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    4th Nov 2021
    Timely topic for me @jamcnewman and great post!!! This month for me is all about honestly tracking my grazing calories. Now there are many times I pick at food and guesstimate it or dnt track it cos I rationalise the behaviour by telling myself that I dnt count my exercise calories or I hve calories left over so it shld be fine. Last night I cut a piece of my fave cake for hubby and i as a treat. I measured out my 100g with a side of low fat ice cream but found myself mindlessly picking at the whole cake! It wasn't a great deal of picking but wen i reflect on wat I was doing and thinking at the time, I was basically cheating as i didnt weigh as I knew it wld put me over my calories. Pretty sneaky right! Ha ha! So yesterday will be a big fat pass for me. The good news is I will learn from this experience.. I hve learnt my will power is at its lowest at night time so I am going to measure out my 100g this morning and hve hubby come with me to grab it from the fridge so I dnt pick at his or the rest of the cake while prepping it. I hve also learnt cake and lasagne are the 2 foods that i hve no self control over.. I just cant help but pick at it! Sounds crazy I know but if I want to hve my cake and eat it too I need to ensure I am putting strategies in place were I dnt fail. Picking at a cake while prepping it is such a waste of a pass!!! Xox

    Oh, you are not alone Donna — I should have been named Garfield. 😻 (Bet your favourite cake is delicious too.)


    Grazing is a big challenge for many of us, and I know you have had a variety of strategies to address it (I liked the idea of the grazing container 💡). Pre-measuring and knowing it is waiting for you sounds like a great approach!

    Ha ha @jamcnewman i must be Garfield too! Lol!! The cake is ridiculously good. Its caramel and cream. Lol! Yeah the grazing container was good but cos it odd bits of food that went in there throughout the day, like a spoon of pumpkin soup, a crust of bubs left over toast etc I found I was less inclined to put it in the container maybe cos it all looks so gross sitting in there together that at the end of the day I knew I wld hve to throw it in the bin. I think deep down perhaps i was worried about being wasteful so didn't do it properly. Xo