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  • CasandraW
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW 232.4
    CW 234.4

    I need to make the right choices. I’ve been stuck in the low 230’s for far to long. I can do this

    @izzyred9400 I love dance fitness classes too. I used to go to Zumba at my local YMCA. Now I use Just Dance on the switch instead
  • jessicakrall8
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    Beka3695 wrote: »
    PW: 187.0
    cW: 167.0

    This was a hard earned pound! I floated between 187.2 and 187.4 all week. Thank goodness for my Saturday surprise

    @Beka3695 I think you've got a typo in there somewhere, but I bet you'd love a 20 lb drop in one week. I know I would! Please let me know the correct number.
  • jessicakrall8
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    mojo48212 wrote: »
    SW 200.8
    PW 200.6
    CW 199.2

    Had struggles this week with my respiratory issue. Really wishing they could figure it out. I’m tired of feeling like this.

    @mojo48212 So sorry you're not feeling well...respiratory issues are hard because if you can't catch your breath, it really wears you down and tires you out quickly...hope the infection clears up fast and you feel better soon!! Not much comfort I'm sure, but congrats on dropping into Onderland!!

    @cre804 I too have issues with PF...just hate it. Mine came about ten years ago after stepping on the exposed root of a tree too hard in my yard. Left foot only...boy it's a pain (literally)...nearly got rid of it by wear Birkenstocks 100% of the time, but the heel pain is the worst of it for I wear only Vionics and they have great padding as well as wonderful arch support. If you haven't tried them, look into's made a world of difference for me...I wear Vionics flip flops around the house and Vionics walking shoes/sneakers as well. Hope it gets better soon for you!!

  • jessicakrall8
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    The Week 4 Group Challenge for March is open and will begin tomorrow, Sunday, March 20th! Hope you'll join us for Challenge Bingo!

    Here's the link:
  • jessicakrall8
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    OMG it is simply a perfect day in Virginia...nice breeze, 80 degrees, mostly sunny, with just a few clouds and I can't help myself, I've walked twice today and taken two drives just enjoying the beauty. I'm home now...ran all the errands I need to do and a few that I just wanted to in order to stay outside, but I know I need to conserve my gas, so I'm in for the day now. That's not to say I won't look for excuses to go outside. LOL I'm such a kid, but I've REALLY looked forward to this warm up. I've walked nearly 2 intentional miles today...only 10 more to reach my goal for the month and it's only the 19th. I'm over 8k steps today as well. Hope to hit 10k before bed.

    Got next week's challenge up which starts tomorrow...this one covers a little of everything from nutrition, fitness, self-care, wellness, water intake...etc...last week was very exercise driven so thought it would be nice to even things out. I try to include everyone's situation if I can...and we all need those things I just mentioned. Link is above...if you haven't done one of the group challenges in a while or at all, I encourage you to join it...I sure enjoy them...this one has a prize that's possible too...those are fun!

    OK, enough coaxing! LOL!!

    What's everyone up to today? What's going on in your neck of the woods?! Send me pet picks...some outdoor's up to you to keep me entertained so I won't go walking again! LOL

    @izzyred9400 @Chalmation @Be_theBest_Me @mulecanter @Pupowl ...where's my crew?!! Report in...

    Talk to ya soon!
    Jessica :smile:
  • jessicakrall8
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    Missing the following weigh-ins for Week 3 (incl today).
    @TheMrWobbly (Sun)
    @kerdil08 (Sun)
    @ewilhelm2487 (Mon)
    @ac204 (Fri)
    @Yukie_OP (Sat)

    Please report in today as stats begin early in the morning. Thanks!
  • jessicakrall8
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  • Pupowl
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    Tinus has also been stealing my puzzle table recently. I put his bed on there when I was cleaning and now he uses it every day. So I don't have the heart to move it. :smiley:

  • jessicakrall8
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    @pupowl Your flowers are indeed beautiful...must be nice to have a green thumb...certainly not one of my the pics. Ahhh the things we sacrifice for our fur babies...Tinus is enjoying the heck out of that little bed on it's perch...and who can blame him...what a view! That's what I call Kitty TV! Birds, squirrels and anything that moves...his way of guarding your home...I love wondering what they're thinking...I can only imagine! BTW, I LOVE your puzzle's just perfect for that...

    I'm relaxing pretty much today...wanted to read some more on my book, but my Nook needs to charge, so I have to wait at least a couple of hours. Thought I'd pop on here, see what everyone is up to and check in last week's challenge and the one starting today. Gotta close out the old one. Then, I'll fix something to eat and watch this week's episode of season 6 of Outlander.

    Hope everyone has an amazing Sunday...ttyl
  • wtbarunner
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    March 18 6000
    March 19 7270
  • Be_theBest_Me
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    Alright y'all been a gooood week!! 195.4 today!!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Happy First Day of Spring!!!
  • frankwbrown
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    Step goal: 10,000 daily
    Fri 3/18: 11,231
    Sat 3/19: 10,247
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    Not our best week as a whole, but there were still some great losses this past week, and an overall gain sets us up to get an even better loss next week!

    Take a look at last week's results in the links below:

    Here's a sneak peek into how your team did...

  • jessicakrall8
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    CONGRATS to all of the top losers this week! Keep on, keepin on!
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