Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - APRIL 2022



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    Weigh In Day: SATURDAY
    PW (Previous Weight): 161.6
    CW (Current Weight): 162.2
  • Cornanda
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    @laurelfit57 - Yes! I don't like cleaning and while I do the basics on a regular basis, I'm not sure how long I would let those "under the couch" areas be dusty if I didn't have the push. I've tried for years to make a cleaning schedule, but I don't stick to it. I do feel very proud of my clean, shiny house and yard. Love, love LOVE the glow paint ride! You and your daughter are so cute!

    Mostly got my To Do list done yesterday. Now I have another one to work on today. Husband took me out for a nice dinner last night. Enjoyed it! Happy Saturday!

  • tammymccrady6278
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    Weigh in day Saturday

    Sorry I missed last week but was really sick. I hope I’m still able to be part of the weigh in challenge.
  • bgame4
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    Username: bgame4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 134 lbs
    CW: 137 lbs

    This is the result of stress and a series of unhealthy choices on my part. I take full responsibility and will do better next week. I started reading Never Binge Again and hope to use that information to make better choices in the future.

    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!
  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW1020 Hahaha that a girl! Yes, it's been a stressful week for me, but it will all work out. Yes, lost a lot of food. :( We are going to a comedy event tonight with my SIL so that should be fun, unless one of the comedians decides to make fun of me, that won't be fun lol. I'm sorry Joe didn't get the catheter out. Your poor Joe! :( I'm sure he's not happy. I hope YOU can relax this weekend, you deserve it!

    @Cornanda Thank you! I couldn't fit in a walk yesterday but I will this morning. I'm like that when people come over, too, it's kind of a nice push. I'm glad you got done with your to-do list and got out for dinner. I hope you enjoy Easter.

    @micaroo4 Way to stay steady!

    @holly2e Congrats on the loss!

    @laurelfit57 Yeah, I think I would enjoy exercise a lot more if I didn't work. What a fun spin class! Cute pictures! You look like you are in your element!

    @Tammymccrady6278 I'm sorry you've been sick, I hope you are better now. I think you are fine but I'll let the officials chime in.

    Hi all. Our new refrigerator arrives today, I'm so happy about that! After that, we are going to a comedy event at a dinner club. We will probably have appetizers and drinks. I'm going to go for a walk shortly.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Weigh in day: Saturday
    Starting Weight 258.5
    CW:252 B)
  • TeresaW1020
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    @Cornanda Like you my house always gets the best cleaning as when people are coming and might look into areas that aren’t usually exposed to eyes that aren’t mine. :grin:

    @laurelfit57 Thank you for your kind and supportive words. <3 What a fun thing to do with your daughter! I love the glow paint! :grin:

    @bgame4 I know how frustrating it is when we turn to food when we are stressed. Be kind to yourself and make a plan on what you will do to change things this week. I’m glad you are reading the book! I am getting so much out of it. :)

    @trooworld I hope the comedy club is a ton of fun. I did that once and really enjoyed it. The comedian made fun of the people at our table, which was both hilarious and very embarrassing. :D

    Hi Team! Today has been a good day. I had a good workout this morning and then Joe and I ran up to the church to make sure everything is set for Easter service and then to the grocery store. Joe was tired but we went slow, and he was happy to get out for a while. I ordered the Never Binge Again workbook called I Love My Workbook. :grin: I’m really hopeful that it will give me some good insights into how to change my unwanted behavior. I’m also fearful that it will just be another thing that I get excited about and then it fizzles out and I won’t be any different. But I also know that my Pig would love nothing better than for me to think like a failure so I’m really working on NOT doing that. My new #1 Rule is: I will NEVER AGAIN eat sugar/refined carbs when I am alone. I also made a #2 rule that says, I will ALWAYS give 100% effort to my workouts. Now, let’s make it happen! :)
  • FushiaKat
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    Just a quick note about the no salt lemon pepper spice, I too have tried some before and hated it. I found that at Sam's club. I don't like Mrs. Dash seasonings. But I do like Kingsford No Salt Original Seasoning, and the no salt spice blends from Costco and Sam's club. But sometimes I'm not in the mood for all those herbs. It tastes more like salt than any other no salt spice blend I've tried. I will be buying more.
  • jessicakrall8
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    The Week 3 Group Challenge has been posted and starts tomorrow, Sunday, Apr 17th. Hope to see you there!

    Here's your link:


  • laurelfit57
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    @Cornanda I am exactly the same cleaning, I even tried using an app to help me get organized and on the schedule, to no avail. Cleaning is not my forte! But… When company is coming to stay, that is a great motivator for me :-) :-). Sounds like you are getting everything checked off those to do lists, great job! How lovely that your husband took you out to dinner❤️

    @tammymccrady6278 sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, hopefully you are on the road to recovery!

    @trooworld I don’t know why, but I find new appliances terribly exciting! I am so happy for you :-) :-). Sounds like you have a super fun night lined up, enjoy!

    @TeresaW1020 sounds like you have had a busy day. I think that we have to just keep trying things until we find what works for us. Over the years I have tried what seems like 1 million things, I think I FINALLY have my recipe that works for me:-). I love your rules!!

