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  • Pupowl
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    Thank you! I can only imagine how hard it is after a holiday, but it sounds like you got this!
    @CasandraW @LaurieWrobo Lovely to hear you enjoyed the video. :smiley:
  • Pupowl
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    Steps 12 Oct: 15.332
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Yesterday I got a maintenance guy over to make sure my heating system worked okay. He said he also had half his car full with smoke alarms. It became mandatory to have one alarm on each floor back in July. My rental company said on their website you were responsible for that yourself, so I bought my own. A bit of a bummer that apparently wasn't needed. I finished the round puzzle I started Tuesday. I loved it sooo much. My only 'complaint' is that it was over too fast. I really love ocean animals and the picture was so fun and happy. The rest of the day I felt pretty bad and I took 3 paracetamol for my headache. I went to bed early (as usual) and hope today will be better. Happy Thursday everyone <3

  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Here’s my weekly maintenance weigh-in report:

    Name: PatriceFitnessPal
    Weigh-in Day: Thursday
    PW: 128.4
    CW: 127.1

    SW: 168
    LTD: 40.9

    Last week, I was surprised to see my weight jump about a pound. That would have been about 1% of my body weight. So, I thought the gain might be for muscle repair after a couple of weight lifting days that left me sore. This week’s weigh in probably confirms that my body was holding on to some water for that reason. I hope that means I replaced some fat with muscle.

    My maintenance goal is to stay between 120 and 130 pounds so I’d like to move closer to 125. Best wishes, everyone!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @pupowl - Beautiful puzzle! I was amazed how calm you seemed when Tinus started undoing your work. Good for you! You’ve finished a lot of puzzles lately! How long do you keep them together before breaking them up and putting them back in the box? Is it like a mandala that you ‘sweep away’ when it’s done or do you admire it for awhile?
  • Pupowl
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    I was too busy giggling! And this puzzle was really easy, so it wasn't a big deal to put it back together. :smile: I don't leave them out for long really. After I take pictures of them, I put them away again. It is always a bit of funny moment; knowing how much time you spent on some of them and then in 5 minutes it's all gone. I know some people who frame puzzles, but that's not my thing. I only want to keep puzzles I see myself enjoying more than once. The value is in putting it together for me.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    angmarie28 wrote: »
    got up early yesterday and worked out before work, Today was my day off,My kids have weird start times at school, especially Wednesdays, so I dropped my youngest off this morning at 8 and came home and ran 2 miles on the treadmill, then took the boys to school at 10. Took my tire in to get fixed, then home, did some cleaning, and enjoyed the quiet before picking up kids. I cant remember the last time I was home alone, ahhh, I think im going to enjoy having some weekdays off.

    That’s impressive that you were able to sneak it a run on the treadmill between school drop offs! Enjoy your “me” time!
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @Pupowl Same! The marine puzzles are my favorite- the bright colors, etc. I’ve always been a fan of any type of marine animals. Seals are my all time favorite. I learned to scuba dive in high school and haven’t been in a while, I should go again.

    It’s raining here. I love the sound. I’m in Houston by myself as my younger dog is recovering from knee surgery and my husband went back to Colorado to start his “return to sport” physical therapy. He had two hip replacements this summer and is hoping to be able to ski this season. Since I’ve been alone I’ve done a bunch of puzzles myself.

    Tuesday night, my older dog, Buddy, woke me up at 2 am panting and pacing. I let him out to go to the bathroom, but that didn’t help. About 4 am, I gave him a nausea pill he had from his chemotherapy (he finished last month with a clean bill of health. I don’t know if it helped. He kept pacing and hiding behind furniture.

    I finally went to sleep about 6 am. I was worried he’d be gone when I woke up. He wasn’t- he was hiding in the laundry room, but still not normal. Acting out of it and shivering. He ate breakfast though.

    Took him to the vet and they have no idea what La wrong. No fever. His X-rays look normal. So… they gave him a pain pill and I took him home.

    He slept all day (probably from the pain pill and no sleep) and seems fine this morning. Go figure! If only they could talk!
  • Pupowl
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    That's so cool! I am way to scared of open water to spend any time in it, lol, but the critters who live in it are great. I think manatees are my favorite. I need to hunt down a puzzle with some on it. Sorry to hear your dog wasn't well; hopefully it was a weird, one time thing.
  • CasandraW
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    @SavageMrsMoose I hope your pupper is ok. I had that happen a lot with my older dog. She would be up and restless, and then report to the vet with a clean bill of health. Eventually it was determined that she had canine dementia. It was reassuring that she didn't have any major issues going on.
  • leni1us
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    Just checking in with my step count. Went to a wedding on Saturday. I did a lot of walking around.

