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    @shaunarlr83 Prayers your Mom's knee replacement goes well and she's in as little pain as possible!

    @trooworld Way to go on walking, getting back in the groove!

    @happysquidmuffin Love your post, you're starting Tuesday off on fire with that run, get it girl and be awesome! There just HAS to be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins in every group, right?! Hope it's not you! :)

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I don't think I have seen X, I'll have to check it out. Enjoy the movie! I hope you share your list again, I need to copy it to check them out, I'd saved it last year and watched a few.
    Happy birthday to your son! He looks happy in the picture! I'm sure you helping his wife make his day special meant a lot to her to be able to ask for your help and to him if he knows about it.

    @FushiaKat I'm so glad the blood pressure medication is working out. Good luck with the CT scan. Do you like jicama? That's a tasty good vegetable (I'm pretty sure it's a veggie!) if you haven't tried it yet. I love radishes, one of my newer discoveries when I started eating healthier as I didn't eat them before.

    @shaunarlr83 If you liked Karate Kid you'll love Cobra Kai. Thank you, I'm glad to hear your hysterectomy went well, that's how I feel now, I really fantasize about smashing my ovaries with a sledgehammer! Doing a little better today thank goodness, thank you.

    @megnolia82 Oh no, I hate unflattering pictures, huge hug!

    @bethanie0825 I'm glad the step competition is still going for you too, you're doing great!

    @Tamevv Just do your best, you got this!

    @laurelfit57 Woot woot, glad you're back in the barbell class! It may not be what you were doing a few weeks ago but it's more than you've been able to do and you're back on the attack!

    You're going to get slammed with two days of posts from me, it must've just saved instead of posted yesterday. I made it to the farm this morning, it was just what I needed. The basil went crazy in the heat wave, I only got one row done and have another full one to do on Saturday. I did my weights when I got home and stretching then had leftover vegetable enchiladas for lunch then made the Caprese skillet from Skinnytaste for dinner that I made a few weeks ago when Bill was here, that's a great summer recipe and I have a lot of basil to use up so it made a dent in it. Have a great Wednesday team!
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    Good morning Team! I’m not even going to try to post to you all, but I did go back and read the last several pages to catch up. :) Life has been busy and I just haven’t had much energy to do anything other than keep my head above water. But I’m also working on prioritizing what is important and what is not and this group is important to me. Soooo I honestly plan to do my best to stay connected much more frequently. I’m also really working hard to get back on track with my dieting. I am leading a challenge at TOPS so hopefully, it will keep me mindful and I can stop maintaining my weight when I’m NOT at all where I want to be. My sister has lost 20 lbs. to my 2 lbs. I’m super proud of her, but I also want to be proud of myself! OK, I’m off to workout and I promise to do personals tomorrow! <3
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    @megnolia82 - I think many of us feel that way when our picture is taken by someone else. For years I wouldn’t let my husband post pictures of me unless they’re cropped and edited and pre approved 😂 One thing I have been working on is not being ashamed bc I realized that is how everyone sees me with their eyes anyways. People see us and accept us for who we are so we need to be a bit more accepting of ourselves. We can want to change what they see and yes it’s hard and seems like it will take forever, just make the most of your journey! We’re all on one!

    @bethanie0825 - I’m glad she is doing well!! I can see it being that way! My daughter is in admittance for the county hospital ER. She doesn’t act like it’s as exciting as I would have imagined it could be 😂😂😂

    @Cornanda - Welcome back!!!

    Thanks for the caring thoughts for my mom. On the first knee she had zero knee pain but felt pain in her leg where the tourniquet was, this time all pain is in the actual knee. She is doing well with recovery though, she’s a bit impatient with the nurses and doing things without them. We will get to leave here in the next 2-3 hours, it’s an hour drive back to her house. I’m getting a migraine and all I want to do is swap my daughter back vehicles (mom couldn’t get down into my low car) and go home and sleep but she’s already asking me to do some things before I leave her. I am glad I’m able to be helping and thankful I still have my mom and we are as close as we are but she has 3 other kids!!!! 😳 Not one of them even bothered to come see her at the last 3 surgeries she has had, they all live within 3 miles of her, one right next door and I live 45 miles away. Still I’m the one she gives a guilt trip too when I have other things to do. It’s frustrating. Sorry needed to vent lol!

