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    I'm hoping this gain is due to tom. I feel so bloated this week and haven't felt good all week. I barely have any steps this week either. I did get out for a walk today which I felt tired doing. I have a grad party to head out to in a bit which I do not plan on overindulging in. Hoping next week will be a better week.
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    Good afternoon WNM! Welcome to all the new ladies & gents!
    I'm Melanie and I'm from Kansas. I’m the other team Co-captain. Truly, Ashley does most of the heavy lifting.
    My (short version) story
    I was always was skinny (no, not thin, skinny, all knees and elbows). At 18, I weighed between 110 and 120 at 5"6'. Maybe. I got happy. Then I got fat. I found myself weighing in about 230 and my size sixteens were too small. I bought a couple pairs of 18 pants from the thrift store and joined MFP.
    I lost ~70 pounds in about a year and was pretty pleased. But I wanted another 20 off...and it didn't move. And things got a bit crazy with my husband's family (we won’t talk about that—it always leads to crazy-pants ranting)...so I decided to maintain for a bit. Instead of maintaining, I gained back most of the weight. So...now I'm here and working on losing 60 pounds (40 of the 50 I 'found' and the 20 I never lost).
    My special snowflake challenges
    I'm fairly significantly asthmatic (on meds all the time), have terrible allergies and connective tissue issues (not enough collagen, too stretchy, lots of joint slippage). The past five and a half months have been difficult for me because of the slippy joints—one of my shoulders slipped, refused to relocate and…well. I finished official PT in February but I'm still doing PT exercises to the tune of about 30 minutes most days.
    August 2020, I acquired some vertigo problems (or, maybe they just got worse). After adding some meds, adjusting my diet a bit, and stopping coffee (so sad), I’ve got it mostly under control, with only intermittent episodes. Needless to say, if I'm dizzy, I'm not walking or doing anything else.
    The point behind saying this is not woe-is-me, it is that a lot of exercise people promote is bad (anything high impact), and sometimes dangerous, for me. Sometimes people get down on themselves because they don't do the stuff everyone talks about HIIT, Insanity, stair steppers, etc. I not only don't do those things, I shouldn't. But I should exercise.
    Outside of PT, I’m not exercising much. I do get about 30 minutes of walking at least during the week because I have to walk to and from my car for work and all around the building to get to anyone I need to see or the ladies’. I try to get a walk in otherwise but frequently fail. Weekends are a mixed bag.
    My 2022 Goals
    • I want to be in better shape, regardless of weight (PT has shown me how out of shape I've gotten).
    • I have a closet full of size 10's that I want to wear.
    • Back to Wedding Weight (165) before the end of the year. Maybe lower...
    Daily goals:
    • Walk at least 30 minutes a day.
    • Consistently do all my PT exercises and the extra hip flexors and core exercises I've added.
    • 80 oz of water or non-alcoholic liquid a day, mostly water.
    • Cut down on sugar and junk food
    I want to congratulate all our losers for May (I can't believe it is June already! Small losses add up. Don’t get discouraged if you ‘only’ lose half a pound or pound. I am super proud of all of you! 😊 And several of you have maintained, which is terrific, too. Not seeing losses or not seeing the losses you want can be disheartening. Don’t give up! Think of all the things you have accomplished…you can do anything you put your mind to!
    Welcome to the team newbies! I’ve sent friend requests to all of you (many have already added). Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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    PW: 220
    CW: 222

    Well, that's the wrong direction. I think some of it is water (I drank about 2 liters of water before I weighed).
  • BodyTalking
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    29/05 6394
    30/05 6210
    31/05 6825
    01/06 6532
    02/06 18057
    03/06 8510
    04/06 11208
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    Our new and unique Group Challenge begins tomorrow, Sun June 5th. Get creative and join us for 1, 2, 3 Click. Here's your link:


    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica :blush:
  • browan19
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    PW: 213.4
    CW: 213

    Steps for the week:
    Monday- 11,019
    Tuesday- 11,238
    Wednesday- 11,258
    Thursday- 11,536
    Friday- 10,435
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    edited June 2022

    Hoping you find your way to the chat thread here! This is where you post your weights, etc. and join in the team activities.
  • dianabn70
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    Sunday weigh in
    PW 203.9
    CW 202.4
  • CassieGetsFit2013
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    Username: CassieGetsFit2013
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW (Previous Weight): 234
    CW (Current Weight): 232.2
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    ok I suck, but can I rejoin the team? @minstrelofsarcasm
  • 9Harvey
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    May Week 6
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    Previous Weight: May 29th - 236.2
    Current Weight: June 05th - 236.4
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    ok I suck, but can I rejoin the team? @minstrelofsarcasm

    @thenextloser135 -

    Absolutely. All I need is your starting weight and what day you'd like to weigh in, and you'll be all set! Happy to have you back, even if you "suck" :wink:
  • pizzafruit
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    User Name: Pizzafruit
    Weight-In Day: Sunday (I didn't get back here to post.)
    Previous Weight: May 29th - 282.4
    Current Weight: June 05th - 284.1
  • EDTake2
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    User name: EDTake2
    Weigh In Day: Monday’s

    PW (Previous Weight): 186.6lb
    CW (Current Weight): 183.6lb

    Goal for June low 180 (maybe enter the 170s 🤞)

    I started going to the Y. Using the elliptical and getting some running/jogging in. I guess that worked. Trying to create a lasting exercise system that I can easy incorporate in my life and make it a habit.

  • jugar
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    vmccants28 wrote: »
    CW.. 246

    This weigh-in went astray! Hopefully @vmccants28 will get back here with no problems :smiley:
  • MotylekOkruchy
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    Sunday: 25712
    Monday: 20750
    Tuesday: 14138
    Wednesday: 14520
    Thursday: 11338
    Friday: 14128
    Saturday: 4432

    TOTAL: 105,018
  • shnkrnrynn
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    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 222
    CW (Current Weight): 221

    Steps May 30- June 5
    May 30 - 9697
    May 31 - 9615
    June 1 - 9458
    June 2 - 8629
    June 3 - 8233
    June 4 - 4803
    June 5 - 12544

    Total Kms ran last week - 27.40 km

    Going forward I will also be posting the graph to document my Yo-Yos.

    That jump from 100 to 100.5 kg was because of poor food choices (who can say no to that Costco Cheese Pizza slice :D )

    I am very glad, I will breach the 2 digit weight in KG soon
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    edited June 2022
    Weigh in Sunday
    Starting weight 243
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