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  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 412 Member
    Are any of vegetable gardeners or canning people. I could use someone to commiserate with.
    I’m so over canning tomatoes this year. I was very fortunate to have a fantastic crop this year. I could donate some, and at the thought I can hear my mom in my head telling me I’ll thank myself come winter.
    Hot peppers have also been fantastic this year. I have 20 1liter jars of pickled peppers.
    The grapes for jelly are almost ready now too 😕
    I’m actually feeling a little glad it was a bad year for strawberries and blackberries.
  • jessicakrall8
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    Pupowl wrote: »
    12 Sep: 22.182
    13 Sep: 20.794
    I noticed I am not listed on the sheet anymore on the support team. Just wanted to mention it. :smile:
    Happy Wednesday everyone <3

    Hey @pupowl ...when you come back to active, they'll pull you from the month in which you went to Support and place you back on active, but I will email the MODS and let them know. Don't worry, you haven't been dropped.

    Are you ready to return?
  • leni1us
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    Step Count
    9/13 9,517
  • Pupowl
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    Ah, I thought I would always be listed on the support team until I returned. I will be back next month. :smile:
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,264 Member
    Pupowl wrote: »
    Ah, I thought I would always be listed on the support team until I returned. I will be back next month. :smile:

    The MODS just emailed me...she forgot to transfer everyone from Support Team August to Support Team September. You're back! Thanks for letting me know.
  • leni1us
    leni1us Posts: 809 Member

    Step Count
    9/14 15,770 I took a walk around the local golf course (4.3 miles). I think that helped up my steps.

  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Here’s my weekly maintenance weigh-in report.

    Name: PatriceFitnessPal
    Weigh-in day: Thursday
    PW: 127.3
    CW: 127.3

    SW: 168
    LTD: 40.7

    My target range is 120-130 pounds, but I’d like to stay as close to 125 as possible since that’s about the middle of the “Healthy” BMI range for my height (just under 5’4 tall). Yesterday, the scale reading was a little lower (127.1) so I was hoping to get under 127 this week. Despite some minor fluctuation throughout the week, today’s reading was exactly the same as last week!

    I hope everyone is doing well. Best wishes in meeting your goals!
  • Walela617
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    edited September 2022
    @jessicakrall8, Hi Jess! Sorry I missed the 12th. (You've got the 13th; so):

    09/12: 13,106
    09/13: You have it (11,392 according to my fitness watch app)
    09/14: 12,845

    For Weigh In:

    WI day: Thursday
    1st WT: 166.6
    PW: 160.6
    CW: 158.6

    The stats comparison from day one to now is pretty dramatic (according to my Renpho scale app)!
    8vl8o20ypt08.jpg (I'm not sure why it makes us scroll down so far...I'm going to have to try to figure that out!)
    Even my FEET have changed! (Weird, right?)

    I have my second lifestyle session tonight at 6:30.

    Cheers! (Carole)

  • Walela617
    Walela617 Posts: 205 Member
    @CasandraW: You're doing GREAT! Maintaining is MUCH harder than losing and it's WAY (weigh) better (AND healthier) than riding the old "seesaw" all the time! Best wishes!
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 737 Member
    Hiya all,eventhough we are on vacation my hubby insists on watching the football/soccer game on his mobile phone !
    So I'm sat enjoying a small glass of wine on our terrace.
    I'm glad you liked the kitten photos & of course @jessicakrall8 it was just for you !! Thank you @Walela617 for another new word in my Greek vocabulary.
    @Pupowl even though I'm late I wanted to say I'm sorry for the sad loss of your Aunt.
    @CasandraW gosh you've had a bumper crop this year.Im afraid I can't give any advice on canning but we'll done on producing your own veg.I feel the same way as you do at times & feel that this journey is a roller coaster.Give yourself credit on maintaining & don't beat yourself up too much when there is a slight gain.To have heathly goals & maintain good habits is a positive place to be in,so we'll done.@PatriceFitnessPal you've also done well to maintain even if it may be frustrating when the scales don't move.
    I am trying not to overeat & drink too much this holiday.I don't want to gain alot of weight like I did in June.Im pleased that I have managed to resist the choc croissants at breakfast & had fruit/ yoghurt instead.
    Thanks for all concerns about my back,I think it's getting a bit better but I still get twinges if I move in the wrong way.
    Walking helps alot so here are my steps
    9/11 7,451
    9/12 8,044
    9/13 19,248
    9/14 9,034
  • frankwbrown
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    CasandraW wrote: »
    I have another rambling thought for tonight.
    I was feeling defeated and mopey tonight what I reflected back on the year and realized that I haven’t really lost weight this year. I have pretty much maintained.
    Then I pulled up my socks and decided to dig a little deeper. I’ve been on My Fitness Pal since 2013 and this is the first year that I haven’t lost 20-30 lbs and then promptly regained it all. I have been loosing and regaining the same weight every year for almost 10 years. That’s nuts!!!
    This year has been about setting a proper foundation that’s based on health and sustainability. No crash diets or crazy exercise plans.
    Maintaining, as opposed to regaining, is still a big win. I've been in the 220's all year, and at times I've felt discouraged, but then I think to myself, "Even if I stay at this weight, I'm so much better off than I was two years ago. And not regaining the weight I've lost is a win."

  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 10,253 Member
    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Tue 9/13: 19,090
    Wed 9/14: 11,356
  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 10,253 Member
    Weigh-in day is tomorrow, but I'm headed out of town, so I'm posting today...

    September week 2
    Weigh in day: Friday, September 16
    PW: 226.5
    CW: 225.3 ( lost 1.2 lbs; 0.53%)
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,714 Member
    Previous weight-165.6
    Current weight-165.8

    Sorry ment to post yesterday but was super busy
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,714 Member
  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 412 Member
    @Walela617 @frankwbrown @izzyred9400 thank you for your words of encouragement!! It meant a lot to me today that you took the time to respond.

    @angmarie28 I am so excited for you!!! that's fantastic!!!!!
  • Walela617
    Walela617 Posts: 205 Member
    That's wonderful, @angmarie28! Congratulations!

    @jessicakrall8: Hi Jess, Steps for today:

    9/15: 11,213

    Have a nice night everyone! 💗
  • pedal__power
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    PW: 198.6
    CW: 196.8

    I'm almost back to where I was at this time last year and it was about this time last year when I started to gain a bunch of weight (between Sept and June when I peaked at 207).
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