    On my daily goals I’ve kept up with my watch rings, almost halfway through my perfect month, so I’ve been getting in my exercise, burning calories and moving!!! I’ve also kept up with my water goals 14 cups a day!!! This has been my saving grace helping me flush out when I eat like crap or overeat! I’ve done 6 Beachbody workouts, 6 outdoor walks, 2 treadmill walks, and one hike this month so far. I was also keeping up with my daily challenges from my BBCoach until this week, either tonight or tomorrow I will combine all the days I missed (just two or three moves each day and fairly low reps) into one full workout to catch back up. I did stop doing my standing push ups/squats challenge when I remembered her daily challenge bc I was getting tons of squats in doing other things. I really like the Start Losing with Jen Widerstrom program. I think I will redo the first 4 sweat days this week before I move onto her sculpting work! I made some tracking calendars for keeping up with all of this and my steps so I’ll get my laptop going and post those here before the end of the month!

    I still have tons of work to do at home so hoping to jump back into that full force tomorrow and see how much I can get done before we leave again since we are having to wait on a mechanic to fix some things before we go!!

    I ordered some new hiking boots last night, I’m so excited to get them and try them out. I’m also thinking of buying a pair of hiking shoes for easy trails!

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    @laurelfit57 – Yes, his wife and I have a good relationship. I actually introduced them :) We chatted for over 2 hours the other night talking about everything and anything. So glad you’re able to ease back into your exercises!
    @megnolia82 – Hugs. I had the same thing happen to me. I just happened upon a photo on facebook that a coworker posted (because a mutual friend was tagged). I couldn’t believe how big I was in it. Devastating. I give myself 5 minutes to be disgusted/sad/embarrassed but then I turn those feelings into determination to change.
    @Katmary71 – LOL on the deconstructed enchiladas. I do that all the time when I make my stuffed poblanos :) Instead of worry about stuffing them, I cut them up and mix it all together. I’ll start working on my movie list and I’ll be sure to share it with you :)
    @TeresaW1020 – Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!
    @shaunarlr83 – I feel your frustration with your siblings. My sister lives about 45 minutes from our mother, but I’m still the one that does everything. Literally. Like my sister only comes down to visit my mom a couple times a year and calls maybe once a month. And that’s just a word-vomit of everything going on in HER life…not asking about my mom or anyone else in the family. My mom also has a really bad habit of saying *kitten* things about me in front of other people because she thinks she’ll get a laugh from them. I called her out on it this past Sunday when we went to dinner with 8 other people from church. I asked her why she has to say such mean things about me, IN FRONT OF ME, to people. One of the other ladies (my age) mouthed to me that her mom treats her the same way. What is it with people in their late 70s? It’s just mean. I told my mom if she kept it up, I was going to leave and let her deal with my sister instead. Then she tries to get tears in her eyes like I hurt HER feelings. Such a manipulator. Sorry…rant over. Just feeling your pain…

    Well, things are starting to quiet down. I’m going to work on my 31 Nights of Halloween horror movie list. I try to do a good mix of my faves with new ones. I am thinking of doing a themed list this year – each movie would be a different genre. Like one slasher, one alien, one body horror, etc. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.
    Feeling positive today. Think I’ll go for a walk. So glad it’s cooling off here now.
    50x50 & NO ZERO DAYS!
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 What do you watch movies on!? I’ll try to think of some random good ones later tonight, I like scary movies and I’ve seen a ton, just horrible at remembering them all!
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    @Cornanda Welcome back Lisa! Glad the scale wasn't too bad, have fun with the daughter!

    @trooworld I hope the Metformin works! I was on a low dose for diabetes and can't really say if it helped or not. I hope it works for you! It seems like it did for my Dad. Yay on no zero days!

    @TeresaW1020 What challenge are you leading at TOPS if you're ok to say? I think that's great you're taking charge of a challenge! I'm proud of your sister too but don't knock yourself for losing, I know it's hard not to compare but you're still headed the right way.

