November 1



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    Yes x 3

    Plan for this month
    Work on lowering Cholesterol by eating low fat diet.
    Incorporate my cardio.
    Hit 10,000 steps at least 4 days a week.
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    @Terririchardson112 love ur post, I just had to take a screen shot! Great plan! Xo

    @biketheworld sorry to hear u hve had a rough week but great news is ur here and u got this! Thank u opening up I always find ur honestly to be really moving and relatable. Xox

    @bradkcrew ur so right a planned pass day does not hve all the yuck guilt attached to it. Xox

    @summerskier great strategies thanks for sharing!!! Xox

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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    @biketheworld I was in a similar place back in February of this year. After 3 months of bitter cold and a knee injury (and not being able to walk outside much - which is my exercise of choice!). I was getting pretty depressed, and I didn't know how to snap myself out of it. I was so afraid to lose all my hard work up to that point. So I put my daily calorie goal up to a maintenance level, and basically "made" myself do the bare minimum (20 mins) of something most days, just to report in to the UAC. My plan was to finish out Feb that way and perhaps even into March if I needed to. My thoughts were that whenever I did finally get to my goal weight, I would have to "work" on staying at maintenance.... so I needed to "practice" that effort NOW!!!!

    I made myself continue to check into the UAC every single day, and knew that I was just going through the motions and not really contributing much. It did eventually work out for me - within 4-5 weeks I found that I was feeling much better (mentally) and was able to pull myself out of it. (A few days of warmer weather in the early spring helped a lot too!!) When it was all said and done, I found that I had basically maintained my weight through that difficult time.

    I know everyone's "hard times" are different, but I want to encourage you to stick with it, and do what you need to do to MAINTAIN where you are and not lose any more ground. :heart: Please let us know how we can help.

    Wat amazing advice!!! Xox
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    edwardsc60 wrote: »
    It’s 8pm here in cold and dark Wales! I weighed this morning - 74.5kg. That’s 5kg down since I started my current efforts to improve my diet and health.

    Exercise: 30 min brisk dog walk up the hill this morning. ✅
    Tracked all my food. ✅
    Calorirs within my target for the day. ✅

    My plan for November is to weigh myself daily and stick to my breakfast of home made porridge and fruit. This sets me up well for the day. Without the morning reminder I think I’d find this far harder.

    Good luck everyone,

    5kg is a huge weight loss! Well done!I also eat porrige daily! I lo've the way it makes me feel. Xo
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    Date: November 1st
    Exercised?: Yes. I took an hour long walk and did a single push-up haha. I’m planning on doing a push-up for the date, e.g today is 1 and so on the 14th, I’ll do fourteen push-ups!
    Calories?: Yes.
    Tracked?: Yes.
    This is my first time participating in a challenge, by the way. :)

    Welcome aand I love ur push up challenge u hve made for urself! Good luck with it. Xox
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    @biketheworld, hugs to you honey! I am soooo with you, a couple months ago I was in the same spot! It was because of “this group” I was able to get out of “ a terrible slump/depression.” I don’t reply much BUT I do read every day.

    What really has helped me is “The Miracle Morning” book, if I remember right somebody from this group suggested it.

    Like @Mrs_Hoffer said, “I made myself continue to check into the UAC every single day,”

    You BOTH are such an inspiration

    You have this, WE HAVE this, take one day at a time……

    Beautifully said!! Ohhh I hve not heard of that book sounds like it had a huge impact on ur life so I and I'm sure a few others shall add it to their list! Xo
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    Congratulations winners circle excellent achievement.

    Well I'm back. I went on holiday two weeks ago and didn't have reliable internet access so I took a week off of logging... Which turned into two weeks. I really need to get back to it though.

