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    @happysquidmuffin Great step count! Your husband bakes bread? You are lucky and blessed! Let us know about the lotion how you end up liking it.

    @FushiaKat Wow, that's crazy that the electric jar opener is so much! You will get to your goal! Enjoy the new recipe.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 A sleepover sounds fun. What do you have planned for the sleepover? Anything besides the card making? That's great you have a craft room now. I have always wanted my own craft room. I know what you mean about no motivation after you get home. That's why I try to do meal prep on Sunday afternoons.

    @Jactop Congrats on the loss! That's great that you met with the personal trainer and a good idea to take before pics.

    @shaunarlr83 Congrats on the loss! It sounds like you got a lot of steps in, woo hoo!

    @Katmary71 Thank you! Good luck at the salsa competition! Let us know how it goes!

    @shaunarlr83 Yay for putting yourself first! You guys and your movie quotes. I don't know!!! I probably have seen these movies but don't remember the quotes.

    @cybernurse251 Nice loss, way to go!

    Hi all. I had a pretty good day yesterday. No cafe trips at work, drank enough water, pretracked my meals. I hope to do the same today.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 - the thorns seem to hurt more and more 😂 and WHAT!? I totally want a hand made card…sending that request now!!!

    Wow look at yalls great losses rolling in!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Today I got up super early in hopes of getting into see the dentist, I’m Native American so our dental at the Indian hospital is first some first serve and I was too slow getting around, drive an hour and 20 minutes to be told they already had their quota of patients to see for the day! So I slowly shopped for the next few hours. Came home and made taco soup, my favorite and yes I can eat soup on a 100° day 😉 and filled up on veggies and ranch dip. I’m really surprised how easily I transitioned into IF. I thought the craving would be far worse. Im rarely hungry, usually making myself eat. Been talking things out with the hubs, I’ll spare y’all the personal drama from here on out, and my exercise for today was 20 minutes on the spin bike!!!

  • trooworld
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 Hahaha! That's why we don't recognize the quotes. Your sleepover sounds so fun! Lots of fun things to do. Ooh I love those kinds of balsamics! I got one that is that old from the farmer's market here and it is so delicious. Enjoy all the cooking, it sounds delicious! That is so kind for you to offer to make cards for people. I so have enjoyed the ones you sent me.

    @happysquidmuffin Congrats on the loss! You are doing awesome.

    @FushiaKat No, don't worry at all. You are right: you can't go down every week, some weeks will be like that.

    @shaunarlr83 I've received 2 cards from @vegan4lyfe2012 they are absolutely beautiful and fun to receive! That sucks about the dentist. I could eat soup on a 100F day, too lol. Great job with the exercise!

    @Cornanda Oh no! Is it the working the weekends that sucks or is it something else? Get back on that horse and do the thing, Lisa! You've got this!

    Hi all. I need to take the above advice and do the thing. I did not do well yesterday, I found out that my beloved manager is transferring departments and will no longer be my manager. That upset me and I didn't eat well yesterday. Hoping to do better today.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @shaunalr83 – That super sucks that the dentist is set up like that. My mom has Medicare/Medicaid, so it’s the same way for her if there’s something that comes up. Otherwise, she has to make her appointments months in advance. I’m right there with ya on the soup! I can eat it no matter how hot it gets! And if you ever need to dump about your husband, this is the safest place for you to do that. Dump away! Also, I didn’t get a friend request from you. This site is set up where we have to be friends before we can exchange private messages…so I’m sending you a friend request :)
    @Cornanda – Oh Lisa, my friend. I am so sorry. Maybe this new job isn’t a good fit for you? Perhaps if you have a delicious cup of tea? #teamtea (just trying to make you chuckle). Hugs! Also, I accepted your friend request, so I’ll need you to send me a private message with your address so I can send you a cheerful card.
    @trooworld – I love all the artisan balsamics and oils my local shop makes – The Olive Cart, in case anyone is interested. They do have a website and you can order online. I’m sure I’ve tried at least 40 different balsamics. Their shop is awesome – little casks of each one and you can taste test. Before discovering them, I had no idea balsamics could be so syrupy sweet and delicious! I’m so sorry about your manager. I hope you can still keep in touch. And P.S….I’ll make you another card :)
    Welp, peeps, I came home from work, held and pet Kismet for a bit and she convinced me (yes, I talk to my rabbit) that I needed to put her down and get busy making the barley salad. So, believe it or not, I did! Score 1 for motivation! But…as you have probably already guessed, I couldn’t motivate to cook any chickpeas. I’ll do that this afternoon. I figure I’m good since I still have half the barley salad for today. I’m taking Hunter for an MRI on her knee at noon. (History for context: the girl has always been a vicious soccer player. She’s torn her ACL and meniscus 3 times. After the 3rd surgery, which was 3 years ago, it would appear that her knee parts are too loose and causing her pain, but the doctor doesn’t want to do a 4th surgery. Prayers for her, please!) I think I’ll stop and buy ingredients for chickpea tacos. Having an avocado in the house will make me get my butt in gear and cook the chickpeas so the avocado isn’t wasted. They are super expensive here in Michigan – around $3 each!
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    @trooworld I'm very much looking forward to my card from her!! So sorry for the bad day. That is exactly how I handle bad days (usually) and how I managed to get to the highest weight of my life. Hugs and hoping today is better.

