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    Happy moving @micki48 - what a long and convoluted trip you have had up to this point! May it be easy from now on out :heart:
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    Final people for week 4 - Saturday and anyone still unreported:


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    The May team chat is open! Please continue to do this week's weigh-ins here (through Saturday), but go ahead and post introductions, goals and commitments on the May chat:
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    Slowly making it down ☺️

    I forgot to check in during the week - that was supposed to be part of my accountability and promptly forgot after I posted it 🙃 Hopefully next week I will do a better job!

    Wishing us all a successful May!!

    Welcome new members!! ☺️
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    Steps 23-29
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    Monday - 2,445
    Tuesday - 2,926
    Wednesday - 6,905
    Thursday - 2,222
    Friday - 4,850
    Saturday - 6,618
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    I had a tough week for reasons I won't get into, but there was a kind of funny moment on Tuesday. I was upset at work (grad student in a biology research lab) and had basically mentally committed to having a huge binge by the time I finished my experiments. Steak, biscuits, milkshake...just a truly insane amount of food.

    But my experiments took so long that I didn't finish until 10:30pm, when everywhere around me was already closed. And not only that, but the buses I usually take don't run that late, and I ended up having to walk home.

    So ultimately rather than a GIANT out of control dinner, I instead ended up getting my steps in. When I got home, I just drank some water and went to bed. And the next day I didn't feel the same cravings so I'm on track for a loss again this coming week.

    My experiments don't look very good and ultimately all will need to be repeated, so that stinks, but at least they get some credit for keeping me on track...
    This is a wonderful story! Somehow, we all need to memorise this one and pull it out when those out-of-control "meals" are in the thinking stage. It is so hard to stop them when we think it is the thing to do - but we feel pretty danged great when the path is broken before the binge happens. Steps instead of steaks, biscuits, and milkshakes! That sounds like a wonderful bargain to me. Well done!! And, first of all really, I am so glad you have not disappeared. Yay! Your next weigh-in is tomorrow, though! Totally cool if nothing has changed :smiley:
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    Happy Sunday, Friends!

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