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  • happysquidmuffin
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    HEY Apple Watch users... I'd love someone to do competitions with! How in the heck do we find each other? I know when I tap invite a friend it pulls up a list of contacts... but I don't know exactly how my watch identifies me or others. Do we need each others phone numbers or something?
  • Jactop
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    Username: Jactop
    Weigh-in day: Monday
    PW: 194
    CW: 193.8
  • Katmary71
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    @laurelfit57 Your poor granddaughter, I hope she's doing better now. You were probably real exhausted, lack of sleep is the worst especially with tasty food in front of you and that dish sounds really good. Did you get all your canning done? That's a lot of tomatoes but you'll be happy when they're all put up!

    @Ftofit I'm glad you still had a loss, I'm sure it felt good to discover you weren't as bad as you may have thought. I think out of all the habit changes dealing with times you emotionally turn to food is one of the hardest. I hope you're feeling a little better today.

    @trooworld Beautiful hiking view!

    @happysquidmuffin Hope your family is feeling better soon!

    @TeresaW1020 I was thinking when you mentioned the potluck it would be a tough one because everyone always brings really good food. Glad you're back on track today!

    @shaunarlr83 That does sound like a fun weekend! What movie did you see?

    @FushiaKat Great loss Kat, good luck with the medical appointments tomorrow. Way to go to Sandra, that's awesome, getting under the 200lb mark is so cool as you know!

    Hi Slimpossibles! Still having a lot of rain, been in bed most of yesterday and today but we need the rain so no complaints, it's just easier on me to keep my legs as warm as possible. I did my workout this morning and did some chores and work but other than that it was pretty mellow. I finished my book and my neighbor had sent me home with a couple more yesterday, she asked me to come over and help her with something as she's recovering from surgery and sent me home with chili as well so I didn't end up cooking yesterday. Did Meatless Monday but nothing all that exciting. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Fall Challenge: I had to let the advancing weights go with my flare but am still somewhat meditating, mostly listening to Hang Drums which feel pretty similar to meditating and calm my brain down quite a bit.
  • trooworld
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    @happysquidmuffin That's a great suggestion, thank you so much! I do need to do it first thing in the morning because my problem is I tend to forget.

    @TeresaW1020 Great job with the workout. Potlucks are tough!

    @shaunarlr83 LOL! Yeah, I dig the heart. :D AllTrails is the best! You know, the trail wasn't the best, but I did get out there and move as you said, and if I had gone longer, my knee might have started hurting so I guess I'll stop complaining lol. I'm glad you got your massages! Sounds like you had a great weekend. How's your head today? I hope better. Great job closing your rings on both days! And how awesome to be gifted a riding lawn mower, that will surely make the lawn easier to deal with. Congrats on the loss!

    @FushiaKat Congrats on the loss, that's a good loss considering how close you are to goal. Sounds like a good plan to get solar. I'm glad you chimed in today. Congrats to your friend Sandra. You are surely a shining example to her.

    @Katmary71 Thank you! I hope it stops raining soon there. I love chili, it's in my top 10 things to eat! I'll have to check out Hang Drums. :)

    Hi all. I made an effort to get more steps in while at work yesterday. I took the long way around to the bathroom when I usually just go straight there. I took the long way around every time I left my department. By the afternoon, my knee had started hurting badly so I couldn't keep up my efforts. But I did end up with 6,801 steps which is good for me on a weekday. I closed 2 of the rings around the heart yesterday (steps and active time), I barely missed the last ring (activity calories). I hope to get it done today.

    FALL CHALLENGE CHECK-IN: I drank enough water and I did some deep breathing yesterday.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • Ftofit
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    @trooworld @happysquidmuffin @Katmary71 thank you for your encouraging words.i m having depression and anxiety for some years but now i m improving.Still there are times when i cant stop feeling anxious and depressed.Now I m feeling fine .I gave myself a hair spa with face pack .My mood is improved by looking at my healthy nourished hair with a little glow on my face.I think self care is one of the best method in dealing with depression.
  • Tamevv
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    Gosh things get away quickly. I’ve had a couple of exhausting days and food has taken a back seat. Exercise is still going well and I’ve logged food but been over budget the last two days - will be interesting when I get round to working out the week to see how my ticks are going. Will try to get a proper look tomorrow. Tomorrow is set to be a “regular” day so hopefully will get back on top of things.
  • happysquidmuffin
    happysquidmuffin Posts: 651 Member
    Weigh in: Tuesday
    PW: 140.5
    CW: 137 🫠😍