    @Cornanda Even the sun is hidden by clouds on occasion, doesn’t mean we can’t still feel it’s warmth. One day at a time and this storm too shall pass. One thing I’ve been trying to do and I'm trying to urge my husband to do is find something positive in everyday! The more you succeed in doing that the easier it is to look for the positive in every situation.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Thank you for finding me. No idea why it wouldn’t give me an option to add you!!! I’m very much looking forward to a sweet pick me up. As a kid my cousin in Illinois and I were penpals and always wrote to each other and we would send little cards and stickers to one another. Probably my favorite childhood memories!!!

    Today I’ll be cleaning house and trying to make a decision about what I want to do over the next 2 weeks. My sons birthday is in a week and my mom has surgery 4 days later. Im usually the only one of her 4 kids to go be with her and i usually stay with her so she doesn’t have to bother the nurses for every little thing but we’ve had a difference of opinions this time week and im keeping a distance for a little time being so it doesn’t come to an actual full blown argument. My son will be turning 18 and im know he would rather spend his day with his friends so I haven’t planned anything, I’m really really wanting to leave for a bit but not really wanting to miss these two things. I hate being torn. 🥴

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    Weigh-in day: Tuesday
    CW: 173.9 (78.9 kg)
    CW: 173.7 (78.8 kg)

    Sorry for being late with my check-in :( Work has been crazy this past week. I struggle with stress eating, so the teeny-tiny loss is no surprise. On the positive side, I added 0.6 miles / 10 minutes (speed is not my forte) to my regular running round and was quite shocked at how easy it was: I was sure that it would end with me collapsing from exhaustion or the very least, with very sore legs. But nothing of the sort - it felt like a regular run.
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 That's so exciting!!!!!!!

    Steps Check-in

    August 5th - 10043
    6th - 2377
    7th - 3498
    8th - 16556
    9th - 21369
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    Oh my goodness! Can't share this anywhere else because it's too early for the entire world to know, but my son just sent me this picture! Woot Woot! My first!

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    @shaunarlr83 So glad you're putting yourself first! The saying sounds familiar but I can't place it. Just Googled it, Fools Rush In! It's also in a Carrie Underwood song too! Taco soup sounds amazing, yum. The dental situation sounds really frustrating. I agree with @vegan4lyfe2012 you're more than welcome to dump here if you'd like. I hope the distance with your mother smooths things over. Happy birthday to your son!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Your sleepover should be a blast, hope you gals have fun! Your lentil salad sounds amazing, do you have a recipe online by any chance? Yes good balsamic goes far! I've been saving barley salad recipes, I'll have to try one soon too. I'm doing vegetarian Monday's with a friend on here and plan to get through some of my beans and legumes but don't want it to also be gassy Mondays either! Prayers for Hunter's knee, I hope something can be done to ease her pain. Chickpea tacos sound good, I had a real good recipe for them I need to find! Do you make yours from dried? They're so good that way! I have some from the Indian grocer I need to make soon. Congratulations on your future grandchild, that's wonderful news!

    @happysquidmuffin Wow that is quite a whoosh! I had times like that too, congratulations! Congratulations on hitting your monthly goal already, that's awesome!

