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  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    Oh my gosh @MoonlitMuse I just looked up blendjets and they have a rainbow leopard print one and now I have to convince myself I don't need one, haha. Mostly because I only want smoothies every once in a blue moon.

    I wonder if I could find rainbow leopard meal prep containers, however.... :lol:
  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    edited April 2023
    If you guys decide to participate, each F/V= 1point and herbs/spices=.25points

    I love this! It will be interesting to see what my "score" is, hmm...

    According to last week's records, I scored 17.5. I eat the same thing for breakfasts and lunches every week, maybe I should switch it up (or at least put different things on top of my overnight oats). :blush:
  • jugar
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    Wednesday people! Ready, set, here comes Wednesday!
  • AshenMoon
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    Cw is 230.3 :)@jugar
  • MoonlitMuse
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    @YinxFed Seeds definitely count! Yay for healthy fats! :)
  • jugar
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    What a day of insane weather :grimace: ice, thunder, lightning, sleet, rain, you name it. I actually decided to stay in today after a very brief foray this morning before it all started. Happy full moon!

    We have another new member who will hopefully find her way here to the chat - welcome @strong_fit_ells :smiley:

    MFP seems to be really wonky today, or maybe it is just my bad internet connection in bad weather?
  • jugar
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    I guess it is bad everywhere...

    This has been a slight improvement on yesterday, but not quite the day I had hoped. Here is what I hoped for:
    • super duper really clean healthy food YES except for tiny chocolate chips with nuts as snack
    • zero alcohol NOPE. had a beer with dinner
    • at least a walk outside very very short. then the weather got super nasty
    • a short Pilates session. YEP
    • Breathe. still breathing
    • Make some yogurt and soup (the kitchen is my relaxing place - while listening to audiobook!). YES and also made GF bread for the hubby. The soup was AMAZING (vegan split pea. such a good supper)

    Hopes were higher than reality, but at least reality was not zero. Don't worry if you don't live up to every expectation, as long as the final tally is not zero. I had a slow day, but not a terrible one.

    How about you wonderful folks???? I hope MFP is not inaccessible today :grimace:
  • strong_fit_ells
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    Hi everyone!
    Thank you for accepting me into the group.
    My name is Ells and I'm 45 years old. I am married and have three children: teenage boys 🤦

    I am starting this challenge at my heaviest weight of 238lbs 😩
    I am trying a lite bit of intermittent fasting to get my motivation going.

    I work in hotel, I'm a cook, receptionist, barmaid, cleaner.... 🏃🤦😁

    I do a lot of steps but my weight is still high because I chose bad foods on the run 😩

    @jugar my weight last Sunday was 236.9lbs - just to catch up 😊

    Have a lovely Thursday everyone 🥰
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @jugar the weather is nuts! We've been without power since 11am and lots of trees are down all over. My tabata class tonight was cancelled due to the weather, hopefully things will recover by tomorrow so hockey isn't cancelled

    Eating has not been fantastic as I'm limited for cooking methods. It's carbs central here.
    It will be an early night, hopefully I will avoid the revenge bedtime procrastination that has been limiting my sleep lately.
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