Diabetic type 2 Help me please 👀

Hi I just got diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and I’m so lost on what to eat I’ve been living off of Mac and cheese fried chicken and breadsticks forever I love candy and I love breads and pastas I really would love to get some good ideas of what I should be eating and portions sizes so that I can get my life back on track and beat this. Also looking for snacks and things I can buy that would be good for me eat🙏🏽 Thanks for your time🥰


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    Hi. I'm starting my Type2 diabetic journey as well. I was diagnosed a while ago, but have been ignoring it. I suffer from M.E, arthritis and asthma and at 4ft 11ins weigh 12 stones, so I need to lose about 4 stones. It would be really nice if we could keep each other company on this journey. One thing that I wasn't aware of - I'm a real chocoholic and crave chocolate and sweet things, especially when I'm feeling exhausted. Thinking I was being good, I tried eating grapes instead of chocolate, and lots of fruit instead of snacking on biscuits and cake, but apparently, fruit is high in sugar and should only be eaten in small quantities. Your 5 a day should ideally be 3 portions of veg and 2 of fruit - mine was all fruit! I've been exploring the following website: Healthy Living for people with type 2 diabetes https://app.changinghealth.com/articles/2019
    It seems really good and explains a lot, not just about what diabetes is and how it affects your body, but advice on nutrition and exercise as well. The link will take you to the part that I'm reading (you'll see I haven't got very far, but like you, I'm new to finding out what it's all really about and what changes I need to make) so I came across this website and thought it was worth investigating. Anyway, I hope it helps. Good luck with your journey.
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    Okay, instead of pasta have you tried zoodles aka Zucchini noodles ? They are amazing! Especially if you make like a light roux, or butter, or sprinkle some Parmesan on top.
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    I am type 2 diabetic and I eat keto ... If you like mac & cheese try it using cauliflower...zoodles with Pesto or alfredo ( I make my own) ..If you have an air fryer you can have a side of shrimp or chicken tenders with it using an almond flour, garlic powder , salt & pepper, parmesan cheese and using 1 egg
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    I'm also type 2. I've found that I can't live on keto or extreme low carb easily with my lifestyle (as it would greatly affect cooking/shopping for my child & husband too). But I have learned that swaps or bulking other items when I'm eating carbs is a great help. Things like added veggies to my spaghetti (half spaghetti to half zoodles or half steamed cut green beans to half elbow macaroni). Also, I buy the Joseph's flax, oat & bran pita & lavash to use for wraps, gyros, flatbread pizza, etc.

    I use my Ninja Foodie (air fryer & pressure cooker) constantly. I even started a blog to document some of my recipes and to help keep me accountable. If I don't post every 2 weeks or so I have people that call and ask about new recipes so that accountability factor stays in place.
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    Choboni zero sugar is delicious! I am pre diabetic. I add fruit. Almonds raw oatmeal
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    PamperedLinny, would you share your blog address? Thx!
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    I am Type 2 and boy do I need recipes.
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    PamperedLinny, would you share your blog address? Thx!

    Absolutely! You can find it at https://pamperedlinny.wixsite.com/coffee-required
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    I have found this site to be very helpful. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/healthy-low-carb-meals. Lots of good info in that site. You can also find a PDF of the Atkins carb counter chart on line. This system would not allow me to attach the PDF.
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    Search type 2 diabetes on pinterest. Endless recipes there.
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    You can make cookies with Stevia and almond flour. Try GF Gluten Free Products. Check your fave stores & Amazon. You HAVE to cook, but I’d bet a low carb high fat diet would work for ya. Also up your Magnesium & Potassium intake, talk to your Dr about supplements & amounts. Hydrate, more water! Also…Google pasta and bread alternatives. Corn is your friend. Refined flour and sugar the enemy (for all of us) corn taco shells, corn tortillas, 100% corn chips not flour. Polenta!! Read labels now…for me? Changing my mind and seeing this as self-care, just like a bath or a foot soak or aromatherapy in your home? Same! It’s all to take down inflammation and heal you 💚 much love & good luck on your healing journey