    @FushiaKat Oh no, I've mixed up medications when my cat's yowling at me to be pet and I'm rushing before, when I first started taking half the old sleeping med and half the new one I took a full of each and that was the best sleep I'd had in months! I hope you don't do that again either.

    @Cornanda So glad you dropped in and said hi even though things are hard right now, grabbing your hand and pulling you back up on the wagon with us here! I'm sorry the job has been so rough for you.

    @trooworld Shoot I'm sorry to hear about your manager. I hope you do better today too, you got this!

    @tupundus Congratulations on upping your running, you're in better shape than you think!

    Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! I survived the salsa competition but it was a madhouse, people showed up early and we were checking them in and doing it all wrong because we were so slammed. Luckily I went home and got my walker because I definitely needed it but I managed to fall backwards off it and some men caught me before I landed. A woman who has a walker her dad refused to use saw my fall and told me she wanted to give hers to me as you can lock the brakes when it's parked which I can't with mine so I'll call her this weekend, she was really hoping I'd take her up on it and I'm touched she's willing to do that. We had way more people than expected as we'd been on the news all weekend. My salsa didn't win anything but got feedback that the herbs were great- I added a ton of cilantro which tastes like soap to me then oregano so I tossed the little amount left as I can't eat it. I put tomatillos and other stuff in it but it didn't win anything, there were a lot in the mild category. It was fun but I'm exhausted today. I went for a Blizzard with a friend afterward so my dinner as I didn't have time for it was a margarita (with Tajin which is really good!) and a small Blizzard which surprisingly is about the same calories I left for dinner. Back on track today, I'm not going out to eat any time soon so it should be easier now. Have a great Thursday!
  • trooworld
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 Wow, that sounds like a fabulous store! Thank you, yes, we will be able to stay in touch and now that she will not be my manager, we will be friends. I would love another card!!! Yay for motivation! Thanks, Kismet! Wow, avocados are expensive there! Definitely don't waste that lol. Oh my gosh! You are going to be a grandma! Congratulations!!!

    @shaunarlr83 Thanks, I appreciate that. Yeah it's not the best way to deal with things, I have to find another way. Good luck with your decision!

    @tupsundus The scale is going in the right direction, so that's good! Congrats on increasing your miles and time for running.

    @Katmary71 Thank you! OH dear, I'm glad those guys caught your fall. That's really nice that the woman wants to give you her walker that locks. That sounds like an important feature to have on a walker. That's great you got good feedback on your salsa, sorry you didn't win. It's funny how some people love cilantro and others think it tastes like soap. I'm in the love category! Tomatillos were a good idea. Tajin in a margarita sounds wonderful.

    @Divya365 Congrats on the loss! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your accident. I'm glad your inlaws were there to help. I hope you are okay now?

    Hi all. Yesterday was better in some ways but I still didn't drink enough water. Practice, not perfection, right? I hope today is better. Today is like my Friday, I'm off tomorrow. Yay!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 Congratulations grandma!! I’m so happy for you all and will lift your daughter-in-law in prayer that she has an easy pregnancy and a very healthy baby. :)

    @Cornanda I’m so sorry that work has been going so bad for you. I hope it will straighten out or you might be forced to find something new and I know that would be a pain in you know what. :/<3

    @trooworld so sorry that you are losing your manager. It’s hard when we lose a boss that we really care about. I’ve been mourning mine for weeks now. :'(

    @Katmary71 Bummer that you didn’t win for your salsa but glad you had a good time. Also glad that those men were there to catch you and how nice that the woman is going to give you a better walk to use. Blizzard and a margarita is my kind of dinner too! :grin:

    @Divya365 Yikes on that nasty burn! I had that happen once to the top of my foot when I was working at Starbucks and dumped a Venti cup of hot water on my foot. Glad you are healing. :)

    Good morning Team! Yeah, it’s been forever since I checked in and I’m sorry about that. Since my sister moved in and Joe quit hanging out in our home office most of the day, I spend way less time on my computer. I get up early and do church work but then I’m offline the rest of the day. Not an excuse not to check in but it is what it is. My diet is going OK but slow. I’m hoping for a loss tomorrow! *fingers crossed* :)
  • Divya365
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    @cybernurse251 Great Loss !!

