I wear shorts to the gym and a short sleeve shirt so most people can't see my biceps

    Exercise yes
    Tracking and calories no
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    1/3 pass days. A very cold day today here on SC. I guess the bear in me wanted more of everything. So I busted my calories.

    As far as what I have noticed... I am smaller all over. I love seeing new muscles peeking through my skin.
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    Nov 7
    Exercise - 45 minute walk
    Tracking - preplanned and adjusted as I went
    Calories - Under by just a little on my 2,000 calorie "takeout day"

    I was very proud of tracking everything and staying under when I had family visiting. Not only did we get takeout, by my stepmother baked an apple pie with my daughter, so I had to eat that. But it still fit within the limits I had set. Feels a bit like cheating to have this high calorie day rather than just taking a pass day, but the math does work. And honestly tracking meant I didn't go as crazy as I otherwise would have - with the result that not only did I not gain as much weight but also I didn't feel sick afterwards! (Usually on full pass days my belly feels awful). But on the other hand it still feels very indulgent and sustainable.

    As for bragging - good timing on that question. I am working on a project of buying new winter clothes. Last winter I had lost weight, but was new to working from home and just bought a few pairs of sweatpants and kept wearing all of my now super-baggy shirts and shlubbed it through a depressing pandemic winter. This year I am down a few more pounds and am still working from home so don't need nice work clothes, but have the goal of assembling a wardrobe that is cozy and comfortable but a step above the "I just rolled out of bed and plan to collapse back into bed as soon as I can." So yesterday I got in some stuff I had ordered, much of it in a smaller size than I thought was appropriate. I tried it on and it all fit and looked great! I have an outfit laid out for myself today that I am so excited to wear!

    Honestly I have never been thrilled with my body and I am not losing weight to be "happy" with my body because that's not going to happen - several spots I am unhappy with that weight loss will do nothing for or may even make worse. I try to focus on my body as a place I live in, not a place to look at. And living in my body at a lower weight and with more fitness is much more comfortable - the daily getting up and down of caring for young kids is no trouble or pain at all - and that is a lovely change.

    Well done with keeping food take under control wen hosting. This is so difficult and something I hve not yet mastered so yay to u!!

    Also changes u hve noticed is a huge deal so congrats! U must be thrilled @Caroline_slowandsteady !! Xo
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    DebyS137 wrote: »
    ~🦃~~11 / 6 /2021~~ Waving Hi ~~🙋🏼 ~~ NOVEMBER ~~ BLESSings ALLways ~~ 💖 ~~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes .................................... ✅ ... 210+ min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... ✅ ... I am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... ✅ .... I did

    STEPS......... 25,640+.......... 150 walking ........ 30 min. house cleaning.... 30 min. Yard/gardening Work

    Since losing the weight & sticking with a Healthy Diet ... My Sleeping is much better & I have more ENERGY & able to do much more... went from feeling like I am in my 80s to Now feeling like I did in my 40s (I am 63) I was size lg/xlg to now Mediums ... Most importantly I am feeling COMFY with my body... I only have a few more lbs to go to reach my final Healthy Weight goal 145-155 = Feeling COMFY & COZY with my Body

    July 1 2021 weight =189 lbs.... Now weighing in at 161 lbs

    Documenting My CONSISTANCY = For personal ACCOUNTABILITY
    (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)



    @DebyS137 can I start off by saying I love ur posts they are always so bright and cheerful.. They make me smile. Now as for the results and being so close to goal weight wowwww!!! All u hard work is clearly paying off... u got this. Xo
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    jamcnewman wrote: »
    Made this side for with tonight’s dinner and it was delicious! Can’t get enough of the Brussels Sprouts right now 😍

    I love Brussels sprouts! We usually broil/toast them in the oven with a little olive oil and seasoning but This sounds interesting. Have you ever grown them in the garden? They grow on a huge stalk. Very interesting, very fun.

    I had such a fun day with the grandkids here. The weather was beautiful, we got outside and played in our woods. Sunday I plan on making a fire and roasting hotdogs, they’ll help me plant some bulbs, and get the bird feeders ready for winter. I’m loving this!

    Pass days: 1/3

    Have grown Brussels Sprouts in our garden and it was fun. We can buy them still on the stalk at the Farmers’ Market. Truly love them. I made the recipe with toasted walnuts instead of bacon. Delicious!

    Love the photo of the grandkids and the beautiful fall foliage. 🍃🍂🍁
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    taurie wrote: »
    jamcnewman wrote: »
    @taurie What an tremendous step count for the day!!!! 🏆 Your meal out sounds like it was a really lovely treat and I just love having meals that are healthy and delicious and perhaps a bit mysterious. We’re you at a greenhouse or in the little cocoon greenhouse huts we keep hearing about that are being used in places in the Netherlands? 🥰 Julie

    It used to be a real greenhouse. It’s inside a park. They still have a greenhouse there that’s just for show but they source everything from their real greenhouse which is local. From inside the greenhouse/main dining room there was a stunning view of the park with all if it’s autumn colours. The friends who we went with go there every time in Amsterdam and said how different it was when it was spring and everything was open and there were colourful flowers everywhere. It is very special and incredibly delicious.

    This is the place if you’d like to look it up

    What a lovely place @taurie — keeping note in case I ever make it back there again. 🥰
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    I hear you!!!

    I love to scoot to the side in an arm chair & smile hee-hee!
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    Week 1 11/6
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 👍🏻
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? 👍🏻
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? 👍🏻

    Used #1 pass
    Left 2 passes
    November goals
    - Miracle Morning daily. **
    - yoga and strength training at least 3x weekly (Strength training WILL happen this month) **
    - TRY having ZERO pass days (It’s NOT GOING to happen this month)
    - No LNS daily, ONLY fruits **
    - Daily journaling **
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    Yes x3