November 3



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    November 3
    Today's exercise was a core isometrics routine (3 supersets of superman, forearm plank, side planks, hollow body hold, reverse plank)
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    ✅ - Exercise 20+ Minutes: 93 minutes, aerobics/walking/circuits
    ✅ - Calories within budget
    ✅ - Tracked everything

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    Exercise - yes 20 minutes yoga, 40 minutes walking
    Tracking- yes
    Calories - yes

    November is going well so far!
    @tahm42 I’m sorry to hear you were so poorly with covid, I hope you are still taking it relatively easy as you are probably still recovering!

    @edsheeran412 what is an intense kitten? Intrigued!
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    mshawski wrote: »
    4 mile run.

    Today is my…
    *14th wedding anniversary.
    *11th work anniversary (not with the company but I’m an executive assistant and it’s my 11th anniversary working for my boss.

    I had gained a few lbs back over this summer and didn’t want to make it MFP official since it would put me back under the 60lbs mark but I went truthful this morning, and now I’m back down to 56 lost. I will get back to 60 lost soon.

    My run was rather lovely this morning.

    Thank you for those lovely pictures!


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    November 3

    Congrats to everyone on the list 👍

    ✅ Exercise - dance workout video
    ✅ Calories
    ✅ Tracked

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    Happy Anniversary @mshawski