    Yes x3 today so good start

    Welcome back my fellow Aussie. U hve been missed! New month, new beginning! Xo
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    Congratulations to all the Winners!
    My Plan? Well, I’m going away on holiday – flying abroad for the first time in over 2 years, (fingers crossed no last minute Covid restrictions) – for a fortnight over the end of November through to December. So, my plan includes being very careful over the next two/three weeks. Looking forward to some sun, it’s getting cold, wet, and dark here now.
    Love that quote @TerriRichardson112!

    @biketheworld – good to see you back, you can do this.
    Welcome @edwardsc60!
    Also welcome @edsheeran412.
    We’re a friendly bunch.
    @Geneveremfp – good to see you back. New month, fresh start.

    Awww very exciting!! Xo
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    edited November 2021
    I’ve been almost non existent here for the past week or so. Fell into a terrible slump/depression. I’ve been eating everything in sight. I’d planned a 68 mile bike ride for Sunday on a trail that right now is probably aglow with fall color, but decided not to go partly because the weather was iffy, partly because I just couldn’t muster the energy. As I was eating Halloween candy last night, I actually thought to myself, “I wonder how fast I can gain that 30 pounds back,” and I didn’t even care. I’ve been using an excel spreadsheet to record daily weight because it includes a logarithm that removes the crazy daily swings and I’ve really appreciated that. However, this morning I opened up the Happy Scale app which I haven’t used in several months and was jolted by how far I’ve come since February. Then I entered my historical weights from the first day of each month. The app breaks down my beginning weight to goal weight into 10 segments and I’ve accomplished 5 of them - I’m half the way there! It’s taking me forever, but I realized I do not want to throw that progress away. So I’ll keep slogging my way along, I should probably change my username to “aslothcouldbeatme” but whatever. The issues that threw me into this slump are still there, some I can’t do anything about, one I’m going to address today. The sun is shining, the colors are reaching their peak, my backyard is practically glowing. Life really is good and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for the long post.

    Hi my friend, @biketheworld,
    I’m here for you.
    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
    “I could over-eat, but I won’t because then I’ll have TWP problems toSolve - the original & my weight.”
    “The quicker you get up from a fall, the faster you win the race.”

    Stock up on your favorite crunch veggies.
    I’ve been eating a bowl of any carrots, large apples, salads, a bowl berries, as needed.

    Other suggestions: warm baths, a funny or light movie, an upbeat book, put on jammies early and snuggle with blanket & a decaf tea :)

    We have to develop NEW WAYS to deal with feelings. Gradually, with forgiveness & persistence.

    I also had a depressive month or so. The tinnitus. I dug deep & decided I really really don’t want to diet again. I also don’t want to fail. I really don’t.

    So I ate more veg/fruit, drank gobs of hot decaf tea, watched some silly shows including one of those bake-off series.

    Eventually, I got “on top of” the tinnitus. My spirits began to lift.

    I felt like I’d gained 20-30 lbs, but I took a hard look at the data. I’m barely out of my maintenance range. My brain likes to mess with me sometimes BUT I’m on to it’s tricks.

    Perhaps, your brain is doing the same to you right now. Remember your WHY…remember …really remember you felt when you began dieting. I was fatigued, uncomfortable, disappointed in myself, pretending “head in sand” that I didn’t know the negative impact of my eating habits. I was in a statin & a blood pressure med. and sometimes heartburn.

    No way I want that again. You CAN rise above this, and each time you do you insure your longterm success EVEN MORE.

    I’m here for you.
    PS We didn’t do Halloween. COVID, hardly anyone comes by, didn’t want to derail my newly regained mini-successes.

    Throw that stuff put stat - I wish I had last Halloween. It’s a Quad Threat that I cannot control, so out it goes, or this year “never let it in.”

    U shld be a motivational speaker! Love it and I'm sure just wat @biketheworld needed to hear right now along with many others! Glad to hear ur getting over ur rough patch! Xo
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    1st Nov 2021
    *40 min walk carrying bub and 40 min weights.
    * Calories exactly spot on.
    * Tracked every BLT including the 1 bean I tasted while cooking. Lol!!