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  • LoraineGB
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    Since getting back from Cancun I cannot get back in a groove, ugh.

    I had an interview and was offered a part time job. It’s 1.6 miles from the house so I will be walking with purpose 3 miles each day I work. I will find out Monday what my hours are.

    I also had a meet and greet to walk a couple of dogs twice a week which would be a minimum of 1, max of 5 miles each walk. The pups are young so I see longer walks until the weather gets too hot in the day.

    @jugar please may I go on the support team until I get into a routine and see what my new normal is.

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    @ashleycarole86 nooo, I hope you fight it off quickly and Brad doesn't come down with it too.

    @lorraineGB congratulations on your new job! I hope you enjoy it

    @jugar the walking sounds wonderful. Our weather just isn't there yet (I am definitely a fair weather walker right now!) but soon.

    - alarm is set for 6am, work out before work ✅✅✅
    - track every bit of food intake (ideally at the time) ✅✅
    - limit treat foods to 1x medium sugar, 1x high sugar per day ✅✅
    - Increase fibre intake by adding more fruit/veg ✅✅
    - 3-3.5L water a day and no fizzy/energy drink ✅✅

    Again I think lower than I expected on the water intake (but only water) although I've felt thirsty several times. Plain water - even if I've put fruit in it to add some flavour - just doesn't do it for me. If I can't get into the swing of it, I'll probably start 'forcing' myself by setting reminders to drink X amount by Y time - I'm not sure how else to tackle it. How do you all increase your water intake?
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    I must hit the brakes on this.
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    Thursday weigh-in

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