Shape Shifters Team Chat - DECEMBER 2022



  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 563 Member
    Hi everyone. Just caught up on all the posts.
    @Pupowl sorry to hear about your dryer, glad it is coming soon. Crazy story about your neighbour.
    Loved the holiday pictures people posted.
    @jessicakrall8 I’d like to join the walking group in January please. 10,000 steps. My favourite place to walk is in the woods whenever possible. I currently walk my dog in the farmers field across the road from me and through the bush there as well.
  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 1,335 Member
    Current Weigh In:
    Yesterday was a travel day and got home early afternoon so weighed in this morning
  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 1,335 Member
    12/26 6,253
    12/27 7,229
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi SS... another new member joining your team ...Please welcome @kading55 :)
  • jessicakrall8
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    WELCOME @nitaoriol and @kading55 to our team! Glad you both found us! Take a few minutes and introduce yourselves so we can get to know you. Tell us a little about the goals you've set for Jan and beyond! I'm Jessica, your Team Captain. On behalf of the whole team and our two wonderful Motivators @angmarie28 and @PatriceFitnessPal , we look forward to celebrating your milestones with you.

    Go back to pg 1 of this chat thread and read our FAQ file which should answer some of your basic questions. For anything not covered, just post and one of us will find answers for you.

    Good luck in January!
    Jessica :smile:
  • kodakslim
    kodakslim Posts: 90 Member
    Hey everyone 👋🏻

    Just a quick check-in. I feel I done well today although I went over my allowance by approx 106 calories. My family got a takeaway tonight and instead of my huge burger, fries and…an extra burger, I chose the grilled chicken salad with small fries. So instead of my usual 1375kcal, it was only 355kcal! I’m proud of myself for making the swap.

    Weigh-in tomorrow (Fri) I’m hoping for even a tiny loss!
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,826 Member
    Previous weight-166.8
    Current weight-170

    Eek thank god Christmas is over
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,826 Member
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,826 Member
    Oh man. I have picked up a ton of shifts this week, and i havent been able to sleep in days, im so exhausted, ugh. I did get a bit of a workout in this morning though.
  • nitaoriol
    nitaoriol Posts: 17 Member
    Hello all! So excited. I am a nurse and trying to find dedication to work out when I really want to sleep on my days off. I am sure I will get inspiration here! Thanks for having me.
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 969 Member
    Good morning all,hope everyone has had a good Christmas & welcome to all new members.Glad it's only a couple more days of festivities & over eating & drinking.Im hoping to get to the gym sometime today to work off some of the excess calories.
    My steps
    12/24 14,991
    12/25 4,773
    12/26 10,473
    12/27 4,345
    12/28 8,090
    12/29 13,980
    @jessicakrall8 I would like to be added to January's Step Challenge please.I hope to do better in January & meet my 15,000 target.
    My favourite place to walk is my beautiful local park.I love how it changes throughout the seasons.
  • pedal__power
    pedal__power Posts: 207 Member
    PW: 199
    CW: 198.4

    Happy last Friday of 2022!
    I did some weights yesterday and got a good cardio workout in this morning but haven't been able to reign in my extra eating. We have a lot of leftover chocolate in the house that I've been mindlessly into in the evenings. I need to be more mindful about it and remember that eating it just sabotages any progress I'm trying to make.
  • pedal__power
    pedal__power Posts: 207 Member

    I would love to try joining the step challenge for January!
    My goal is 15,000 steps each day.
    My favourite place to walk is with my dog along a beautiful trail that goes through the woods.
    Thanks for organizing!
  • Nataliewr0403
    Nataliewr0403 Posts: 71 Member
    I usually weigh in in Saturdays but I will not be near a scale tomorrow so here we go
    PW 136.6
    CW 135.2

    12/24. 11,128
    12/25. 10,129
    12/26. 8,074
    12/27. 11,104
    12/28. 10,576
    12/29. 13,743

    Happy Nee Year! Hope it brings you more enthusiasm and resilience to meet your goals.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,234 Member
    The new team chat thread is open! Please continue to post weigh-ins and exercise stats here, and head over to January for introductions, plans, and dreams -
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 631 Member
    Hello to the new members! I was away for a week and a lot happened! Hope everyone had a good holiday!


    Friday Weigh Ins

    PW: 161.2
    CW: 157.8

    A late Christmas miracle to get below 160. I think some is water loss but I’ll take the good news!

    Total loss for December- 9 lbs!!!

    See everyone on the new thread in January!!
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