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Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT! ℹ️🔠

kaliswalker Posts: 1,313 Member
edited September 2023 in Social Groups
On behalf of the overall leadership team as well as the leaders of our eight individual challenge teams, 👋WELCOME👋 TO THE 💐2023 5% CHALLENGE💐!! We hope that you take some time to read about and take part in the pre-Challenge activities as they are designed to help you get prepared for success.

For the several hundred of us that join the Seasonal 5% Challenges from season to season, we come here because we are looking for friendships, support, structure, continuity. Most of our 5% Challengers have followed us from SparkPeople after they closed their site in the summer of 2021, but with our visibility, we’ve managed to pick up a few new Challengers from the MFP site. No matter how you found us, we are so happy that you did!!

In doing some research to write these activities, an older article was found on the internet that discussed Team Challenges and our own 5% Seasonal 5% Challenge was highlighted. Our own @kaliswalker (Lynn), one of the original founders of the 5% Challenge, was interviewed ~ here is the link to the article. It discusses the importance of teams, but our own 5% Challenge was in the spotlight in this article that was written in 2016:

When SparkPeople closed, we, the current Overall Leadership Team, realized that without SparkPeople and its team spirit, we (and hundreds of our 5% Challenge friends) would be lost and struggling. We sprang into action and searched for an alternate site where we could continue our journey; our story. Although many sites were considered, MyFitnessPal was ultimately chosen as our 'new home' with the start of the 2021 Fall 5% Challenge.

Bringing the 5% Challenge to MFP was a true labor of love, and with full disclosure was not smooth sailing as we had hoped, but the Overall Challenge Leader Team put their heads down and worked hard to continue. At this point, our Challenges are enjoyable and are doing what they were intended to do ~ to provide a space where you could practice healthy habits and where you could chat with other, like-minded MFP members and where you could chat with and meet a new friend or two!

🗬🤔 Now that you have been provided with a bit of a background of the 5% Challenge, please think about what you need and how you are going to be approaching the 5% Challenge. Will you continue to practice healthy habits that you have already learned and are working for you? Are you looking to begin something entirely new? Are you still trying to identify where you are right now and what you would like to get out of the next 8 weeks? There are no right or wrong answers here as everyone’s healthy lifestyle goals/journey are unique - like we all are. 🤔🗭

📓Your assignment: Countdown & Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT!

😊Your FIRST Countdown Activity for this Challenge will be for YOU to decide where YOU would like to go on YOUR Seasonal 5% Journey. Everyone's reason for joining this Challenge is different. We would like you to dig down deep to share what your motivation is for coming here. We would like you to share what brings you here, and even more importantly - what keeps you coming back! Perhaps there are things that you would like to get out of your personal 5% Journey that we haven't discussed and/or researched. Why don't you write down some of YOUR ideas ~ we might even be able to incorporate some of those things in this or future Challenges!😊

✍️Feel free to add your comments to this thread outlining your exercise plan for a successful 2023 5% Challenge (if you blog, you may add the link to your blog here or you may simply wish to copy/paste your writing here - or do both!), but please consider sharing!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Seasonal 5% Challenge Teams are very active. You will be expected to participate to the best of your ability.

ALL challenge weeks run from Saturday through Friday - you will be expected to record your exercise and Living the Good Life (Healthy Habit) points based on weekly Challenge Themes. You are expected to record these points daily or at least as often as you can during the week but no later than 11:59 pm each Friday (your local time). In addition, you are expected to weigh in one time per week by 11:59 pm every Saturday (your local time). Your individual team leaders and/or team mates will help to answer any and all questions about where to record your points.

🔮Our individual 5% Challenge Teams are currently being set up.

✉️You will be invited to your individual team in time to get to know your team leaders and team mates. Until then, get to know some of the Challengers here that will be participating right along with you.

📢Announcements will be made when invitations to your individual teams are sent. Please visit this team, the 2023 5% COMMUNITY TEAM often as this will be the best source for up-to-date information.



