WaistAways Team Chat - APRIL 2023



  • jugar
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    Let's get ready for the Monday lineup - things are looking good this week so far!
  • zankash23
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    @PlaneMonkey hope your power is sorted soon x

    @jugar thank you
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Natroushka wrote: »
    PW 192.4
    CW 191.4

    Did I do it right? 😁

    PW isn't a must, but it helps us to know if we should offer a thumbs up or a hug, depending on the way the numbers went!

    Congrats on the loss! Keep up what you're doing that's working for you
  • ashleycarole86
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    Hey all! Just a quick check in before we board our flight home.
    There was lots of over-indulgence this weekend... mind you for the most part we only ate two meals (brunch and then supper), but then there was some snacking and some alcohol. As mentioned before, I forgot my travel scale so I've been operating without my usual data.
    I am ready to get back on track and would prefer to implement a strategy where I don't go so off track when I'm out of my normal routine. I was doing this well when I was first in weight-loss mode but I'm not as conscientious now and it ends up putting on weight that I then struggle to get off.
    I was also very sedentary compared to my usual activity levels, so I'll be looking forward to upping my movement again when I get home.
    On the plus side, Brad and his siblings had a lot of hard (but necessary) conversations, we enjoyed some great quality time with his mom, and we are heading home with relatively clear heads and hearts despite some of the challenging situations we've been discussing.
  • micki48
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    I almost wrote Happy Thursday! But it's actually Tuesday. LOL @jugar Safe travels and have a great visit. Boo to sluggish MFP. Occasionally, I have the panicked thought of what would happen to all of us if MFP were to change drastically or shut down. I need my village! You all are such wonderful support. We need a plan B. Anyway, I doubt they will go anywhere, but sometimes I worry.

    After school today, I have a "must do" that I hate and have been putting off, but I am quickly approaching the deadline and must face it. Also need to pack up our 4th bedroom. (only 2 are mine-2 are my daughter's family). My son gets keys to his apt today and moves on Thursday.

    Beautiful weather here today in Pennsylvania USA. At least I get outside for an hour a day with the littles.

    Good to hear from you Kristi @conleywoods . Stress really stinks. The pressure of work and school and family is a lot. Take care of yourself and treat yourself well. I am happy to hear from you, Check in when you can and pet those piggies for me (and YOu),
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