Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - AUGUST 2022



  • Cornanda
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    @trooworld- did you get back to doing the things?! Hope you get a great new manager and I'm glad you will stay friends with this one.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 - congrats! How exciting! Very happy for you. #teamtea made me smile. I know you will have lots of fun with Hunter.

    @shaunarlr83 - You are so right!! There's plenty of positives and I have to focus on those- I love my manager and coworkers. My husband makes me breakfast now.... and more! I know you will figure out a plan that works for you with your upcoming events.

    @tupsundus - good for you increasing your run!

    @Katmary71 Thanks for the hand back up on the wagon, my friend! I'm glad that nice person offered you a better walker. With all the good you pump out into the world, you deserve some back.

    @Divya365 - Oh no! I hope that burn heals right up and I'm glad you have help while it does.

    @TeresaW1020 - Glad things are going OK, and don't stay away too long or I will miss you.

    I'm not ready to abandon this job just yet. There's a big messy project that launched 2 weeks ago and that is the source of all the trouble. I believe it will gradually get better. If not, I will do what needs to be done!


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    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Thursday
    PW: 138.6
    CW: 138.4
  • Katmary71
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    @Divya365 Welcome back. Wow that spill sounds terrible, are you healed up now? I know 2nd degree burns hurt, it must've been hard to stay away from your daughter. Glad the in-laws were there to help.

    @trooworld Sounds like you're doing well despite not enough water, do you keep a water bottle with you? I started drinking a lot more when my blood sugar was high (was dying of thirst) and ever since keep water with me all the time, I make Raspberry Zinger tea with ginger (my current favorite but switch it up often) instead of plain water as I'm more likely to drink it if it tastes good. Adding mint and/or citrus helps too.

    @TeresaW1020 How is TOPS going? I'm glad your diet is going well, good luck on the loss!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Thank you for the recipes, I think I have everything for both so I'll try them soon! LOL, I hate when I forget something obvious like tortillas, too funny, glad you'll be able to get them in time. Have a great time, and Faith No More is always fun, time for some Epic music listening! :)

    @Cornanda I hope things get better at work, you said it was launching so right now everything must be really slammed right? I hope things calm down soon for you.

    Hi everyone! Worked out this morning then had my oral surgery touch-up, he did a little more than planned so I'm needing Tylenol but should be good in a couple days. Hopefully it won't reattach this time! I'm reading an interesting book about a plus size blogger who goes on a show like The Bachelorette and read about 200 pages of it after my appointment, I'm about to get back to it now to see what happens next. Hope you all have a great Friday! I have a mellow weekend which will be nice, so far the only thing planned is the food bank farm and getting the walker.
  • Cornanda
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    Friday weigh in
    PW: 166.6
    CW: 167.3

  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW1020 Yes! I'm sorry about yours, too. I know that was very hard for you. Skinny vibes for tomorrow!

    @Divya365 That's exactly how I am! I am hoping one of my coworkers applies for the job. At least it would be "the devil I know" instead of an unknown person. Some of my coworkers asked if I was going to apply but I said no, I don't want that kind of headache lol.

    @Vegan4lyfe2012 Thanks for the recipes! That's a shame about the tortillas. That's great you have a local pizza place to go to for vegan pizza. Enjoy your sleepover!

    @Cornanda I did. Somewhat! I am tracking and drinking more water and I worked out on Monday (?) I think? Thanks re: my manager. I'm glad you aren't throwing in the towel at your new job. Hang in there.

    @Katmary71 I do usually. But if I am working, I need to actually stop to drink water instead of powering through. I agree about the mint and citrus, I love it when I take the time to do that! Here's hoping it won't reattach again. What is the name of the book you are reading, it sounds familiar like I may have read it.

    Hi all. I'm taking a rare Friday off today to spend with my husband. We are going to get a massage today, which will be nice. And do some errands. Other than that, we will be enjoying the day.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • happysquidmuffin
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    Keep it up everyone! You are all awesome.
    Steps update:
    8/9: 12,582
    8/10: 11,856
    8/11: 11,613

    I work today, but later since it’s Friday. I got invited to do a morning jog with a friend and while my first instinct was to say no, I work that day, I chose to make it work and said yes! And I ran a mile in 10’54” - which is really good for me. Might be my recent best!
    (I am not fast…) - another movie quote.

    I am happy that I made fitness a priority even when it wasn’t convenient. I ate like crap the past two days, but I am ready to get back on track the rest of the week.
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    Weigh in day: Friday
    PW: 247
    CW: 248
  • Katmary71
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    @trooworld The book I just finished was One To Watch by Kate Stayman-Landon, it was pretty good. I probably wouldn't buy it but for borrowing it, it was perfect. Entertaining and I read it when I wasn't feeling too hot and it was easy to follow. Enjoy your day off with the hubby!

