November 5



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    NOV 5
    Exercise ✅ [> 20 min walk]
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    ✔️✔️✔️ great day!
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    February 10/3
    March 12/3
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    Sept-oct fell off

    3x yes

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    Exercise? Yes
    Tracking? No
    Calories? No
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    seilidhe wrote: »
    Exercise? Yes
    Tracking? No
    Calories? No

    Just keep at it and reporting in, Champ!
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    One other thing about outdoor winter exercise is to plan your routes in case something happens so you can safely and quickly bail to a warm and dry location. As amazingly beautiful and serene winter time trails can be, if something happens in a somewhat remote spot (injury, weather, unexpected other thing) your body can get all too cold all too quickly. Just be smart.

    Hubby and I use Life360 (android phones), to keep track of each other. For me, because I walk out on the country roads and if I got hit by a car, he'd have no idea of 'where' to begin looking for me. Him - because he has 135 acres that he hunts on, and again, if he ever had a heart attack and fell out of a tree stand, I'd have no idea where to begin looking for him out on the woods covered acres. Added bonus is that he'll often check and see if I'm on my way home so that he can start fixing dinner and have it ready for me when I get there! #win #thoughtfulhubby