    9/13: 13,606
    9/14: 17,045
    9/15: 8,210
    9/16: 7,284
    9/17: 11,515
    9/18: 10,407
    9/19: 9,790

    My 3 goals thru 9/22: 🔥🔥🔥
    1. 11K+ steps/day weekly avg ✔️
    2. Close exercise ring 5 days/wk (5/5) ✔️
    3. Track water 9 cups/day ✔️

    I’m not going to be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. ☁️ I’m the Girl on Fire! 🔥🦅🏹

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hubs was able to work all day yesterday, and kiddos are going to preschool etc today. Wal-mart had zero DayQuil or equivalent last night so I’ll try again to find some today cuz we’re out.

    @Ftofit self care makes a huge difference. Good on you! My preference is an uninterrupted hour with a bath bomb or bubble bath. I think I earned one today.
  • shaunarlr83
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    @FushiaKat - your life sounds like mine…it’s always something 😁
    Great weigh in!! I hope you get everything done!

    @happysquidmuffin - I’ll be your friend!!! I have a few but they don’t ever want to compete with me anymore. I’ll send you a PM but also answer here too for anyone else who’s curious. You have to have them as a contact in your phone. So you have to share your number. That is bc the way you cheer, encourage, or talk trash if your into that 😂😂😂 is through text messages. It’s kinda odd bc it goes off of percentage, I used to have my calorie goal set to 760-800 and everyone elses goals were much lower so I would always win even if we closed the same amount of rings, I think that is why no one ever competes with me anymore. I do have my calories down to 600 right now. So if your goal is in a similar area it would be a good competition. It takes a bit to understand and get used to it but it’s fun once your going and pretty motivating too! Also Amazing weigh in!!!

    @Katmart71 - we finally watched Where the Crawdads Sing before it left theaters. I know it’s already streaming on cable but I really wanted to see it on the big screen and we couldn’t get our schedules to line up before. I’m about to start a lifting program and I’m nervous bc I can’t lift much weight right now, shoulders are hurting almost constantly. I’m going to start off very light and slow and see if I can manage.

    @trooworld - my head is finally better. Great job moving more!

    Yesterday I needed to exercise but just wasn’t feeling it, if I wasn’t on day 19 of my perfect month how I would have laid in bed all day. I decided to go for a sow walk on the treadmill and watch a movie, then I used my spin cycle a bit and was motivated to get in a short easy workout. Haven’t made my steps in a couple of days so I’m gonna shoot for that goal for sure. Logged all of my food so I’m getting back into 100% focus. I’m helping the hubs get his truck put back together today. I had other things I needed to do but if I don’t help we might never leave the house again and this is our income sitting tore apart in my driveway for over a week now 😒😒😒Hope y’all have a happy Tuesday!
  • Tamevv
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    Morning all. Am tired but up and exercised and pre-tracked for everything except dinner. Hoping for a lunchtime walk but breaks are rare these days. Countdown has started till term break 😊

    @happysquidmuffin Way to go with those goals!! Fantastic effort 👏👏👏. Definitely earned that bath.

    @shunarlr83 That’s a great turnaround for exercise! I’ve recently been utilising the TV during workouts as well and find it keeps me going longer. Wish I had a treadmill tho because sometimes I’d really rather just walk than bounce around panting so much 😏. Cant complain tho, this old thingy has been good to me lately 😊.
  • Katmary71
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    @trooworld Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your knee, you still did great on the steps despite it. Is your knee better today? Great job on the fall challenge! I'll post a hang drum video at the end of this, I'm listening to them right now.

    @Ftofit I'm so glad the spa time helped, you get to feel pretty plus you accomplish something AND it's calming, win win!

    @Tamevv Glad today will be normal so you can figure things out, it sounds like you're still doing really good so even though you're over budget a few days you've kept good habits going depite the exhaustion, way to go! I really think those routines will be what makes this a permanent change for us now whereas before it would be a good excuse to let everything go.

    @happysquidmuffin Too funny, yes you ARE the Girl on Fire! Oh no, I hope you find some DayQuil soon. Enjoy that bath, I love baths too though mine are more Epsom salt ones for pain relief but they're calming too.

    @shaunarlr83 I think Where the Crawdads Sing is where you rent or buy it on TV right now but I'm not positive. I'm so glad you got to see it on the big screen. Do you recommend it? I read the book about a year ago and have been wanting to check it out. Great job on the exercise!