    @trooworld sorry to hear that your manager is leaving. I would be anxious to know who the next manager would be ? Maybe you will be promoted to a manager :). I need to get back on track too I haven't logged my calorie intake for so long.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Oh lentil salad sounds delicious. Would love to receive a handmade card. Sending the request now. Ohh you have a pet rabbit !! My son wanted one, now it's shifted to dogs ;) Sorry to hear about Hunter. I will keep her in our prayers. Avacadoes are expensive for us too in Atlanta. Congratulations !! That's a wonderful news :)

    @happysquidmuffin Wow that's a great loss !!

    @FushiaKat Wow 90 pounds that's awesome !! this is just a small hiccup, you got this !!

    @shaunarlr83 Ohh I love soups, it's been a while since i made taco soup. My go to soup is usually black bean soup. Your son's 18 birthday and your mothers surgery are both important events. Urgh that's tough !!

    @Cornanda Oh it's ok. you got this Lisa !!

    @tupsundus Great loss !! Any loss is a great loss. :) I struggle with stress eating too especially when work piles up :(

  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    @happysquidmuffin – Finally a movie quote I know! I’m sure @trooworld and @Katmary71 know that one, too! Silence of the Lambs :) Nice whoosh!
    @shaunalr83 – What a fun memory! I briefly had a pen pal in France (back when I was taking French in 9th grade) and it was so cool. I wish I had continued writing to her. Regarding your mother, you have to remember that your mental health affects everyone else and if you allow her to dictate what you do, you’ll just feel resentment. You need time to recharge and refill your "bucket". It sounds like she’ll be staying in the hospital after her surgery, so maybe you could bring her a favorite restaurant meal and spend an afternoon with her? Give her some attention, but let the nurses do their job. I’m sending lots of hugs. I get it. My mom is 79 and has slight dementia. She’s able to live on her own still, but I have to do a LOT for her. I feel resentment towards my sister because she only lives an hour away, but never offers to lift a pinkie to do anything for our mother.
    @tupsundus – nice job on your run!
    @Katmary71 – I’m so glad you had some knights in shining armor to catch you! How scary! I can’t believe walkers would even be manufactured without brakes. No online recipe for the lentil salad, but it’s super easy. I subbed the fresh basil in place of the spinach, but this is my usual recipe:
    2-2-1 Lentil Salad
    Vinaigrette - Whisk everything together:
    • 2 T. Balsamic Vinegar
    • 2 T. Dijon
    • ½ T. Agave
    • ½ tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
    • fresh ground black pepper to taste
    Salad – add vinaigrette to:
    • 2 cups cooked lentils, drained
    • 1 small red onion, diced
    • 1 roma tomato, diced
    • 1 small bell pepper, diced
    • 1 cup packed spinach leaves, stems removed, chiffonade cut
    My chickpea tacos are from a Hello Fresh kit I got a couple years ago. Loved it so much, I kept the recipe in my rotation. And yes, I do make my chickpeas from dried…in my Instant Pot and they are so much better than canned! Here’s the link: https://www.hellofresh.com/recipes/crispy-chickpea-tacos-5b7dab0a30006c452d358326
    @Divya365 – How horrible and painful! Thankful your baby wasn’t there when it happened. Hope it heals up with minimal scarring.
    @TeresaW1020 – Thank you for the prayers. I hope Joe is doing good and you and your sister are getting along now that she’s living with you. My sister and I would be at each other’s throats after about 3 hours!
    Man, you guys! I stopped and bought a beautiful avocado along with a bell pepper to make my chickpea tacos…then realized I forgot the freaking tortillas!!! Doing my mom’s grocery shopping today after work (before Hunter comes over) so I’ll make sure I pick some up. I also need to grab ingredients for the potato quesadillas she and I will have tomorrow. The chickpeas will get pressure-cooked tomorrow since it’s pizza and movies tonight. I’ve been spoiled by a local pizza joint that always has plant-based mozz and sausage. The owner is awesome and he knows me by name. Always makes me smile. Anyway, keeping breakfast and lunch low calories so I can enjoy two fat slices tonight. It’s all about balance! Gonna go quietly listen to some old-school Faith No More while I do work. Stay hydrated, my friends!
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