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    @Pupowl , Tinus is gorgeous.

    Has anyone ever had allergy testing done before? We had it done with my daughter along time ago but it was more to confirm the severe nut allergies she has. I've got that Tuesday afternoon. Alot of my supplements I've had to stop as well as my allergy meds until after testing is done. So needless to say, my arthritic pain is up more than usual and I pushed myself into going to work this morning. Probably not the brightest idea but it lifted 😌 my mood and my mindset. I did leave after a couple of hours. I kept it easy when I got home though and just concentrated on doing laundry as I can rest while everything is washing and drying. I'm gonna just keep pushing through though as we're getting into the 50s and the leaves are changing and falling here. It looks so pretty from my bedroom window yall. And cool, crisp air. Hoodies and sweaters
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    I had allergy testing done a few years ago.
    Mine was to check for food allergies, seasonal and common ones like dogs cats etc.
    They cleaned my arm, then did a tiny little poke/scratch (like a sewing needle)
    They had it set up so they could do a bunch at once. It didn’t hurt, and only took a little while. The worst part was the itchy arm from the reactions I had.
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    Thank you! Good luck with the testing. I hope they figure out what it is causing problems so you can go back on your meds soon.
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    edited October 2022
    13 Oct: 17.732
    14 Oct: 16.292
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Thursday was very uneventful. I don't remember doing anything anyway. Yesterday I woke up with some pretty annoying lower back pain. I wasn't a fan. I guess it happened during sleep or something because I never get back pain. It seems mostly gone this morning thankfully. Anyway, I got some groceries in the morning; just a new box of tea and a petite croissant as a treat. I love baked bread stuff. The weather was pretty miserable, but I wanted to go to the thrift store. When it looked dry, I decided to go for it. Well, drizzle may not soak you fast, but it will soak you slowly. I also didn't find anything there I wanted to buy. On my way home I stopped by a different grocery store for some more protein quark and I also got a box with mini brownies.
    I have always had a real problem with overeating. For some reason, I have a hard time leaving things for later and my brain is just yelling "eat the whole package!!" the entire day when I have a treat in the house. I really want to fix that though, so I decided to start with this box of brownies. There are 8 minis in the box and they are all wrapped separately, which helps. I enjoy them, but it is not something that would trigger a binge either. One piece is 127 calories, not a lot, so I can easily fit it in my diet. There is a limit of 1 brownie a day, and I don't want to eat one every day. It is mostly there so I can have one when I am feeling down or really craving something. Let's see how it goes. Happy Saturday everyone <3
  • Pupowl
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 241.6
    CW: 238.8
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    PW 141
    CW 141.4
    Not too happy but that's what it is.
    Great loss @Pupowl.You need to put those brownies on a high shelf that's difficult to reach ! That's what I do but it doesn't always work 🙂
    Have a great Saturday everyone.Ive got a line if washing on the line so I'm happy & the sun is out.
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    PW: 204.4
    CW: 203.4
    SO CLOSE!!!!

    I need to skip next week’s weigh-in. I’ll be out of town, visiting my daughter at Indiana U. Thank you!
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    @cassandraw, ty so much. My daughter said that too. I'm just ready to get headed some where with these tests.
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    PW 137.4
    CW 137.4

    10/8 10,208
    10/9 9,518
    10/10 10,206
    10/11 9,393
    10,12 9,025
    10/13 9,590
    10/14 9,305

    Well, working 12 hour days for the rest of the year will be tough, I really hope I can at least maintain the weight if I am not going to lose any. Stress is my #1 nemesis during this time of the year.
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    PW 176
    CW 177
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    The following need to report their weigh-ins from this week (incl today). Would love to get them all in today if possible! Thanks!

    @maryk1a1 (2x)

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    jessicakrall8 October 10

    alleykat69 wrote: »
    Do I just put in my steps for the day here or is there another place?

    10/9 is 5396.

    Hi @alleykat69 yes, just post your steps here every few days and I'll keep you up in the chart. I need your first name for the chart and your daily step goal for the spreadsheet. Where's your favorite place to walk this time of year? Thanks! Go ahead and send me any steps you had for Oct 2nd-8th as well...

    Hello @jessicakrall8
    Here is 2-8 step count
    Sunday 1693
    Monday 1737
    Tuesday 2077
    Wednesday 2798
    Thursday 3270
    Friday 5818
    Saturday 6793
    My first is Sharon. Daily step goal is 5000. Favorite place to walk is the Canal Rail Trail.

    I'll send this week's tonight before bed. Thank you
  • alleykat69
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    A few pictures of my hike at the Canal Rail Trail.
  • alleykat69
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    A positive message on a hike is nice.
  • jessicakrall8
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    The October Week 3's Group Challenge is active and ready to begin on Sunday, Oct 16th. Please join us for 7 Mini-Challenges this week! Here's your link:

    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica :smile:
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW 230.4
    CW 230.4

    Same exact weight again 🤷‍♀️
    We had Thanksgiving on Monday so there was pie and stuffing etc. I hosted so there were left overs to eat during the week. I’m glad I didn’t gain with the holiday but also a little disappointed I didn’t loose.

    I’ve had a crazy and stressful 2 weeks. Some of you will remember that I was having work done on my house and was having issues with the contractor. He did a crappy job and didn’t fully finish the job. So we didn’t pay him the last part of the contract and someone else finish the work. He is now suing us for the last payment.
    It’s been very frustrating feeling angry and upset all over again while I put together all the information for the lawyer. I still have an incomplete kitchen 1.5 yrs after the Reno started. Thankfully it’s useable.

    Top that off with my youngest needing to see a rheumatologist due to chronic inflammation in her ankle joints.
    Blah!! On to a new week.
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    @nancyinmo Does your daughter go to IU in Bloomington? My son is a junior there, studying finance. He loves it and it’s such a beautiful campus!
  • alleykat69
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    Here is this week's (9-15) steps

    Sunday 5396
    Monday 6767
    Tuesday 4275
    Wednesday 1799
    Thursday 2655
    Friday 4655
    Saturday 6570

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  • alleykat69
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    My way in: Sunday
    HW: 255
    SW (week 1) 188.9
    PW: 191.3
    CW: 190.4
    Weightloss this month: 1.3
    Total weightloss: 64.6

    YAY! ♡
    I'm aiming for a weightloss each week of 1-2 pounds. So...I'm on a win this week. So excited! But I will take whatever I get. Any loss is a win!
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