    Hi team! Just got back from going to the dog park with my brother and nephew, that has to be the coolest place. It gave me the chance to put more fliers up there for the charity event next weekend to raise money for animal shelters too. Not much to report, did my workout this morning and mostly did stuff around here like cleaning and made a run to Petco for a few things. I think I'm going to brave Costco tomorrow, I may try wearing my micro current machine there to keep my pain down and keep me calmer, I always get stressed out there because it's a freaking hard store to be in between the size and the lines when you don't feel good and there's been no seating if I can't stand (did they put the food court chairs back?). I made a recipe in the challenge thread this week that was awesome for dinner too, I wish I'd made more than one serving now. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
  • Katmary71
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    @trooworld I usually listen to Hang Massive but there's a lot of relaxing hang drum recordings on YouTube
  • shaunarlr83
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    @Tamevv - thank you!! I love how my phone always changes the word slow to sow and I didn’t catch it in time to edit it! 😂 I guess for the mood I was in it was fitting, I did feel a bit like a sow going for a walk!! 🤣🤣🤣 I learned years ago even when you don’t feel like it just get up and roll through the motions, chances are your energy will kick in and you’ll get a full workout done and feel so much better for it! Doesn’t mean I always take my own advice though 😑 I too have been exercising but eating too much. I’m ready to find that balance and really see the scale move!

    @Katmart71 - I would recommend it, I read the book when it was first released but it was such a good book I remembered all the details. I was worried the movie wouldn’t be as good and I think that’s why i took someone with who didn’t read the book. She loves it and was shocked at the end just as I knew she would be. I loved the beauty that they showed in the marsh and it had some really great scenes. I did however have someone I know point out their negative point of view and it was all I could focus on, I won’t say it until you’ve seen it or else it might distract you too. I’m glad you had fun at the dog park and many big chain stores have an odd effect on me too! I’m gonna go check out those recipes!!!

    I didn’t quite hit my steps, if you’ve ever helped your husband work on something then you probably know it’s a lot of standing around waiting to be told what to grab. I tried my best to walk or move or throw in some aerobic moves while waiting but it was still a task to manage more and we also did not get very far on putting the stupid thing back together so more tomorrow! I think I’m going to get a workout or walk in first thing so I’ll be sure to hit all goals!!!
  • megnolia82
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    Good morning everyone!

    Anyone know where to find the summaries for last week?

    Have a good one!
  • Tamevv
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    Hi everyone. Stayed a bit from my pre-track but not in a bad way. Swapped out a couple of things for taste preferences but ate surprisingly well. I agree @Katmary71 I am enjoying noticing that my habits have changed even when I’m not 100% focused - I’m still making good, or t least much better choices.

    @shaunarlr83. Haha, laughed at your comment about “helping” the husband - yes I know that routine very well!!!!

    I’m off to bed. My tummy is growling but I’m kind of enjoying the hunger feeling. Had just a bowl of veggies for dinner and whenever I do that I always go to bed hungry, but I’ll enjoy my breakfast in the morning. Sleep tight all.
  • trooworld
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    @Ftofit I'm so sorry you suffer from depression and anxiety. I am glad to hear it is improving. Taking good care of yourself will surely help.

    @Tamevv That does happen! LOL I hope today is calmer for you. <3 I just saw your most recent message: great job with the pre-tracking and exercise! I hope you were able to go for a walk during lunch.

    @happysquidmuffin Great job, congrats on the step counts, the loss and the progress on your goals! You ARE a girl on fire, go girl!!!

    @shaunarlr83 I'm glad to hear that! Thank you! That's great you went for a walk on the treadmill instead of doing nothing. Good luck with the truck. Yes, I understand the helping the husband thing lol. Good luck reaching your goals today!

    @Katmary71 Thank you! It was better yesterday and feels fine now. Thank you! I love dog parks but our old trainer said dog parks are terrible for dogs, he said it's like a prison yard for dogs lol. Good luck with Costco, I hope your machine helps. The hang drums are relaxing, I enjoyed it!

    @megnolia82 Good morning! I think you can find results here: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10845957/announcements-and-results#latest

    Hi all. I did a great job with increasing my steps yesterday. I tried to take an 8-minute walk throughout the day every hour. I was able to close the rings around my "heart" and my knee didn't bother me. I think it helped to break it up like that. I will do that again today. I drank a ton of water yesterday, that was good too. Have a good day!

