Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - APRIL 2024



  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 3,229 Member
    Rich is OK about the windows. I think he'll be even more OK about it once they are installed.

  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 3,229 Member
    Username: micaroo4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 128.2
    CW: 127.2

    Unintentional loss. Supposed to be maintaining between 127-133. Too close to the bottom of my range.
  • megnolia82
    megnolia82 Posts: 825 Member
    Good morning!

    One more day to behave myself and not blow the amazing progress I’ve made this week. Whats everyone up to today? I’ve got house cleaning to do. Seems it just builds up every week to full-blown disaster by Saturday. Sigh.

    @tammymccrady6278 fantastic week! Hang in there through those early mornings.

    @Divya365 congrats on getting off the pain meds!

    See you all in the May chat!
  • TeresaW2024
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    @Katmary71 I am not opposed to holistic medicine at all! Let’s wait and see if the steroid shot works, and if not, let’s talk. I really don’t want to do a surgery! 😕I’m glad you had a great time at the concert with your friends and brother. I hope your neck is better today. <3

    @trooworld That dinner sounds fantastic!! I’ve never had caviar and would love to try it someday. I’m jealous of you! I’m sure that the weight gain was sodium, and it will come off by next week.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 l do love sweater weather, too! Cinnamon rolls are so good! Sometimes you gotta do it. And now that the sweatshirt fits, you can control your cinnamon roll urges to just once in a while. :)

    @micarro4 Having new windows will be a plus to your home. I hope Rich is as excited as you are. :)

    @19shmoo69 Your daughter is a real beauty! I hope she had a wonderful time at her prom. :) I use Redmond’s salt, too, and love it! My husband has to drink a lot of electrolytes because of his low sodium issues, so I’m interested in your recipe. I now buy him an electrolyte from Primal Harvest that he enjoys. But it is pricey.
  • gemwolf110
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    Username: gemwolf110
    Weigh in day: Sat
    Previous Week's weight: 217.5
    Today’s Weight: 218

    I forgot to weigh myself first thing. Took yesterday off from work and forgot today was Saturday lol 😂
  • tfelts147
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    Username : tfelts147
    Checkin day: Thursday
    PW: 228.2
    CW: 234.8

    Sorry for the late checkin...I was on a cruise and didn't have access to a scale... and my gain shows it!!

    Up quite a bit but we had a good time... now time to put the work back in!!
  • Veta2018
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    Welcome @Artemis_2024 !
    @vegan4lyfe2012 - My grand baby will be a boy! His name will be Carson. He will be my first. Yes...It was the Radisson in Merrillville. I've met many bands in that bar. Congratulations on the NSV! Lets make good choices today. <3
    @micaroo4 - How can you pass up 36 months of no interest? I transferred my debts to a zero interest credit card to pay them off.
    @sleepygirl79 - We live near the river, so the mosquitoes get really bad here. We sometimes sit outside with a fan on to keep the mosquitoes away or I have to coat myself with mosquito spray.
    @ninyagwa - Great loss this week!

    We're working on the new house today. All the electric is fixed, so we will be hanging drywall this weekend. Went out late last night and had a smoothie after I was done calculating my calories. I went a little over but did a great workout.
    💪Mission Slimpossible Strong!💪
  • digger61
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    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 219
    CW 221
  • jugar
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