    @happysquidmuffin Way to go on running and not saying no!

    @leti126 Glad you're still here my friend, have a great weekend!

    @leonadixon I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better so far and healing is going good, that's wonderful news!

    Hi team! Did my workout this morning, leg days are always hard because that's where my worst pain is but I did fine. Feeling better from the procedure yesterday, saying it was surgery sounds too dramatic. Aside of that I finished the book I mentioned and watched TV and did some work. This weekend is pretty calm, next weekend will be busy so I'm looking forward to just going to the food bank farm and reading. Have a great Saturday!
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    Username: Trooworld
    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    PW: 230.8
    CW: 231.2
  • trooworld
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    @happysquidmuffin Congrats on increasing your speed and completing the run! :D

    @leti126 Congrats on the loss! That's great you still tracked when you got takeout, that's when it's easiest to slack off on tracking for me.

    @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the loss!

    @leonadixon Yay for feeling better! And congrats on the loss!

    @Katmary71 Yes, I read that and liked it. Entertaining. Have a great weekend!

    Hi all. I had a small gain this week (+0.4 lbs). Hopefully I'll have no trouble taking that off and then some next week. The massage was good but painful, I had a bunch of knots in my back and that was what was painful. Enjoy your Saturday!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • shaunarlr83
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    @Katmary71 oh my gosh 🥰 I love you for even putting in the effort to google it!!! 😂 I’ll have to check out the Carrie Underwood song, I didn’t know that! I’m so glad you didn’t fall completely!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 congrats lady!!! How exciting! I hope all goes well and you get to be there for many of the brightest moments!!! Also my one brother lives next door to my mom, my sister lives on the other side of her, and my little brother lived with her until 2 weeks ago and he only moved 3 miles away. I’m a 45 minute drive from them all when I’m home so ….. 😒 😂

    @Divya365 oh wow that sounds horrible. My best friend in high school really hurt herself by spilling a much too hot bowl of ramen noodles on her stomach. I still remember how awful the blister was so I can only imagine what your injury was like. My heart goes out to you!

    @leti126 Love those steps!!! I’m looking forward to celebrating a birthday for my son this week, been craving cake for a while now 😂

    @TeresaW1020 and @leonadixon great losses!!! 🥳
    My mom had her right knee replaced June 20th and will have her left knee replacement August 22nd! I’m so excited for her to be pain free soon!!!

    Thank you all for the encouragement. I’ve been a bit busy!

    Wednesday I made a last minute decision to get the heck outta there!! 😂 I drove to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport and flew to Vegas to hop in the truck with my hubs. We were only there for a few minutes before we drove to Phoenix to load the next day but after putting in all the work to detach they realized the piece of equipment we were picking up was actually in Tucson and they would close before we got there so we picked it up yesterday instead. We will be taking it to Denver and will head home before my sons birthday and I’ll stay home through my moms surgery. I figured out a way to do it all!!! 🤩

    To explain a bit bc I will probably talk about it often. My husband is an over the road heavy hauler. He drives a semi and pulls a low flat trailer and moves big construction equipment and oversized loads! His trailer comes apart in two pieces and everything he loads takes at least 4 (BIG) chains and 4 ratchet binders to secure the load. Any opportunity I get I jump out and get everything pulled out and ready while he is getting his trailer apart. I log this as a workout bc those chains and binders are heavy and it’s really quite a bit of work to chain down.

    A few years ago in my best shape ever I could pull, carry, sling, and throw those chains with little effort. After gaining weight through Covid and not going with him very much my sons senior year, I could barely pick up one chain. I’m really building my strength back up and can throw a chain across the trailer again!!! 😍 Not the most exciting thing to read about I know but now you don’t have to wonder what I’m talking about!!! 😂

    The best part is getting to hike new places and I’m holding out hope I get to hike this weekend since we aren’t too far from delivery and they won’t take it before Monday!! I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope I get to check in more frequently.
  • jessicakrall8
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    The August Week 3 Group Challenge is posted and ready to begin tomorrow, Sunday, Aug 14th. I hope you'll join us for "DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!" Here's your link:


    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica :blush:
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    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 135 lbs
    CW: 133 lbs

    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!
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    Name - bethanie0825
    Day - Friday
    PW - 234.2
    CW - 237

    The weight fluctuations kill me. It's been my TOM since Monday so hopefully I'll woosh it out. Sorry guys!
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