Shape Shifters Team Chat - MAY 2023



  • Sbus12
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    @ganival I’ve always want to buy papaya and a few other more exotic fruits like jackfruit but I always shy away since they’re not my regular staples. Glad you found a good one.
  • Sbus12
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    I had around 4,000 steps going into dinner and then that accountability to the partner step challenge and my own daily challenge surged in me and I went for a walk. 👏👏 seeing everyone’s steps is a great reminder to get out there and walk!

    May 7–11,065
    May 8– 8,705
  • Cyncia85
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    ganival wrote: »
    Seeing everyone's great results from the week has been very motivating. I renewed my gym membership today since cancelling at the start of the pandemic. Highlight of my day was slicing open a nice papaya. I'm terrible at picking good fruit but lucked out. Have a great week everyone.

    I have a gym membership that I need to use more often. Does anyone else struggle with paying for a gym membership and going or using it?
    Is there a challenge we can do for going to the gym?
  • WA_Teacher
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    May 7th
    Previous Weight: 238.5
    Current Weight: 240 :/
  • WA_Teacher
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    Does everyone post daily steps?
    Here are my steps for the day.
    May 15,236
  • Pupowl
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    We have a step challenge every month, so the one for May started on the 30th of April. If you would like to be added, please give us steps from the 30th of April until now and let us know what your daily step goal is, thank you!
  • Pupowl
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. I went for a walk in the national park yesterday morning. It was very nice and I saw some fun things. I managed to get some nice pictures of a bird for the first time (common redstart). I have seen them before, but always very far away so I am glad I got them now. There was also a deer munching on a tree. It took a while before he noticed me and ran off. Pictures under the spoiler. Happy Tuesday everyone <3
  • LaurieWrobo
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    5/7 4,736
    5/8 3,425
  • CasandraW
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    Good morning!
    Made it back from Florida on Sunday. We took I75 back this time. It was interesting to watch the changes in plants and soil over the drive.
    Yesterday and today have been a little rough as I transition back to a low sugar diet. I made good choices for lunch but did indulge at supper.
    I’ve put a few of our vacation photos in the spoiler.
  • pedal__power
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    5/5 14,594
    5/6 17,598
    5/7 15,395
    5/8 12,790

    I'm loving all the lovely photos posted from your walks!
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