February 5



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    ✔︎ 20+ mins exercise (25 min brisk walk, 5 mins squats)
    ✘ Within calorie budget (had a planned indulgence "date night" and enjoyed every moment! still within overall deficit with exercise calories but over CI target so this needs to be a pass day)
    ✔︎ Log everything

    Consistency Tracking (🔥=3 ✔︎'s, 🏴‍☠️=pass): 🔥-🔥-🔥-🔥-🏴‍☠️-
    Passes used = 1 / 3

    Other habits I’m tracking this month:
    ✔︎ ✘ Morning meditation📿-📿-📿-✘-📿- (I feel so different with that morning meditation in place; such a transformative practice I'm grateful for incorporating into my morning routine)
    ✔︎ ✘ Drink >64oz water💧-💧-💧-💧-✘-
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    3 Yesses
    Exercise - 4 mile run ☁️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
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    ✅ Exercise - 1 hour of Jazzercise and a 50 minute walk around the neighborhood
    ✅ Calories -
    ✅ Tracking -
    Closed all my Apple watch rings today
    0 Pass days used

    Documenting consistency (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)
    UAC: 1-2-3-4-5

    What are your goals?
    My goals are to establish life-long habits that lead to good health and wellness. I worry that slip-ups will lead to breaking those habits.

    How are you working to achieve those goals and how important is exercise to that mix?
    Focusing on all the things we've been talking about the last few days: tracking, understanding my calorie/macro requirements and exercise. The biggest thing I'm working on is consistency. This last month has been very good, but I've been in a very controlled environment. No travel, no social events, no take-out or eating out. Tomorrow will be my first social engagement this year, dinner out with some long-time friends. I'm hoping that I keep the focus on not mindlessly nibbling and drinking.
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    rashel1 wrote: »
    I just need to remember that this one day does not undo all the progress I am having towards eating right and exercising.

    Totally agree! Good mindset. It's consistency and not perfection that will get you there. Hope you feel better soon!
  • Winner_in_Life
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    Posting late. It was a pass day. I will try not to have the 2nd in row. Will do my scheduled HIIT right away. Pass days 1/3
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Track: yes
    Calories: no
    Exercise: yes
    • Treadmill: 1.03 mi / 20mins

    Pass Days: 2/3

    I'm sorry to say that today was a pass day. We went out for breakfast and did a bunch of errands ending the night at a birthday party for a friend. I was pretty happy that our host roasted a bunch of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts ... they were delicious) but it wasn't enough to stay within my calorie limits.
  • Feb 5
    Exercise: Feeling better, I was able to do so much more than I have been doing! I was outside for probably 3 hours in the cold yesterday. Some of it was just standing around, but I was walking for at least 20 of it for sure.
    Tracking: Planned the day
    Calories: Followed the plan - under!

    My exercise practice is not about weight loss at all. It's really very minimal. But I do a 15 minute MommaStrong video most days. That program is focused on helping you recover from pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting young children, which all kind of destroy your body. From that program I gained the ability to go up and down stairs without feeling like I'm going to fall, slip on ice without falling, my posture is much better - basic daily living stuff is easier.

    And I walk at least 20 minutes a day. That's even more crucial now that I work from home, though I actually would take a midday walk when I was in the office too. I think of it as my mandated outdoor time. Courts have ruled that even prisoners in solitary confinement should get some minimal outdoor time. I really start to lose my mind if I don't get it, especially working from home.

    It's tied to weight loss only because I do count the calories into my daily budget - it's 150 calories so not major but when I am trying to eat 1200 that 150 makes a difference.

    I do find the weight loss makes the exercise easier and more enjoyable.
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? yes
    1 pass day used.
    Thank you all for posting your unique stories and approaches. The biggest lesson I see is that we are all working towards a goal. Even if it is hanging on by our nails or just posting here briefly.
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    ~💖~ 2 / 5 /2022~~ Waving Hi ~~ 🙋🏼 ~~ BLESSings Everyone ~💖~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes .................................... ✅ ... 210+ min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... ✅ ... I am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... ✅ .... I did

    STEPS......... 27,830+.......... 180 = walking ......... 30 cleaning

    Documenting My CONSISTANCY = For personal ACCOUNTABILITY & Celebration
    (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)


    💖 Wishing EVERYONE all the BEST & Much Success 🏆 We Got This 🏆
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    Feb 5th
    ✅ Exercise: 90 minute snowshoe. Absolutely beautiful 16 degree day with crystal blue skies, bright sun, sparkling ice on trees, and fresh powder. Delightful
    ✅ Calories: on target
    ✅ Tracked
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 👍🏻
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? 👍🏻
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? 👍🏻

    Used 0
    3 passes remain

    February goals
    1 Miracle Morning ~ S.A.V.E.R.S
    2 Wake up EARLY for meditation
    3 Yoga (5/6 times weekly)
    4. Minimum sweets (work them in my calorie goal)
    5. 30 day squat challenge
    6. No late night snacking
    7. Daily journal logging
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? yes

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? yes
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    Elbee1 wrote: »
    Don't give up on me, yet!

    We don't give up on anyone! You have such a lot on your plate right now. Exercise is very good for stress and can help you to relax. Walking outdoors is known to help mental health. I found it really helpful. If you're in the Nothern hemisphere you might not see much sun but every little helps.