    @shaunarlr83 I'm glad your Mom seems to be doing well, sounds frustrating with your siblings. Having been the one recovering having a helper means so much even if you don't always show it. Way to go on getting those rings and staying hydrated! Beach Body sounds like a lot of fun, I think you're doing great with all you have going on and helping your Mom, keep up the great work!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Mother/daughter relationships are so hard, I was shaking my head at your experience with your Mom. Mine can be pretty hurtful too, I try to keep my feelings out of our relationship but it's pretty hard sometimes. Luckily I'm close with everyone else in my family. Can't wait to see the horror movie list! Speaking of did I see a new Conjouring coming out or was that my imagination? Let's see, out of Stephen King The Shining, Misery, and Cujo were all pretty good. The newer IT part one and two is so much better than the horrible TV mini-series of it. Of older movies Amityville creeped me out. Poltergeist was good, haven't seen that in ages. I liked the Conjouring movies for sure. I'm actually surprised none of Brian Lumley's have made it to movies as far as I know, he's a really good writer and the Necroscope series would be good turned into movies. I'm sure you've seen The Entity, that one I had nightmares from and I never have nightmares from movies! Thank you for the list, I saved it to Pinterest and I'll check it out after I post this!

    Hi gang! Did my workout this morning, legs are always a tough day but I'm managing to keep it up, I just never look forward to making them hurt more though having more strength is important to me. Not much else going on, did some work, read, and spent some time in the yard. Have an awesome Thursday!
  • Katmary71
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 I actually haven't seen most of those, I'm excited!
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    @katmary71 I had the same problem of one of my posts not posting day before yesterday🤪
    Where on earth do you live that you can plant veggies in the fall?
    I did feel a little silly in barbell class using absolutely no weights, but it’s a start lol! your Caprese skillet sounds delicious!

    @Cornanda sounds like you are having some absolutely wonderful family time!

    @Trooworld yay for you and no zero days! you should be so proud of yourself getting walks in, in the heat! I bow down to you!

    @TeresaW1020 sounds like you have been super super busy, maintaining is not a bad thing under those circumstances!

    @Shaunarlr my brother had both of his knees replaced and I remember on one of his knees he said it was extremely painful. Many good wishes for your mom❤️. Sounds like you may be like me, we are called the sandwich generation. Helping to look after our parents and being supportive of our kids (mine are very adult kids lol), we are right in the middle. Sounds like you are doing great with keeping up on your water, exercise and food! Good for you.

    @vegan4lyfe glad things are starting to quiet down for you. That 31 nights of Halloween horror movie list sounds like fun!

    It was a good day today, I was able to stay on track again. Sometimes, for me, one day at a time is the best way to go! I am pretty stiff from class yesterday, but will go tomorrow and try again, still not using any weights, then next week, slowly I will get back into weights.
    I went to agility class with Vannie tonight and my instructor couldn’t believe how much better I was moving. Vannie moves so dang fast, I have had to teach her to work ahead of me, there is no way I can keep up🤣
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    Hi everyone, feels like I’ve missed heaps and I’m sorry but not going to be able to respond to everyone, but it is awesome to see so many people plugging away here.

    A quick skim read tells me someone mentioned radishes which I’d forgotten how much I enjoy so they are now on the shopping list. I also bought some Turkey slices and wrapped them in lettuce leaves for lunch today, so thanks for that tip also.

    And I did notice @trooworld you’re doing well with both water and meditation- fantastic work 👍

    I’ve been hungry today so probably won’t meet calorie goal but I’ve had good, healthy, nutritious stuff (except two squares of dark chocolate which I am really relishing and does leave me satisfied which I find surprising but there you go).

    Weigh in for me tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone.
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    Radishes- my SIL told me she like radish sandwiches- bread/butter/radish. Not sure if that sounds good.

    @laurelfit57 - glad to see you back here!

    @TeresaW1020 - did I miss Joe's biopsy results? Hope that came out OK.

    I've been realizing that when I find work a bit stressful or boring I wander around looking for something to eat. Gonna have to work on that one. I'm happy I haven't gained this year, but I need to make some progress on losing before the year is over. We took a family pic while on vacation and I didn't like how I looked either.

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    @TeresaW1020 Nice to "see" you. I hope leading the challenge at TOPS helps. Congrats to your sister! You'll catch up, I believe in you.

