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    @minstrelofsarcasm I will try to post my weights and steps if possible, but if you don't see me it's because I couldn't find a scale or couldn't get online.

    @JessicaVRosati - I have you marked as excused for next week, and will remove it if you weigh in. That way, there's nothing to worry about :smile:

  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    For anyone traveling over the holdays who may not have access to a scale, or would rather use their own scale than someone else's, please let me know to excuse you! This one simple step keeps us from having to hound you if you haven't weighed in within 24-36 hours of your weigh day.

    Speaking of which, here's which weigh-ins I'm still expecting to see this week...


    @pacsnc6 (in the goal zone, but always good to let us know you're in the range)

    @minstrelofsarcasm - I'm going to weigh in tomorrow before I start my drive to Wisconsin


    Folks Currently on the Support Team:

    If you need me to make any changes, let me know. This could be anything from changing your weigh day, to moving to a different portion of the team (goal zone, support team, etc.).
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    ~ Step Challenge Results ~

    Team Statistics -
    Steppers: 7
    Total Steps: 409,484
    Average Steps Per Stepper: 58,498
    Total Steps So Far This Month: 967,872

    The Leaderboard -

    @OllieandEd2021 - 89,211 total | 12,744 average
    @MotylekOkruchy - 73,325 total | 10,475 average - Most Consistent!!!
    @JessicaVRosati - 64,456 total | 9,208 average - Most Steps in One Day!!!
    @ljdanny - 63,103 total | 9,015 average
    @GinLee61 - 61,339 total | 8,763 average
    @melaniedscott - 29,396 total | 4,199 average
    @pacsnc6 - 28,654 total | 4,093 average

    With the holiday season fast approaching, do we think we can make it to 2 million this month?
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    🔸Starting weight: 81.7 kg
    🔸Last week's weight: 80.3 kg
    🔸Current weight: 79.9 kg

    Hi, I'm weighing in today as I'm traveling tomorrow. If I remember in the morning I'll weigh myself again just to be sure.
    I'll be on holiday until the 12th of January and probably won't be able to use scales until I return. Please excuse me during this time 😊 I'll be able to count my steps and log them though.
    cxjbi5ddtadx.jpgIt has all melted now but we got a few days of festive snow here in Prague❄️
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