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Here is your Team chat room for April 2023. This is where you weigh weekly, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Try to post often, and help each other succeed! Bookmark this thread to make it easy to land there any time.

Fat2Fit has five great teams. The group and team leaders are as follows:

Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Megan - @Megan_smartiepants1970
Ashley - @minstrelofsarcasm
Jessica - @jessicakrall8

Our Team Captains:
Downsizers - @lindamtuck2018 and @Megan_smartiepants1970
Mission Slimpossible - @broncobuddee and @trooworld
Weight No More - @minstrelofsarcasm and @melaniedscott
WaistAways - @jugar and @ashleycarole86
Shape Shifters - @jessicakrall8 and @Pupowl

Our Team Motivators:
Downsizers - @Slimmersixties & @JaysFan82
Mission Slimpossibles - @katmary71
Weight No More - @rachelrjh
WaistAways - @conleywoods
Shape Shifters - @angmarie28 & @PatriceFitnessPal

HOW IT ALL WORKS: The April challenge runs for 4 weeks, from April 2 - 29. F2F months always start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday, so adjust your calendars!

Everyone weighs in weekly on their chosen day right here in the team chat thread. At the end of each week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win!

We also celebrate those small, steady losses. If you lose, however small an amount, you are in the green! At the end of the month, we celebrate everyone who lost at least a bit every week. You are heading steadily towards your goal even if you aren't at the top of the weight loss leaderboard. Let's have a Green March!

To make your weigh-in easy to find for your team Captains, please put it right at the top of a message, and use this format:
Weigh In Day:
PW (Previous Weight):
CW (Current Weight):

If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team, so be sure to inform your team captain if you are traveling, sick, or just need some time off. If you take a break, you can be excused for a week or two, or are moved to the Support Team for as long as you need to. You still participate in the discussions, you can weigh in if you want to, but it will not count in the weekly tally.

Once you reach your goal weight, you join the Goal Zone! You continue to weigh in every week. If you have 2 weeks above your self-defined goal zone, you go back to the regular team to lose that amount before it builds up. You will have a chance to hone those maintenance skills and stick with your team!

In addition to your own team, there are weekly F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the Announcements section for full group challenges.

Let’s show our fellow challengers some F2F love! Introduce yourselves right away, and let the new month begin!!


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    Welcome to April 2023!

    This is our home for the month, where all of our joys and challenges take place. Please (re)introduce yourselves and set some goals and daily actions for the month and the new year. Focus on the small every day choices, and you will get where you want to go!

    I am Liselyn, co-captain along with @ashleycarole86 . I live in rural Québec, and I'm a retired university professor of music. It was not until I was 58 that I got really serious with both food and exercise. As of October, I hit 10 years on maintenance, always refining and making sure I don't have to do it all over again. Yes, it is possible to lose weight and get in shape during and after menopause!

    I know there are people on this team who have a lot to lose, others who have lost a lot and are closing in on their goals, and some who might be working on losses that are stubbornly resisting. There is much wisdom here, and the most important lesson we learn from each other time and time again is that it is not a straight shot, there will be trials and errors, and sticking with it when it feels like you have fallen off yet again is the best thing you can do for yourself. Plateaus can be good, but going back the way you came is not!

    Some helpful information/tools:
    Posting your daily updates
    We know from experience that posting daily (or as often as you can!) makes a huge difference to your success. Use any format you like to let everyone know how you are doing on your daily goals and habits. You can report on food, exercise, water, sleep, or whatever you are tracking and trying to stick with. While you're there, talk about how you are, ask questions, and if you can answer someone else, please do! Congratulate others, commiserate, enjoy someone's rant, or go ahead and rant yourself. It all helps make the kind of community where we are in each others' heads when the hand is reaching for that off-plan snack, or the couch is feeling way too inviting...

    Weighing in
    Please try to weigh in on time! When you post, put your weigh in at the TOP of a message, so it is clear and easy to find. If you cannot post your weight for whatever reason, please request a week off, or if you need a longer break, you can request to move to the "Support Team" where you can still participate but your weigh-ins will not be part of the weekly tally. This is where members who are ill, on vacation, or just needing a break can hang out for as long as needed.

    The F2F Habit Tracker
    If you want a simple place to track your most important habits, give this a try. You can see how your teammates are doing too :wink: The link and how-to info are under "Announcements" on the main F2F page.

    So everyone, tell us a bit about you, your goals, what steps you are going to work on. It's fun to know your name and where you live (if you're willing to share that), what brought you here, how your weight loss journey has been, and where you are headed now. Let the introductions roll!
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    The April Week 1 Group Challenge is open and ready to begin on Sunday, April 2nd. This week we're working on Nutrition Pinpoints to help us eat healthier meals. Here's your link:


    Hope you will join us!
    Jessica :blush:
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    FIRST CALL for APRIL! Sunday weigh-ins:

  • lauren_989
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    Sunday: 7,026
    Monday: 6,367
    Tuesday: 7,929 + 30 min jog @ 4.5mph + 20 min weights
    Wednesday: 6,379
    Thursday: 6,583
    Friday: 3,557
    Saturday: 5,812 + 30 min elliptical + 20 min weights

    @ashleycarole86 here are my steps for the week. Wasn't sure if I should post here or in the March one 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I had a mostly consistent week with steps. I overslept and missed the gym Thursday, but I did some gardening, weeding, and planting grass seed after work. Tonight my husband and I got pizza (well I had a meatball sub) and definitely went over my calories. But will be back on track tomorrow!
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    Happy April/Sunday folks!

    Here's my weigh-in -
    PW - 186.3
    CW - 186.2

    And here are my exercise and step stats for the last 7 days, Ashley @ashleycarole86 -

    Sunday 26th March - 1111
    Monday 27th - 2573 / 42 mins HR12W3.0 Day 31 - Leg Day Metcon
    Tuesday 28th - 2036
    Wednesday 29th - 10637
    Thursday 30th - 3108 / 42 mins HR12W3.0 Day 32 - Chest & Shoulder Supersets
    Friday 31st - 2753 / 44 mins HR12W3.0 Day 33 - Cardio Tabata & Abs
    Saturday 1st April - 2335 / 43 mins HR12W3.0 Day 34 - Glute Strength

    I'll be back later with an updated introduction.

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    Fun to see a picture of Jeepers in action! Thanks for sharing

    4/1 exercise
    6692 steps
    31 minutes Peloton

    It felt so good to get back on the bike yesterday!
    Today hasn't started so great.. my on-call work duties have been much more onerous than I expected, and it's chewed up most of my day.
    Anyway, I hope to sneak out here for a walk soon.. that should help improve my mood!
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    Hi all I"m Joann. I"m a 42 year old RN working full time in as a public health nurse. I'm married with a 8 year old daughter and 10 month old German Shepard dog. I'm also taking a masters level course about to complete a Masters Certificate by the end of June. I've always been active but have always had binge eating episodes that sabotage my progress and want to get more habits down that addresses the perfection idea of what my diet should be.

    This month I want to work on my mindset with my diet and snacking in the evening

    #1 job on the mindset - "address the perfection idea of what my diet should be". You said it. There is not perfection. There is direction. Move away from trigger foods, from refined grains or other things that cause problems. That won't be perfect no matter what you do, unless you're some kind of Olympian goddess or something. Moving away is not perfection - it is reduction. You can do reduction - and it will include weight reduction! I am still working on keeping the trigger foods as low as I can, and it is good enough. Go for the good days and keep the exception days to a lower number. It will work!!!
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