    10/9 4,801
    10/10 8,380
    10/11 11,229
    10/12 11,695
  • izzyred9400
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    My steps
    10/8 14,143
    10/9 14,492
    10/10 14,333
    10/11 14,032
    10/12 14,095
    @Pupowl enjoyed the video of Tinus destroying the edge of your puzzle.It was funny 🤣
    I am pleased I've managed to keep up with my steps,how long I can continue we will see ! I felt tired this evening & my hubby & sons had gone to a football match.My youngest son cooked a meal before they left.It tasted so good as I didn't have to make it.So I enjoyed the house & the TV to myself.
  • pedal__power
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    PW: 199.0
    CW: 195.4

    Had a bit of a roller coaster week. Started off with a lovely long relaxing weekend....went for some long bike rides to see the beautiful fall colours. Then mid week I needed to take a close friend to the hospital. I think my drop in weight was a combo of water drop and not eating as much these past few days over concern for them. Thankfully they are doing a little better now. I hope to find some time later to read up on how you've all been doing.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @pedal__power glad to hear your friend is doing better.

    PW 165
    CW 162.5

    Scale said 162 yesterday! Unfortunately- this one only reads in 1/2 pound increments so I could be just slightly different and it went up, not down. I really don’t like this scale, but I’m heading back to Colorado in 11 days so I’ll get back to my normal one soon.

    Hired a running coach to help me shave 9 minutes off my marathon time and qualify for Chicago. I’m hoping it will help me feel more accountable for my weight loss. Nutrition is the part of training that I do the worst.
  • frankwbrown
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    October week 2
    Weigh in day: Friday, October 14
    PW: 227.3
    CW: 228.3 ( gained 1.0 lbs; 0.44%)
  • Pupowl
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    Glad you liked it! My stepgoal is also 14k. I know how hard it can be to make it to that number, so great job. :smile:
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Tue 10/11: 17,982
    Wed 10/12: 16,277
    Thu 10/13: 15,314
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @izzyred9400 - When someone asks me what my favorite meal is, I respond that I love any meal I don’t need to cook! 😂🤣😂

    I can relate to the simple pleasure of arriving home to find a satisfying meal and quiet time to relax. I hope your family’s team won the football match! It’s also fun to share time together at an exciting match. I’m a social person but I need time to recharge alone as an introvert so it’s interesting for me to think about the range of activity that suits us on a particular day.

    Shape Shifters! — Congratulations to the team on all the steps you’ve been reporting and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your new work (and exercise) schedule @angmarie28 and your new kitchen @jessicakrall8!

    The conversation about marine life made me pause and think about all the beautiful, fascinating, and varied species in the ocean. My sons always remind me how vast and unexplored the oceans are. I think sea turtles are so fun to watch but mostly I’m just in awe of the variety in shape, color, texture of all the ocean species. I’ve only been scuba diving once in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef where a licensed expert regulated my equipment — so I’m not trained. I enjoy snorkeling though, and I love the quiet feeling of being so weightless and connected to the sea life when moving underwater.

    Wow! Now I’m really missing the ocean! I’m not someone who likes to sit on a beach (unless I’m under an umbrella with a good book or close friends) but I love water activities - like paddle boards and kayaks - and it just feels right for me to be near the water. Now that I live in the Washington, DC area and not Boston (where I grew up), I enjoy the rivers. On Sunday, I’m rowing in a race at Occoquan. We have no chance of winning but we’re hoping to have a better time result than last year. It’s a nice culmination to the season.

    @SavageMrsMoose - I’m inspired by your marathon plans. Best wishes improving your time. I hope your dog doesn’t have any more problems in the middle of the night. I have to take mine to the vet today about a limp he has had for a few weeks. He’s almost 12 so it might just be arthritis but I’m worried it will affect other parts of his gait and body if it continues.

    I’m sending healing ❤️‍🩹 vibes to anyone who needs them and thinking of your close friend @pedal_power. Take care everybody, and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

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