  • Lessennan
    Lessennan Posts: 2,961 Member
    Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT
    My reason for being here this time round is to get back on track, with food and exercise and lose 1lb per week
  • Sableness
    Sableness Posts: 1,077 Member
    Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT
    Ditto, likewise Lessennan. My biggest challenge is consistency.
  • amberlinamk1
    amberlinamk1 Posts: 371 Member
    Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT
    My reason for being here is I like how my first 5% challenge went and I like my group and the support provided and I want to continue that with the hopes of losing more weight and making friends along the way.
  • sgod50
    sgod50 Posts: 953 Member
    Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT
    This is my second 5% challenge. During the first challenge I didn't lose any weight, but I established a lot of good habits that I think will set me up for success. I'm now getting to the gym regularly, I've signed into MyFitnessPal and logged my breakfast every day for the past 2 months and now I've started tracking everything I eat, I'm drinking 64 oz of water, I'm tracking my exercise daily, I'm meal planning and eating out far less often ... I feel like my first challenge got me set up for success with some good habits, and I'm hoping with this one I'll see my weight start to drop. I'm finding the accountability helpful .... and I'd also like to make some friends.
  • cmoak54
    cmoak54 Posts: 1,235 Member
    Pre-Challenge Activity #1: INFORMATION and YOUR INPUT
    This is my first 5% challenge. I joined this challenge because it sounds like "fun" and a good motivator. I am looking for a push to keep me going, a way to get out of my own head and work with a team on shared goals. Just a warning, I am kind of competitive and don't like losing, so I can get frustrated with myself and others even though I know we are all doing our best to "win". But I am always nice B)
    One Day at a time! Excited to get going :D
  • Lessennan
    Lessennan Posts: 2,961 Member
    edited September 2023
    @cmoak54 please set realistic targets. Way back when I tried to do at least the maximum allowable exercise minutes, complete health challenges fully and pare my calories to the minimum calories for my build and eliminate sweets and cakes. All it did was make me frustrated, stressed and guess what. I ate my planned food then added not one sweetie but a whole bag and then……
    I’ve learned and this challenge I’m in it to win it
    @sgod50 well done recognising that no loss was a minor detail first time round. As you said you learned a whole lot and you can move on from there.
  • cory17
    cory17 Posts: 1,404 Member
    I'm trying to layer habits for better health. Participating in these challenges helps with consistency and keeps me thinking about what I'm doing, day after day. I'm tired of yoyoing week after week.
  • lieselcervin
    lieselcervin Posts: 73 Member
    I need some accountability. I'm frustrated with my inconsistency. I put on some weight related to a toxic work environment over the past year. I'm in a better place, and need a place to set small manageable goals, and start working towards them.
  • Dianedoessmiles1
    Dianedoessmiles1 Posts: 12,678 Member
    I've been in maintenance since April. I am going to try to lose weight again. I found during the Summer 5% Challenge with my team we did a step challenge (most 5% Teams have this also) which encouraged me to get up and MOVE more often!! I LOVE IT!! I wish we had added this to our team EONS ago!!! I am in heart failure also other things, if I want to be on my own longer I Need to be as healthy as I can be. I LOVE the 5% Challenges!!
  • macrat12
    macrat12 Posts: 5,742 Member
    My goal is to finally reach maintenance mode I have 17.4# to go. My WHY is to be able to get on the floor at Christmas to play with the youngest members of the family on both sides.
  • Scousie
    Scousie Posts: 438 Member
    Being part of the 5% challenges has made a huge difference to me. It's kept me focused at times when it would've been easy to have had an extra day off plan (leading to a week, leading to a month... you know what I mean!). The accountability to my team has made me more exercise focused, which has definitely helped. My husband isn't on the challenge but has been doing this with me - he's lost 60lb through the spring and summer challenges and is almost at goal. I still have a way to go but am the lowest I've weighed for about 20 years and feel I can get there with PS4L! Biggest challenge for me is being active as we move towards more inclement weather in the UK. I have a desk job with long hours and find moving enough really hard.
  • azhkrgrl
    azhkrgrl Posts: 525 Member
    My goal is to move daily, track my food, & drink water. I am aiming for a mix of cardio, strength training and walking.
  • EmPea888
    EmPea888 Posts: 117 Member
    Good to see that this is something that women from SparkPeople initiated - I adored SparkPeople. I just really need a focus to take accountability for my food and to get moving again. I have drifted in to becoming very sedentary and it's a worrying habit - I've always been very strong and I want to get my strength and my spark back.
  • Kateljm
    Kateljm Posts: 1,742 Member
    My goal for the Fall 5% Challenge is:
    1. to edge closer to my ideal weight (I am in a healthy range already);
    2. to increase my cardio to 150 minutes/week, BUT also balance my drive with my need for recovery;
    3. to get in the habit of doing ST 2 times a week;
    4. to get on average 7 hours of quality sleep each night (adequate recovery);
    5. to eat 5 freggies a day
  • 2122DJC
    2122DJC Posts: 97 Member
    I need to refocus after a couple years of very stressful times.
  • 15Katharina06
    15Katharina06 Posts: 139 Member
    In the Summer Challenge I developed a great morning routine that I still practice and I benefit so much from it, especially now that things are so stressful.
    My goal is to get my emotional eating under control and therefore only eat healthy foods in the evenings. snack prepared by me
    I also want to lose at least 2lbs and, above all, keep it off.
    240 minutes of exercise per week.
  • nbruns83
    nbruns83 Posts: 2,100 Member
    My main reason for coming back for these 5% challenges is accountability for consistent exercise. When I was employed full time and living in the city with easy access to a gym for cardio machines, strength training, yoga/fitness classes, and the occasional splurge on a personal trainer, it was so much easier to make fitness the best part of my day. I left behind a long, stressful day at work, a tiring commute, and I truly looked forward to my workouts - healthful and fulfilling!

    Retirement meant not only coping with the changes of an aging body, but the emotional trauma that comes from leaving behind a meaningful career, and a move to the country where a safe, convenient workout environment was now a costly and time consuming drive into the nearby town. Now I must deal with weather issues for cardio, and I unfortunately loath working out in my home. So knowing I'm accountable to my team mates, gets me out the door, or gets me to slog through an inside workout when I'd rather blow it off.
    MOUNTAINMERMAIDCO Posts: 673 Member

    🌷🌼🌻 THANK YOU LEADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • epivan
    epivan Posts: 468 Member
    I need the accountability.
  • tjharleygal55
    tjharleygal55 Posts: 557 Member
    I did my first 5% challenge about a year and a half ago and I did pretty well. The next few challenges that I’ve done, I seemed to sabotage myself and my self discipline. I am back this time, because I want to prove to myself that can stay on task. I believe in this program and I know that I can do it.