    @shaunarlr83 I wish your mom a speedy recovery! That's too bad your siblings don't step up and help. Especially because you don't live close by. Wow, you are doing great! I'm impressed by that water intake. I need new hiking shoes. I got some Merrells a few months ago but they rub my foot wrong. I hope you like your new ones.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I am so glad you posted your list! What a great list. I LOVE Trick r Treat! I haven't seen many of these. I'm saving this list and will watch some of them. Thanks for posting!

    @Katmary71 Thank you! Me too. Great job with your workout. Have a great day!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! Breaking stuff up into smaller steps, like taking one day at a time, is the way to go! I'm glad you are doing better.

    @Tamevv Thank you! Good luck at weigh-in tomorrow!

    @Cornanda That's a good insight about work.

    Hi all. I had a migraine yesterday and I took medication for it but all it did was leave me nauseous with a migraine. I feel better today. My Fitbit died. I had just ordered a new Samsung Galaxy Watch5 on Monday so my Fitbit must have known and died on me lol. I"m going to try to go for a walk today. I didn't get to go yesterday.

    FALL CHALLENGE CHECK-IN: I didn't enough water. I did a few minutes of deep breathing exercises in the morning.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @shaunarlr83 I hope your mom has a quick recovery. You are a good daughter and shame on your siblings for not helping you and her! I am sure that it’s frustrating and hurtful. Great job on your goal to have a perfect month. So do we now share the same BB coach? :grin:

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Thanks for those hugs, girlfriend! <3 You and your horror movies! I admire your list and wow 1800 movies is incredible! Looking over that list of yours and I don’t think I would want to watch any of them. I hate being scared because it causes me too much stress for these poor people! :D

    @Katmary71 I’m really not comparing myself to my sister because she came having quite a bit more weight to lose than I had. I really admire her dedication and need to follow her example. Plus, I don’t want her to pass me by! :D The challenge is called Fall into Health and it will focus on losing weight, physical activity, keeping a food diary, and staying for the meeting. I made this cute posterboard with a big tree with empty branches and I got all these cute shiny fall leaves, pumpkins, and acorns (it’s actually tabletop confetti) For each completed item, the person will get to put a decoration on our tree. The goal is to let the weight FALL from our bodies while together we create a beautiful fall tree. We are a very corny group so they loved it! :grin:

    @laurelfit57 I’m just getting back to my workouts after a back injury, which I’m still nursing along but determined to exercise. We just have to take it easy and moderate when needed. Yeah, I bet you can’t keep up with Vannie! :grin:

    @Tamevv Hey, it’s great to see you here! :grin: I love radishes too. Have you ever tried roasting them? They are so good and a great sub for roasted potatoes.

    @Cornanda OK ewww on the radish sandwich! :D Yeah, I have the same wandering issue when I get stressed. We just gotta find other outlets for our stress than tasty food! I will update about Joe below. Thanks for asking. <3

    Good morning! I decided to get on here first thing before my day gets busy. My sister and I are going out today to try to find her some clothes since she has lost almost 30 lbs since moving here. And of course, if I see anything cute for myself, it just might end up in my cart! ;) We also have to run to Sam's for the church. We are having another potluck on Sunday and need supplies. I was asked about hubby’s bone marrow biopsy results, and unfortunately, we didn’t get any. The oncologist, who is the best in his field is stumped as to what is causing the anemia. The biopsy results were inclusive and they may have to repeat it. First, he took a bunch more blood and is running new tests. We will go back next Tuesday. I admit that I’m worried that it’s something scary and just really praying it’s not. Mostly we just want some answers! :/ OK, I need to go do a quick workout and then get my retail therapy on! Have a great day. :)

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    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Thursday
    PW: 138.2
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    Whoooooo my week got away from me fast!!! Tried to weigh at my moms this am and her scale is jacked…currently sitting at the hospital with her, she finally got that second knee replacement done today!!! I was checking my weight at home throughout the week and as staying pretty steady, we can go with that or I can update Wednesday when I get home…someone let me know!

    Should have time tomorrow to get caught up on the chatter!!! I’ve missed y’all and being in on the convo….

    @shaunarlr83 I used last week's - but if you want to update it, just let me know. Either is fine with me.
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    edited September 2022
    Weekly Weigh-in
    PW:77.6 kg
    CW: 76.4 kg

    Yay for a decent loss!!

