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    I’ve been almost non existent here for the past week or so. Fell into a terrible slump/depression. I’ve been eating everything in sight. I’d planned a 68 mile bike ride for Sunday on a trail that right now is probably aglow with fall color, but decided not to go partly because the weather was iffy, partly because I just couldn’t muster the energy. As I was eating Halloween candy last night, I actually thought to myself, “I wonder how fast I can gain that 30 pounds back,” and I didn’t even care. I’ve been using an excel spreadsheet to record daily weight because it includes a logarithm that removes the crazy daily swings and I’ve really appreciated that. However, this morning I opened up the Happy Scale app which I haven’t used in several months and was jolted by how far I’ve come since February. Then I entered my historical weights from the first day of each month. The app breaks down my beginning weight to goal weight into 10 segments and I’ve accomplished 5 of them - I’m half the way there! It’s taking me forever, but I realized I do not want to throw that progress away. So I’ll keep slogging my way along, I should probably change my username to “aslothcouldbeatme” but whatever. The issues that threw me into this slump are still there, some I can’t do anything about, one I’m going to address today. The sun is shining, the colors are reaching their peak, my backyard is practically glowing. Life really is good and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for the long post.

    Hi my friend, @biketheworld,
    I’m here for you.
    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
    “I could over-eat, but I won’t because then I’ll have TWP problems toSolve - the original & my weight.”
    “The quicker you get up from a fall, the faster you win the race.”

    Stock up on your favorite crunch veggies.
    I’ve been eating a bowl of any carrots, large apples, salads, a bowl berries, as needed.

    Other suggestions: warm baths, a funny or light movie, an upbeat book, put on jammies early and snuggle with blanket & a decaf tea :)

    We have to develop NEW WAYS to deal with feelings. Gradually, with forgiveness & persistence.

    I also had a depressive month or so. The tinnitus. I dug deep & decided I really really don’t want to diet again. I also don’t want to fail. I really don’t.

    So I ate more veg/fruit, drank gobs of hot decaf tea, watched some silly shows including one of those bake-off series.

    Eventually, I got “on top of” the tinnitus. My spirits began to lift.

    I felt like I’d gained 20-30 lbs, but I took a hard look at the data. I’m barely out of my maintenance range. My brain likes to mess with me sometimes BUT I’m on to it’s tricks.

    Perhaps, your brain is doing the same to you right now. Remember your WHY…remember …really remember you felt when you began dieting. I was fatigued, uncomfortable, disappointed in myself, pretending “head in sand” that I didn’t know the negative impact of my eating habits. I was in a statin & a blood pressure med. and sometimes heartburn.

    No way I want that again. You CAN rise above this, and each time you do you insure your longterm success EVEN MORE.

    I’m here for you.
    PS We didn’t do Halloween. COVID, hardly anyone comes by, didn’t want to derail my newly regained mini-successes.

    Throw that stuff put stat - I wish I had last Halloween. It’s a Quad Threat that I cannot control, so out it goes, or this year “never let it in.”

    U shld be a motivational speaker! Love it and I'm sure just wat @biketheworld needed to hear right now along many others! Glad to hear it getting over it rough patch! Xo

    Thank you Donna aka @donna25trinity
    Right back ‘atcha!

    Seriously though, we have to BECOME our own Motivational Speakers. I tell my “tricky monkey brain” that it won for decades, but there is a new Sheriff in town & I boot it the heck out!!

    We have Worked ToO Hard & devoted a lot of our lives to our accomplishments- we cannot let it slip away from us.

    It DOES get easier. The monkey brain gets quieter AND we have developed more strategies.

    Thanks again,

    Ha ha!! This is 100% true!!! Love love love it!!!! Xo
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    taurie wrote: »
    I had to post and run earlier. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to log back in as toddler was going a bit mental this evening.

    I tracked and ate at maintenance, which is on plan while I’m under the weather. I hope tomorrow to do a light workout… anything, since I haven’t workout at all in several days.

    I’m so sick of getting sick every other week and having to stop working out. It makes progress painfully slow and I feel like I’m constantly starting over. I am doing everything I can think of to strengthen my immune system but if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

    All this sitting around whilst sick inspired me to sign up for a 10K in April. I can’t wait to start training. I love running and miss it so really want to get back into it.

    Sorry to hear u hve been so unwell! Keep ur head up. I will get thru this! Xo
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    mshawski wrote: »
    Walked 1, ran 3

    My November goals, outside of the UAC goals are:
    Run a total of 60 miles
    Stretch/foam roll for at least 10 minutes a day

    When I started my journey, I drank a lot of green juice. (Either straight celery or celery based.) It seemed to really help set the tone for the day, it helped my digestion, and it helped me get more vitamins in. I stopped drinking it because it’s $4 a bottle and increasingly hard to find around here without driving out of the way to get it. I started drinking it again at the beginning of this year, and I again had a lot of success. I again stopped because of the cost. I got two weeks worth of it today, and plan on going out of my way to keep it in my daily plan. Perhaps it does something physically, perhaps it’s a placebo effect - either way it seems to work for me so now I need to budget like $120 worth of juice into the month. Ugh saying the total like that makes me queasy. Lol. Fingers crossed the stores I can still find it at don’t stop carrying it like all the stores I normally shop at.

    I am sure it's worth every cent!
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    BMcC9 wrote: »
    Exercise: 3 on-purpose walks - outside at noon, my walking-game on my mini-trampoline before supper, and a walk (in the dark) to the grocery store after supper. a total of 11,768 steps so far.
    Logged everything: yes
    Under target: just under even BEFORE fitbit exercise credits. so we are good today! (even if fitbit claws back some more exercise credits before midnight ) ;)

    Plan for November:
    Week one: re-establish logging habit (so far so good - full log and met target 2 days running following ~7.5 months MIA)
    NO JUDGEMENTS on what goes into the log, so long as it is ALLLLLL LOGGGGGGED.
    Week two+: start reviewing already recorded Nov. details and look for trends (positive to support; not-so-positive to actively try tweeking-alternatives.

    Long-range plan (will probably take more than just November): Reverse a bad trend and get back to Normal BMI again.

    Great plan. Good luck. Xo
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    vero2468 wrote: »
    Exercise: yes Tracking: yes Calories: yes
    I love these simple attainable goals. I’ve always gone too hard/fast and then quit. My goal is just to stick with it for this month and keep posting even if it’s a pass day <3

    Nice and simple is always good. Last month I got way to excited and had way too many goals. Ended up not being able to achieve a lot of them which makes us loose trust and faith in ourselves. Sometimes its better to keep it nice and achievable!
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    Excellent day @stella7x7 !! I'm SO GLAD to see you've joined us for November!! I hope you are feeling better! :heart:

    VERY well said @MadisonMolly2017 , as always! We certainly appreciate the words of wisdom from someone who has "been there, done that!" I love your enthusiasm and wit too! :smiley: