What are your favorite recipe sources?

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Hi all - question time! What are your favorite recipe sources? Do you have a favorite blog or cookbook you always turn to?

Do you like making recipes and things from scratch? Drop a comment and let us know!


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    A few of mine that I've really been vibing with recently:

    - Rabbit & Wolves blog (she has a Southern Vegan cookbook that I love!!)
    - Vegan Richa (excellent Everyday cookbook)
    - Minimalist Baker

    I also recently picked up some cookbooks from Chloe Coscarelli that I'm excited about! She won a Food Network program a few years back and did entirely Vegan food.

    America's Test Kitchen is also a cookbook shelf staple. They just released Vegan Cooking For Two and the Complete Plant Based Cookbook.

    Let me know what your favorite sources are!
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    Ooooh! I love America's Test Kitchen - I'll have to seek those books out.

    My primary resource is following vegan sites/influencers on Instagram to pick up recipes. I was honestly surprised at the number of good, and often simple, recipes and hacks I've found on the site.
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    @Ghostofachance You may be able to find them and borrow them from the library too! There are a TON of cool resources at the library that have helped me. I frequently borrow books to see if I like them and if they're good enough I'll go ahead and purchase for my cookbook collection! Keeps things fresh.

    Also you're right re: online recipes. Some of them really are simple? It kinda blows my mind sometimes haha Others do make me wonder if the dish has any flavor if it's just 3 or 5 ingredients 😂 Some of the pasta dishes are so straightforward and so easy!!
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    EVERYONE I am so excited!! One of my favorite vegan bloggers (Rabbit + Wolves) just announced that she's releasing a new cookbook this spring. The last one she came out with was called Southern Vegan, and it is BY FAR one of my favorites sitting on my shelf. Comfort foods, easy to make, everything tastes stellar!

    The new one is called Delicious AF Vegan and I'm absolutely going to preorder - I think her last one may have sold out already. Eek! Just wanted to drop the info in case you were interested in a new recipe source!