    Weekly goals:
    30 mins exercise every day - ✅
    Burn 500 cals every day - ✅
    Min 1 step class - ✅
    Record a loss - ✅
    3 days under primary calorie goal - 2/3
    Min 6 days under cal + exercise goal - ✅

    I am really pleased with myself this week. There were a couple of days i was close to primary goal but just too hungry, so I am recording the last one just to monitor but I will keep the primary goal there and see how I go this week. My exercise and calories burned are way exceeding and I’m really enjoying my sessions 😁

    @TeresaW1020. No I have never tried roasting radish! Will do though - am roasting a chicken for tonight so will definitely buy myself some to replace the potatoes (I usually just skip them 😊). Hope you had a fabulous time shopping and found yourself something as well.

    @GabiV125. Yay for a loss!!! Awesome job 👍

    @trooworld I didn’t get enough water yesterday either - am putting it down to distraction and will make up for it today - I’ll be swimming!! When is your new watch due to arrive? It’s always exciting getting new toys. Just think of all the exercise and activities you can do to “test” all the functions!
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    @cornanda it is nice to be back! I know when I used to work, if I was either stressed or bored, it definitely ended up with more food for me for the day!
    Sometimes family pictures…

    @trooworld I am so sorry about your migraine, are you getting them as often anymore? I believe last fall you had quite the time with them.
    Can I ask why you are switching to the galaxy watch5 from Fitbit? I am finding that fitbits only last me a maximum of two years, I find that super frustrating! And you’re right, I am sure that your Fitbit realized what you were doing and just conked out on you to teach you a lesson🤣

    @TeresaW1020 I think I nursed my back along for about three weeks and then went to Physio. I just could not lay down without getting sharp pains in my hips, thus the no sleep. Take good care of you and that back of yours! I am so sorry to hear that there aren’t any results from Joe’s oncologist. It really is so frustrating when it is unknown. I will sure be thinking about you two. Enjoy your retail therapy!!

    I stayed within by nutrition goals and I did two gym classes today! I didn’t do them like I usually do, my spin classes I just stayed in the saddle the whole time and about ½ speed and my barbell class I did barbell-less🤣. It does feel good to be moving again, even if much of it is just range of motion.
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    @laurelfit57 I think if it's saving when you try to post it doesn't go through. I do my responses in a word document and copy and paste them so I suspect that's the issue since it saves after I do it. I'm in the Sacramento area in CA, it's 9B here, we only have about 10 nights where I have to run out with blankets to cover succulents and cactus thank goodness. No you just rock that class your own way, you're moving and that's what counts! I wouldn't be surprised if you're inspiring someone who is scared to take the class because of weights being too heavy. Two classes is awesome, she's back!

    @Tamevv You're doing wonderful!

    @Cornanda I've never had a radish sandwich! When I first started doing low carb I did roast them and they taste really good but they don't taste like potatoes just like most swaps don't but if I go in thinking it's a roasted radish they're great!

    @trooworld LOL pretty dramatic Fitbit there, figures it dies before your new one comes! Nauseous with a migraine sounds awful, I'm glad you're feeling better today. Let us know what you think of the Galaxy, they seem to get better reviews and be less quirky than a Fitbit. Hope you had a good walk!

    @TeresaW1020 If your sister is inspiring you that's wonderful, I was worried you were comparing and I'm glad you aren't. Fall into Health is a great idea, I love it! And it's all of you doing it together to make something beautiful out of healthy habits that you can be double proud of and have a visual of your success together. Great idea! Have fun shopping with your sister. I'm sorry to hear about the biopsy results, how frustrating it may have to be repeated.

    Hi gang! Did my workout this morning and am back to 10lb weights, hoping this isn't where my upper back goes out, I'm being as careful as I can be and cut out things that set me off so hopefully it will go well. I worked and gardened and got two new herbs into their pots. I had a charity board meeting tonight which was a little awkward since we haven't worked out our misunderstanding but if I leave the board I'll probably still volunteer with them. We're doing Bow Wow Days in a week which raises money and food for pet shelters in the area and have some really cool vendors, I'm looking forward to it. Have a great Friday!
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