    FALL CHALLENGE CHECK-IN: I drank enough water and I did some deep breathing yesterday.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"

  • Cornanda
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    Hey @trooworld- I've read that doing wall sits strengthens knees. Every time mine get sore, I do some and it helps. Keep up the walking- you are amazing!

    I'm in a middle of the road place this week- I can't believe how many bats I've let out of the cage. By that, I mean bad habits that were previously contained. Daughter left Monday, but that was 5 days of partying and we all know that 5 days of not working a plan does not lead to a good result for the week. I'm on track for exercise this week, but eating has not been on point, and bad habits are rearing their ugly butt heads and I'm battling my way back to a better place where progress happens.

  • FushiaKat
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    If the Bats get out of the cage and rear their ugly butt heads, just swat them with a fly swatter. I used to have a Giant Texas sized fly swatter and I can picture swatting some bats. My bad habits try to resurface from time to time, and they are not easily dealt with some day's. Just do the best you can, and move on. Tomorrow is another day to start over.

    I find talking to myself helps to keep me on track, and I usually do it when my husband is not around to hear me, my Cats love the sound of my voice so they don't mind and they are not judgmental :)

    Ha-ha, I thought today was Thursday and I drove 40 minutes to get the CT scan done only to realize its only Wednesday. :* I've been fasting all day and I was a tad grumpy about being hungry. I did get blood work done and I found a Medicare Insurance broker so it was not a total loss. Tomorrow is Do-Over day!
  • Katmary71
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    @shaunarlr83 I'll definitely look into seeing it then, it sounds good! My neighbor read it too but she's recovering from back surgery, if it's still in the theaters in a couple weeks I'll take her with me though if we went to one with recliners she could probably handle it. Yes don't tell me the negative!

    @Tamevv Sweet dreams! Yes veggies for dinner can make you pretty hungry but tomorrow's breakfast will taste just amazing! That's how I knew I was in a deficit again was when I was eating eggs which cheese and spinach and I'd never tasted something so delicious in my life, haha. I remembered thinking that about everything I ate when I first lost the weight and food was the best thing ever.

    @trooworld I'm glad you found a way to increase your steps without making your knee worse, that's wonderful! Honestly I used to power through things then be in agony, it wasn't until 20 years later I was in a pain group and she was explaining pacing and I really gave it a good try, sometimes if you rest in between you can calm things down before they get bad or avoid it altogether. Great day!

    @Cornanda You can get things back on track even if it's one bat at a time. They aren't all out if you're still exercising, you got this!

    @FushiaKat Oh boy Kat, I'd be a tad grumpy too in your shoes! Glad you did get the other things done. My cats don't judge me for talking but if I dare to stay up late I get glared and meowed at, have you seen those pictures of Asher on my feed yet?! Your cats may be kinder to you!

    Hi team! Had a real bad night, I didn't realize it was raining so why it was so brutal makes sense now, sad that it wasn't even raining that hard but I gave up around 3 and read then decided to skip Costco and did Walmart pickup. It was arm day and I chose to just do arm cardio since my legs were killing me so I got it all done and did pickup then came home and rested and did some cleaning. Had a great bath, for those with pain it's been awhile since I said it but Epsom salts (1-2 cups) and apple cider vinegar (doesn't smell afterward) are real helpful in the tub with nerve/muscle pain but you have to stay in for awhile, I add bubble bath and put on calm music so it's more special and relaxing. Doing good with the meditating to hang drums. I'm trying to add one to two extra sets to my arm weights and they're getting lighter but hard to go up on with my back. Have a great Thursday!
  • Cornanda
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    @FushiaKat - thank you, I will be using my imaginary fly swatter today.

    @Katmary71 - thank you too!

    Another bat out last night- prowling around in the dark-- eating and not sleeping. I feel yucky today- tired and guilty and my weight is awful. Time to get swatting!

    I can do this. I want to do this. I felt so much better when I was on track.

  • GabiV125
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    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Thursday
    PW: 138.0
    My daughter stubbed her toe and it turned purple and twice in size, so we spent 4h last night at the clinic ( lines were horrendous and we were not an emergency, even with appointment).
    First good news is that it’s not broken and second is that I was so relieved that I finally slept 6-6.5h- I’m so not a fan of pre-M , just saying 😁.
    Upward and onward!
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