    Well it was a super busy day, I have everything cooked for tomorrow’s dinner and the dining room table is set up already for the food to be put out. Can I just say how challenging it was to not be tasting as I usually do when I cook! There were certain points where I did have to do some tasting but I tried to keep it to a very minimum and maybe half a teaspoon. It is very helpful that tomorrow is weigh in day🤣. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is cook the ham and perogies, everything else just needs to be heated. I am now going to pass out lol
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    PW: 223
    CW: 223
  • Katmary71
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    @micaroo4 Birthday brunch sounds wonderful, yum!I hope one of these guys who ride bikes can help you.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm sorry Joe is stuck with the catheter for now. I hope they can give him something to help and the catheter is a temporary thing. The scope isn't too bad for women compared to other things I've had done but I'm sure it's not as easy for men since their urethra is longer. I think those are doable goals as far as Never Binge Again. My SIL one time said to take what works for you from things and leave what doesn't. For some reason it was real eye-opening to me because I throw myself into everything 100% and if it doesn't work I'm done, it's been something I've been trying to change about myself.

    @Cornanda I joke I need someone to say they're visiting and cancel right before like once a month so I get the house clean, it definitely helps!

    @askewcr Sounds like you got a lot done, you go get it too my friend!

    @laurelfit57 What a fun spin class, that's awesome! I love that you and your daughter did it together, you both look so beautiful and healthy. I bet you call that instructor Vannie on accident one of these days! Sounds like you picked a smart weigh-in day! I used to weigh on Sundays to keep myself in check over weekends too. Have fun tomorrow!

    @tammymccrady6278 I hope you're feeling better soon.

    @bgame4 I hope you enjoy the book, I need to go put a hold on it with my library so we can all talk about it!

    @trooworld Have fun at the comedy event, I hope he doesn't mess with you! You're getting your fridge fast, that's awesome! Hope you have a blast tonight!

    Hi everyone, happy Easter! I'll be gone tomorrow and probably won't check in tomorrow night. I'm going to my parents with my brother's family and still not feeling too hot so will probably be worn out. The puppy is coming so it should be interesting. My brother said they have Kona coffee and macadamia nuts, I really hope it's not chocolate covered ones or I'm going to be in trouble. Been taking it easy but a friend in the local CRPS group posted a thing about flare-ups and since the weather is wonky and I did too much last weekend I totally get my problem, just am not coming out of it very fast. I've been playing with making an appointment for steroids but would rather come out of it naturally. Have a great one!
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    Username amioc
    weigh in day: Friday
    Starting weight 147 (28/01/2022)
    All time heaviest 148 (24/01/2022)
    PW: 146.5
    CW: 144.0. 😁
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 140.6
    CW. 138.8

  • trooworld
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    @askewcr @amioc Congrats on the losses! Yeah!

    @TeresaW1020 It was a lot of fun. I haven't laughed so much in a long time and desperately needed it. Luckily, nobody could see us as we were in a dark part of the restaurant/nightclub in the back. :D I hope the workbook helps. I do the same thing (get excited about something and fizzle out). I hope you can get something out of it. Those are great rules.

    @laurelfit57 I do, too. I really enjoyed putting stuff in a sparkling clean fridge. Now, the problem is that there are no handles on the door and my husband can't seem to not put handprints on it. :( I did have a fun night. I had perogies last night when we got back, I love them! Enjoy your feast! A great loss, are you close to your goal now?

    @Katmary71 Happy Easter! I did have a great time. Nobody messed with me (thankfully). Yes, I was worried about the supply since we had to look at a couple of stores to get one but ultimately it worked out. I love chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and coffee. I hope you enjoy your time with your family.

    Hi all. Happy Easter. I got the fridge loaded with what we saved and I'm going shortly for groceries. The comedy event was fun, we didn't end up eating anything there and only had one drink, not by choice but due to poor service. But maybe they did me a favor, right?

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • laurelfit57
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    Just a quick check in, waiting in line for spin class:). I am so excited to finally be in the 130s!!!! This week my goal is to just stay the same. Between Easter dinner and a couple of late nights this week I think it’s a good goal:)
    3.8 lbs to go😊
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    Just a quick check in, waiting in line for spin class:). I am so excited to finally be in the 130s!!!! This week my goal is to just stay the same. Between Easter dinner and a couple of late nights this week I think it’s a good goal:)
    3.8 lbs to go😊

    It must be such a great feeling!?! I can’t wait to get into the 130s!! At the moment I’m 144.0 so not far to go but I keep losing and gaining the same few lbs 😕. I really need to just stay on track!!
  • Cornanda
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    @TeresaW1020 - I hope you had a nice Easter. I hope the scope goes well and Joe gets the cath out this week. What is the workbook like?

    @laurelfit57 - I hope you enjoyed eating your Easter dinner after all that cooking. How great to be so close to your goal and see that 3 in your number! Go You!

    @Katmary- I'm coming to visit, so get to work! (but wait until your flare settles down. I'm hoping that will be soon)

    @trooworld - Glad you got your fridge and some laughter this weekend. Both were much needed.

    Not much new here..... Easter was quiet- the kids were not here. Made a ham. Still working on my To Do list. Liking my progress. Now I have to make progress with my health this week also!

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